In case you think that “Google it” is the only useful thing you can do using Google, you are going to be really excited about this article. I’ll sincerely hope this beautiful collection of incredible Google tricks will make you an advanced user of the world’s most famous search engine and will open up your life to a new way of thinking about using the Internet. The tips below were previously known only to a few people. Here is the list of them. I am sure at least one will spark your imagination and juice your creativity…

Google Images

For a long time, one of my favorite things to do on Google Images was to look up random things and see what they looked like. For example, I wanted to know what a “hedgehog” looked like and got a bunch of pictures of hedgehogs. I also tried out this feature with “octopus.” A lot of people think that octopuses are very different from squids, but it turns out that they’re actually very similar creatures with different names.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an incredibly useful tool, especially if you’re traveling or just trying to learn a new language. It takes what you type into its translator as well as what it finds in an image (or even a video) and translates it into different languages. You can also use this tool to translate entire websites into another language by pasting the URL into Google Translate and clicking on the translation button. This is great if you want to read something in another language but don’t want to spend money on software like Rosetta Stone.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free app that lets you navigate your world. It’s available on Android and iOS phones, as well as desktop computers. Google Maps is a great way to get directions and information about specific places. You can search for businesses or destinations near you, like “ice cream parlors” or “movie theaters.” You can also use it to plan trips through public transportation or driving. If you want to get somewhere but don’t know how to get there yet, Google Maps shows you how long it will take by car or public transit. You can also see where your friends are located if they choose to share their location with you.

Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games are a series of educational games that have been created by Google to teach children about different topics. The games have been available since late 2010, and they are available in many languages. The games feature characters from other Google products, such as Google Translate and Google Maps. Players are encouraged to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to complete levels. You can play the game here:

You can easily find out if the image you found online is original or not. Just upload an image or paste its link in the search bar and Google will show you similar images from its database. You will also see where else on the web this image appears, which can be useful for finding information about its origin or licensing status.

Search for any word in different languages at once

Google Translate allows you to translate text between more than 100 languages, including many rare ones like Esperanto or Klingon! It also has some interesting features like the ability to hear translations spoken aloud by real native speakers (or even your own voice!). The site also has an excellent dictionary of common meanings in several languages and some useful tips on grammar usage if English isn’t your first language.

Check out books available through Google Play Books

Although there are plenty of other places to buy ebooks, this service is especially convenient because it integrates with your existing Android device (or iOS if you have one). You can read books on your phone, tablet or even your computer, and you can share them with other people who have the app installed. The books are DRM-free, which means that you can download them and read them on any device without restrictions.

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