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If you’re beginning a new venture in Vancouver or are looking to hire staff, you may be contemplating whether you should set up the payroll. To make your life easier it is possible to look at programs that handle the payroll for you and even with the help of an accountant.

Payroll software not only helps simplify and automate the process for you, but it can also help you save time and lower the chance of mistakes made by hand. Payroll can be a lengthy and time-demanding process that must be completed not just in a consistent manner and accurately, but also with precision. Additionally, after you’ve made your payments to employees you must send the money back. This is all possible through payroll software.

If you’re trying to establish the payroll services for your small company located in Vancouver however, you might not know which option is the best option for you. There are a variety of choices. Some payroll programs only offer a limited number of employees. Some payroll programs provide that along with the human resources department and annual reports as well. Some offer this as well as everything else through tier-based programs.

A payroll system will put procedures in place to track the hours that employees have been working. The system will determine their pay and take what is required from the employee’s pay-cheque. This could include taxes, in addition to CPP or EI. In addition, it will create pay stubs that are precise for your employees to see. Some allow employees to do this using an application.

In the same vein as taxes, you may require your payroll provider to not only prepare your annual T4s but also create financial statements and records, which will include your tax records for the year to come. This can simplify the processes of your business at the end of the year.

Of course, you’ll want this payroll system to not just pay employees via direct deposit. However, even if it’s not part of your accounting software, you’ll need it to integrate to your accounting program.

One of the advantages you might not be thinking about is the satisfaction that your staff members enjoy. If you can assure your staff that payroll is completed in a timely manner and they are able to access their own data, it will add to their trust in the business.

There are a variety of payroll options in the market that are accessible to you. You might want to talk with your bookkeeping services provider in order to determine which one they are working with in addition to the best solution for your company.

We’re going to provide more information on a few of the most well-known software for payroll.

Ceridan Dayforce

It is one of the biggest payroll companies. Dayforce does not just offer payroll but also Human Resources (HR) and benefits, workforce management, and even talent management in one platform.

This is why you’re only getting started with your venture, or seeking to consolidate and transition applications for your Vancouver business, this might be the ideal option.

This program offers users an app for mobile devices. This program lets you manage your payroll no matter where you are. The system also gives employees to access self-service options. This means they can access their pay-cheque breakdown, pay slips and even print their tax forms. This program also lets you scale and modify the way it works for you as your company expands.

On the other hand, because it has so many options that it could be difficult to navigate for those who aren’t technologically proficient.

Wage point

Another cloud-based program that Vancouver’s small-sized businesses use. They provide a simple pricing system that is determined by the number of employees you pay and the frequency at which you pay.

A few of its highlights include direct deposit, web-based pay checks taxes, direct deposit, and year-end reports. It also takes charge of the holiday stats calculations for you. It is user-friendly and is a great feature as a small-sized business owner it is likely that you don’t have any knowledge of payroll.

One of its flaws is that if your company employs additional payrolls, it could not be the most cost-effective option for you. Also, they don’t offer many phone services when it’s necessary. But, as I said should you be looking for an autonomous program for your company, this shouldn’t be an issue.

It also does not offer many HR solutions, such as performance reviews. There are also a few benefits options, so it is necessary to purchase an additional HR software program if you are seeking that.

Wave Payroll

This business offers an intuitive, modern, and user-friendly interface. While they do provide certain services at no cost, their payroll services are paid services.

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the information you’ll have to check to edit, approve and sign off prior to processing your payroll.

Wave allows integration between your payroll, invoices, and your business’s accounting. This means you can connect your employee data and store all your financial records in one place.

While this could be ideal for a small-scale business, it might not be scalable as it is. In addition, it isn’t HR-friendly which means that if you wish to handle HR, you’ll need to purchase HR software. The software is also not very extensive in terms of options, and the reporting capabilities are restricted.


Gusto is a payroll service designed for small companies that are just beginning and expanding. Apart from the payroll feature, Gusto offers other HR features like benefits, recruitment, and management resources. The Gusto application also allows employees to see their pay stubs.

Like other payroll software, Gusto offers different tiers for its clients. The Core plan provides payroll processing, as well as documents and tools. Then, they can upgrade to the complete tier which includes more HR tools like on boarding and hiring, monitoring time as well as project management.

One of the disadvantages of this payroll software is that certain screens are known to load very slowly. Also, if you need features such as time tracking, you need to switch to a different version of Core. Core plan.

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