You may know that every organization should have a dependable telephone communication system. However, until recently, installing a reliable business phone system in a company took a lot of work. A virtual phone number today is an easy, economical alternative that can help you grow your business beyond the limitations of a regular phone line. Even if you are starting to grow outside of your local market, a virtual phone number, also known as direct inward dialling (DID), enables you to connect with far away clients and give your company a national profile. No matter where your corporate headquarters are located, you may localize your business using virtual phone numbers with the specific area and country codes. Without opening a physical location there, virtual phone numbers allow your company to connect with local clients located worldwide.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a cloud-based phone number that enables communication with a company independent of traditional landline networks. Virtual business phone numbers link to phone networks over the internet without using a physical line or exchange. Incoming calls can be answered on any device connected to the cloud because a virtual number requires very little physical hardware. A VoIP service provider will offer your business as many virtual phone numbers as you need to reach locals in different areas. Local area codes, numbers, and foreign numbers can all be assigned to your company, and each number is simple to manage through VoIP software.

Importance of Virtual Number 

Expresses Professionalism 

Using virtual numbers is an excellent approach to staying professional and improving the client experience. They can be utilized for a variety of things, such as mainstream or tech support, if you have staff members who work remotely on that project from their offices. For your business, setting up additional phone lines with virtual numbers is a great idea. Since you won’t need to utilize your voice for these particular calls, it won’t have an impact on the professionalism you convey.

Incoming Call Distribution

Companies with numerous offices can benefit from virtual number India. Incoming calls can be routed to phones in each office so that just one office’s phone will ring. Making the destination of your virtual phone line a call queue or ring group will do this by simultaneously ringing the phones of all employees who have been added to the queue or group, depending on your choices.

Maintain Personal Privacy

virtual number allows you to separate your personal and business calls, another significant advantage. This will enable you to buy a phone number for your company while maintaining the privacy of your number. Additionally, keeping your communications structured and minimizing the expense of carrying a separate phone considerably improves your company image.

Improved Campaign Performance Visibility 

The best way to evaluate the success of your campaign is to keep track of your calls. Virtual numbers are especially helpful in situations like this. These virtual phone lines are available for purchase, and you can allocate them to campaigns from which you want to receive calls. After that, you may credit these calls using call monitoring software to learn how effective your efforts are.

The virtual phone numbers are also disposable. This implies that you can buy a new virtual number for each campaign you conduct. Your campaigns are easier to recognize by associating a specific number with each of them. This makes it easier to monitor how well specific campaigns are performing.

Offers Flexibility

Customers can now select a virtual phone number to use for their landline, mobile device, fax machine, or anything else they like. The consumer benefits from flexibility and lowers costs because they only need to purchase the virtual numbers they use. Additionally, managing customer care issues on several long-distance and toll-free numbers take the time that may be spent elsewhere. All concerns are addressed through a single ticket when using a single unified virtual phone solution.

The Top 15 Providers of Virtual Numbers

  • Knowlarity
  • Vonage
  • MightyCall
  • VirtualPBX
  • CallHippo
  • Nextiva
  • eVoice
  • Grasshopper
  • Google Voice
  • Exotel
  • Ameyo
  • Ozonetel
  • MyOperator
  • Freshdesk

Enhance Your Business with a Virtual Number

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