A business app is very important to ensure the success of your venture. With the professional business app, you can prominently set a strong foundation for your brand. Are you looking to create your own app but didn’t know where to start? Are you frustrated by trying to learn code here is a guide on how to create your own app in 10 minutes? Without any coding language, you can create an app at its best. With the help of a website maker, you can create your own business app in minutes without any coding experience. 

Download a mobile app template 

When it comes to downloading a template for your app, you can go with your requirements. You can choose some simple template or if you prefer you can also purchase an application-like layer. Once you choose your template you can simply upload your information into the layer and hit publish. With the help of website maker, you can immediately create your app. If you prefer to have more control over design elements and functionality, you can also create your own native app from scratch. 

Update the template with your information 

Once you choose the template you can choose the theme that comes with images included-look for one that has a header image. You can update your chosen template with some information like your company logo. In the online website maker, you can choose the option and update the images with the company logos that you prefer. 

Add image files 

With the help of the website maker, you can add image files to your application. The process of uploading files will take only a few minutes and it is easy to do even if you have zero coding knowledge. Just by clicking on add new image files, you can upload any image files from your device or computer directly into your app. 

Include a download link 

Once you are done with all other apps, you have to create a link to an app. Creating a download link is very important so that your audience knows they can easily download and use your product. You have to show your audience that they just have to click the download link to enjoy your application. 


Previewing your app is the most significant step in creating a business app. By previewing your app, you can gauge the success of your app development. In this previewing process, you will get to know the exact look of your app. If you prefer to do any changes, you can do it in the right way. Having a look over your app will save you hours and keep you from making a wrong impression. 

Promote on social media

Though you are not a pro in app development, there are many ways to share your app on social media. There is various kind of social media platform where you can post your new creations. Social media is not only the platform to connect with users and receive feedback but you can also attract potential investors. By posting on social media, you can reach many potential users worldwide. 

Summing it up

With the help of App Maker Onlineyou can spend in building an app without any coding work. Without any coding language, you can create your own business app in just a few minutes. 

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