As a physician, it is important to use the right EHR software. iKnowMed EHR is a web-based platform, which integrates with other advanced healthcare technology modules. It supports three MIPS practice reporting measures and offers secure mobile access. It can help your office manage patient data, including laboratory results and lab costs.

iKnowMed Is A Web-Based Platform

Mckesson iKnowMed is one of the most prominent EHR software solutions for oncologists and hematologists, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted by Black Book Rankings, collects feedback from 27,000 validated EHR users. The software is evaluated according to 18 performance criteria. In particular, iKnowMed’s superior focus on community-based oncology practices is recognized as one of its key differentiators. It also received top rankings in 12 key performance areas.

The Mckesson iKnowMed electronic health record (EHR) was named the top choice for oncologists and hematologists in a recent survey conducted by Black Book Research, the leading source for industry surveys and polling. This web-based platform provides cancer-care professionals with an effective EHR that enhances patient care quality. It also supports value-based care and alternative payment models.

Mckesson’s iKnowMed EHR is approved for MIPS. Its Practice InsightsSM feature provides continuous monitoring and actionable insights. The company’s EHR has also passed the ONC-ATCB’s certification testing for 2011.

Mckesson iKnowMed offers several features that are ideal for medium and large practices. It also offers revenue cycle management capabilities, which reduces administrative workload. Its easy-to-use features allow users to customize it to suit their practice’s specific needs. For example, specialty-specific content saves physicians time when documenting patient data.

iKnowMed is an integrated EHR web-based platform for community-based practices. The company has developed features specifically for oncologists so that they can monitor treatment outcomes, record cancer stages and manage treatment recommendations. This software can also help physicians navigate paper charts and minimize errors.

It Integrates With Other Advanced Healthcare Technology Modules

iKnowMed is a next-generation EHR that seamlessly integrates with other advanced healthcare technology modules. This solution helps physicians deliver quality patient care by optimizing practice workflow, ensuring patient safety, and reducing costs. The system is affordable, easy to use, and reliable. It can be customized to meet specific needs depending on your practice type.

The next generation of iKnowMed is an advanced electronic health record that delivers critical patient information in real-time like Kareo EHR. The solution can be used on nearly any device and is mobile-friendly. It also offers comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support and customizable features to enhance patient care.

iKnowMed’s new Generation 2 offers comprehensive cancer diagnosis content, a comprehensive cancer regimen library, and flexible documentation options. It also offers e-prescribing capabilities, automatic charge capture functionality, and auto-sharing of clinical notes. It also supports multiple languages, which is critical for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals.

McKesson is one of the world’s largest providers of medical services and information technologies. Its recent acquisition of US Oncology will boost productivity and increase efficiency in the delivery of cancer care. In addition, it will provide physicians with access to an extensive array of information technologies, including clinical services, practice management, and reimbursement. Its information technologies help physicians maximize value-based reimbursement.

The company has also grown internally over the past several years. In addition to supplying hospitals with pharmaceuticals and medical-surgical supplies, McKesson has also expanded its business with the acquisition of Oncology Therapeutics Network in 2007. The company also provides hospital pharmacy automation and consulting services. It also offers consulting services in advanced healthcare technology.

It Supports 3 MIPS Practice-Reporting Measures

With the help of practice-reporting features, McKesson Iknowmed EHR Software can help physicians meet their quality goals for the MIPS program. The solution provides providers with access to practice-level reporting dashboards that measure performance against national benchmarks. The software also allows users to drill down to patient-level details to identify the causes of lapses in patient care and drive workflow changes.

The MIPS reporting functionality provides a complete data capture solution and supports all three MIPS categories. The system is also capable of supporting additional reporting metrics for OCM and value-based care initiatives. It also supports direct data submission to CMS.

A subscription to QCDR software will cost between $449 and $699 per provider, depending on the complexity of data sources and group agreements. Practices can also opt to add the Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activity attestation collection to the MIPS quality reporting process for $79 per clinician. This additional fee may require the engagement of forwarding Health Group. Other implementation and technical fees will depend on the number of MIPS measures a practice wants to report.

Mckesson’s value-based care team is available to help you and your team with your practice’s MIPS transition. Through an e-mail address, a newsletter, and a service desk process called Remedyforce, they provide support and guidance. This support team is dedicated to supporting the Triple Aim of the MIPS program.

The software is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator, which sets the standards for healthcare EHRs. The Office tests the software for compliance, including its patient portal and communication capabilities. This ensures that the software meets the MIPS practice-reporting measures and the quality standards set forth by the CMS.

It Includes Secure Mobile Access

With the iKnowMed EHR Software, physicians can easily access patient data and documents from any web-enabled device. The software is built with interoperability in mind, so it can easily integrate with existing software, making implementation a simple process. With customizable integration features, doctors can set up workflows that are best suited to their practices.

iKnowMed’s secure mobile access is another feature of the latest generation of EHR software, making it easier for physicians to stay connected to patient records even when they are on the go. Mobile access does not compromise HIPAA compliance, and it allows doctors to view their records no matter where they are.

A spokesman for McKesson Corp. told Reuters that the sale of McKesson EHR technology is part of the company’s strategy to focus on its core business. After selling off its outpatient EHR business to eMDs last year, McKesson has focused on transitioning its remaining health IT products to Allscripts. McKesson’s revenues in 2016 reached $190.9 billion. In the US, Cerner reported $4.8 billion in revenue, and Epic Healthcare reported $462 million.

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