Do you want to keep your cable and Internet subscription but don’t want to pay escalating bills each month? If this sounds familiar, this guide will solve your problem.

A year ago, when I quit my job to take my side hustle to a full-time business, I had to cut down some expenses. Cable and Internet were one of them. I had subscribed to one of the Spectrum Cable TV bundles and Internet plans at that time. Like you, I wanted to lower my bill without sacrificing the Internet speed and my favorite channels. However, negotiating is not that easy. You always have to let go of some perks to get the price you want.

These are some tips and tricks that helped me reduce my TV and Internet bills:

Evaluate Your Needs

Start by evaluating your needs. You might probably be subscribed to a TV and Internet plan that’s above your needs (I know I was).

If you use the Internet for daily browsing or checking email, you won’t need large bandwidth. 5 to 10 Mbps is enough for browsing and basic streaming. Additionally, if you are the only Internet user, get rid of the extra Mbps.

Similarly, evaluate how much TV you watch each day. If you paying for premium channels you don’t watch or you have features you don’t want/need anymore, eliminate all those extras.

Bundle TV and Internet

Bundling your TV and Internet service is another great way of cutting the bill to a huge extent. It will make things more convenient. You won’t have to pay two separate bills.

On top of that, if you happen to have different providers that are competitors, this could be your opportunity to get a fair deal. Sales representatives are ready to offer a discounted package to offer you a bundle.

Look for Subsidized Programs

Some providers have discounted packages for low-income households. However, you have to meet a certain criterion to qualify for this offer. You could get the service by paying as little as $10 per month.

Collect Your Leverage

When you will be making that call to your provider, it is not enough to say that you are not happy with their service. I had to do a little homework and gather some evidence to make my case.

I had never made a late payment to Spectrum ever. I used this to my advantage. Another thing that got me a discount was the fact that my contract was coming to its end. 

Recall a moment when you had a technical issue with your provider. If you had to visit them to resolve the issue, that gives you more leverage. Use all this information to let them know that you are a loyal customer. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince them to offer a discounted rate.

Know Your Limits

Even though you think you can make a pretty strong case, it doesn’t mean you will succeed. You must know your limits.

Acting in a rage is not going to get you a better deal. Keep in mind that the person on the other end of the line is a human being as well. They don’t decide the prices. Therefore, be as polite to them as possible. Believe them when they say they cannot do anything. If you need to speak to a manager, ask politely.

Sometimes, the person on the other end is rude. In that case, you have to act assertively. Be prepared for both scenarios.

Cut the Cord

If you are not satisfied with the offer, don’t hesitate to cut the cord. Know your alternatives as well. It is ok to let go of cable for a while. You can subscribe to Netflix or Hulu instead. They are cheaper and they give you access to a huge library of shows. Look for a different Internet service provider. This time, pick the Mbps you actually need. Don’t hesitate to make bold moves.

These tips will give your budget breathing room by cutting on your cable and Internet needs so that you can meet your needs in other areas. Since it was a temporary compromise, I let go of cable altogether and subscribed to one of the cheapest Spectrum Internet packages instead. I was able to get them to offer me a negotiated price for the Internet plan. Making them agree to your terms is certainly hard but it’s not impossible. Evaluate your needs, do your homework, and search for a better provider (in case you have to let your provider go). Stick to the plan and make that call.

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