Ben Azelart (Real Name Ben Azelart (Real Name: Benjamin Azelart’ born 10 January 2002) is a well-known American YouTuber and a content creator, Instagram celebrity, professional skater,r and businessman of Texas, United States. The YouTube star is well-known throughout the United States for his hilarious and hilarious YouTube videos. Ben Azelart’s height is very decent; later in the article, you will learn about his height and other important information.

A podcast and website called “STAY WILD” is the brainchild of Ben, according to his Instagram page. This YouTube personality also has a podcast. Almost 7.05 million people subscribe to his official YouTube channel (as of June 2021). He regularly uploads hilarious jokes, challenges, and reaction videos to his channel. Other celebrities with whom he collaborated include Lexi Rivera, Alan Stokes, and Alan and Alex Stokes.

According to IMDB, the actor has been featured in several television shows, including Bucket List (2018), Brobot (2018) as well as Camp Nick (2019). As a professional skateboarder,r Azelart has also competed in many skateboard competitions. To understand more about Ben Azelart, read this article.


He was born to his parents on January 10, 2002, in Texas, United States, as a well-known Youtube celebrity. Ben is a birthday celebration on the 10th of January each year. Ben Azelarthas has been a genuine sport and an avid adventurer. His actual birth name is ‘Benjamin Azelart.’ According to reports, Ben attended Kailua Intermediate School to complete High School graduation.

As a lover of skateboarding and a keen skater, he began participating in various skateboard competitions throughout the school year. He began his online Youtube career after graduating from high school. He is currently one of the top YouTubers from America and internet stars.

Family and Education

His mother and father are Bill Azelart and Lionel Azelart, respectively. Under the constant attention of his parents, he enjoyed a wonderful childhood. In addition to being a YouTuber and photographer, he also has a brother named Julien. Education-wise, he attended Kailua Intermediate School. Currently, there is no information available about his academic activities.

Relationships and Girlfriend

As per his official Instagram profile, Ben Azelart has been in an affair with his girlfriend, ‘Lexi Rivera’ for a lengthy period. According to the source, Ben and Lexi have been dating since 2018.

Let me reveal that Lexi has a sister named Brent Rivera. Youtube star Brent Rivera. Lexi has also been featured in several of Ben’s Youtube videos.

In February of this year, Ben uploaded a video to his Youtube channel entitled “dating my best friend’s sister’s best friend” for 24 hours. According to sources, his name was also associated with YouTuber Lexi Hensler in the previous times. However, now Hensler is referring to Ben as her brother.

Ben Azelart’s height, weight, and fitness

He is a very fit person who loves to work out every day. He takes good treatment of his body, and his physique can drive anyone mad about his physique.

Many of his followers and supporters frequently inquire about his height therefore Ben Azelart is 5 feet 10 inches tall. His weight is 72 kilograms, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are gray.


Ben Azelart has had a great passion for skateboarding since early in his life. He started to skateboard when he was nine years old. In his career as a skateboarder also, he’s participated in numerous tournaments and championships.

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As a skateboarder

As per Ben’s Instagram account, he was also named the winner of the Keolu Classic Skate Contest. As well as skateboarding, Ben has performed numerous dangerous stunts.

As a Youtuber

According to the source, Ben Azelart started posting humorous video clips on Youtube after being inspired by Alex Hayes, his friend. After creating his own Youtube channel, the YouTuber started creating short videos.

In the following years, he collaborated with YouTubers such as Brent Rivera and others. He is now an established Youtube celebrity. The channel is officially registered. The Youtube channel has more than 7.05 million users. He posts a video every week.

Beyond that, Ben also launched his podcast and website titled “STAY WILD.” He also created a Youtube channel where he and his brothers shared the behind-the-scenes of their lives and their friends.

Ben Azelart’s net worth

This is among the most frequently asked questions, is, after all, how much does Ben Azelart make and what is his net worth.

As You Are aware, Ben Azelart is a young popular YouTuber and social media celebrity.

The Net worth of the people entirely is dependent on income source, and he has a variety of sources of income. Still, the most important is social media, and he’s earned an enormous amount from his connections to social media accounts.

He can charge a reasonable amount for sponsorship and depends on his fan following (followers) to determine the best level of sponsorship.

So, as you can see that he’s got 8.4 M YouTube subscribers and receive an average of 06-10 million views on his YouTube videos; he has 5.8 M Followers. The average likes are between 500-700K on Instagram and 15 M fans of Tik Tok.

His Net Worth is more significant than $1.5-2 M.

Additionally, If he has a private enterprise, the business’s net worth isn’t part of this. We’ve also researched their social media profiles and attempted to find the estimates of their net worth using the internet. We cannot confirm that the information is correct.


  • He doesn’t like insects flying around like cockroaches or other flying creatures.
  • He’s a foodie, and his most loved foods are fries and burgers.
  • Ben Azelart’s height is very decent.
  • Azelart started the Youtube channel in June 2014. He then uploaded his first video, titled “The Beginning Of My Youtube!” in 2016.
  • He enjoys adventures such as surfing, hiking boats, etc., with his pals.


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