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Pebble shower floor has been a popular choice for imaginative homeowners with their interior designs. Showers are an area of sacredness for many of us, and plain white flooring isn’t enough for sure. There are plenty of ways to make your shower more interesting, and one of them is the pebble shower flooring.

If you’ve never thought of the possibility of installing a pebble shower flooring at your house and are looking to learn more about this creative remodel, let’s take a look at the advantages and cons of pebble floors for showers and some other ideas you could try in your bathroom.

Benefits of Pebble Shower Floor Design

One of the great things about pebble shower floors is they’re easy to set up. Although the procedure may seem complicated, you require a few simple tools and the time to finish the job.

Another advantage of installing pebble floors in the shower is how they feel on your feet. It’s possible to imagine that to feel that a floor of stones and pebbles is rough or even uncomfortable for your feet, but that’s not the case.

First, the pebbles are sanded to make them feel smooth and soft. Some people even prefer the texture of pebbles compared to tile or laminate flooring. Pebbles are also placed on the floor so that you only feel the tops instead of stepping onto rough surfaces.

The stone’s surfaces are highly resistant to slippage in addition, even though they are very smooth. This is beneficial for those who want to avoid injuries caused by slipping and falling while showering, particularly those who are elderly.

Of course, it’s impossible to speak about the benefits of pebble floors in showers without mentioning how beautiful they look. It’s difficult to imagine a prettier shower floor than one filled with pebbles and stones. A beautifully designed pebble shower flooring has a very natural appearance to it. It will make you feel like you’re showering under a beautiful waterfall outdoors.

Pebble Shower Floor Design Ideas

1. Urban

This is a variant of the shower floor, reminiscent of an inner-city cobblestone path. It is well paired with marble, and it’s the ideal option to give an urban look to your pebble shower flooring.

2. Magnolia Modern

Magnolia Modern features pebbles in different sizes and hues set into the light-colored flooring. It’s perfect for bathroom showers with glass doors and bright lighting. Natural wood cabinets make great additions too.

3. Light Brown Floor and Walls

Pebble shower floors aren’t limited to the floor. It is also possible to set pebbles and stones on the walls too. This shower is decorated with light brown pebbles, as an example. The addition of pebbles to the wall will completely alter the shower look.

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4. A Unique Twist

Put pebbles on the floor and go across the wall behind the showerhead in a vertical arrangement. A single pebble can add some character to your shower walls without overwhelming the material.

5. Contemporary

An innovative design for those who are those who love the contemporary style. Oval-shaped stones are the preferred choice for this, and there is plenty of light and lovely neutral shades in the room. Walk-in showers work best in this style.

Small white pebbles with multi-colored surrounding tiles can transform an ordinary shower with only small square footage into a fascinating experience that seems more significant than it is.

6. Tile with small pebbles

6. Tile with small pebbles

7. Mosaic Tile Shower Bench

This shower bench made of wood blends with the pebble floor is neutral and adds life back to an otherwise dull color scheme.

8. Corner Shower

Dark pebbles from the floor of a travertine corner shower. The combination of white glass walls or dark pebbles can create a stunning corner shower design.

9. River Rock

river stone shower floor with gorgeous brick walls. The setting of river rock stones on the floors of the shower corner with beige brick walls creates a serene, tranquil shower space.

10. Walk-In

A walk-in shower that has pebble flooring. This shower version that is walk-in is ideal for small showers and combines the tiled mosaic wall well.

11. Natural Elements

Pebbles that are inspired by Asian culture for your shower floor. To give a Far-East variation on the pebble shower floor, add a natural bench that you can build into the wall. You can also change the hue of your walls to various shades of orange and brown.

12. Light Brown Floor and Walls

There is more to pebble shower floors than just flooring. Pebbles and stones can also be incorporated into the walls. Let’s look at this shower with light brown rocks, for example. A division of pebbles can completely change the dynamic of your shower.

Pros of a Pebble Shower Floor

Slip Resistant

Pebble flooring isn’t slippery in wet conditions and will not cause any harm while getting wet. This slip resistance is essential in the shower, as there are many accidents due to slips and falls. River rock flooring offers an uninvolved, safe showering experience.

Easy Installation

Although laying the pebbles itself can be tedious, the installation process is a breeze and can be accomplished at home without hiring a professional.

Comfortable on Your Feet

For most people, the flooring made of river rock or pebbles is known for its soothing massage-like texture that is quite relaxing for your feet. Be sure that your river rock is smooth and smooth to comfy.

Amazing Unique Finish

Pebble flooring is a stunning design and appearance compared to most tiles and acrylic flooring. Furthermore, you can select one of the various pebble designs to create a unique design.

Cons of a Pebble Shower Floor


The pebble will not have the most extended lifespan if you compare it to other floors. Even if you reseal it every year, an area of river rock can only last 15 years. A tile floor can last for up 30 years. Different types of natural stone floors could last up to 50 years.


Every kind of shower flooring has certain types of maintenance that go with it. Pebble flooring will require more extraordinary maintenance than most other kinds of flooring. This maintenance comes from sealing your flooring to make it water-proof. Resealing is required every six months to a year.


Showers are a space with a sense of privacy that should feel like a refuge to you. Add some flair to your shower by implementing one of the ideas for the pebble shower floor that we’ve provided here. Watch how the overall atmosphere of your bathroom changes. If you have a small shower or a large walk-in shower, there’s a pebble flooring suitable for all.


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