Since app development became a thing, the market for mobile eCommerce apps has grown. Mobile applications are becoming people’s favorite method for ordering food, doing their shopping, and watching movies and TV shows.

In 2021, eCommerce mobile apps contributed 72.9% of all retail eCommerce, according to a Statista report. So it makes sense to lean toward eCommerce app development for greater business growth.

Since 85% of people use smartphones, a mobile eCommerce app can aid in increasing brand awareness. The availability of an eCommerce app around-the-clock, which increases client interaction, is one of the most intriguing aspects of the development process.

The first question that strikes every business owner’s mind while looking for an eCommerce app development company is the cost of developing the app. 

The blog has mentioned the top factors affecting eCommerce app development costs.

What is the Cost of Developing an eCommerce App?

The cost of an eCommerce app is based on various factors, including app platform, features, UI/UX design, etc.

Below is a list of the top cost-affecting factors of an eCommerce app.

1) App Development Platform

The platform you select based on your business needs and budget is the first factor that may impact the price of developing an eCommerce app.

For instance, it might cost you $50k+ separately if you chose an Android or iOS app development platform to create your eCommerce app. On the other hand, cross-platform can cost you more than $75,000.

2) eCommerce App Features

The integration of functionalities is another factor of the eCommerce app development cost. Adding fundamental app features like notifications or an easy onboarding process will be less expensive.

Integrating eCommerce app features, like different payment modes, wishlist buttons, or third-party applications, increases the cost of an eCommerce app. However, you must incorporate these features as it helps in boosting the user experience, which will lead to more profit.

3) Interactive eCommerce App Design

It is crucial to create an interactive eCommerce app with a visually appealing app design because this is what will ultimately determine the app’s success. You can even add seamless navigation that will deliver an excellent user experience, leading to drive more customer engagement. 

In other words, the user is drawn to the eCommerce app’s general design and its vital features. That being said, the estimated eCommerce app development cost is $30,000.

4) eCommerce App Testing

You must carry out adequate app testing if you want your eCommerce app to stay on the user’s phone for longer. So, to develop a mobile app with strong security, hire a mobile app developer.

They will conduct performance testing that guarantees the smooth functioning of the app across different platforms. 

The testing of eCommerce apps makes sure there are fewer chances of bugs or problems. An eCommerce app’s testing is expected to cost more than $20,000.

5) Post-Delivery App Maintenance & Support

You must promptly provide post-app launch maintenance and support services to convert your potential users into loyal customers. A successful user experience is delivered through timely eCommerce app maintenance, resulting in business growth.

The timely app updates and maintenance will boost the user experience, automatically leading to higher revenue generation. Therefore, you must provide post-app launch maintenance services and keep your app functional. The post-delivery app maintenance services can cost you over $20,000.


A number of variables affect the cost of designing an eCommerce app, including the app’s functionality, the platform you choose, and app testing. However, you can invest in your eCommerce development because it will eventually generate significant revenue.

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