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Nikki Sixx

A rock star was born in 1958. Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr. would later dominate the alternative music scene with his unpolished musical abilities, compelling story of addiction, and chic clothes brand. His upbringing, better known as Nikki Sixx, serves as an excellent illustration of how far we can go from where we started. Sixx lost his father quite young. Sixx was mostly raised by his grandparents after his mother abandoned him, which was closely followed by it.

The net worth of Nikki Sixx

He has founded and run his clothing line and is a host, a radio host, and a photographer. Approximately $45 million is Nikki Sixx’s net worth. Sixx is most well-known for being the bassist, co-founder, and leading music writer for Motley Crue. He also has a thriving solo career.

Early Life

Nikki Sixx, born Nina Feranna on December 11, 1958, was born in San Jose, California. His father was absent from his family when Nikki was just a little baby. His mother, Deana Richards, fostered him until she abandoned her son. The grandparents of his father later raised Sixx. Nikki was not with his mom for long, but he was long enough to learn how to play the guitar. He purchased his first guitar the proceeds from selling the guitar he took.

In addition to working at an alcohol store, he also sold vacuum cleaners over the phone. These jobs provided Sixx the opportunity to try out for bands. Sixx joined the group Sister after responding to an advertisement in a local paper. The group recorded a demo, and shortly after, Sixx was fired from the group. In the late 1970s, Sixx legally changed his identity to Nikki Sixx.


In 1981, he joined drummer Tommy Lee to form Motley Crue. Guitarist Mick Mars later joined him. MOTLEY CRUE released a self-recorded “Too Fast for Love” album in 1981. The album was released by the label of the band Leather Records in November 1981. 

Sarabi was dismissed in 1996, and Neil returned to the group. The year 1997 saw Motley Crue release “Generation Swine.”As of 2000, Motley Crue came out with “New Tattoo,” featuring Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne) on the drums rather than Tommy Lee. Lee quit the band in 1999. Motley Crue was reunited in 2004 when Sixx admitted to being sober.  Motley Crue left the band in the year 2015.

Sixx began the clothing collection “Royal Underground” in 2006 along with singer Kelly Gray, formerly the house model and co-president at St. John. The line was initially limited to men’s clothes, but it later expanded to include women’s and women’s clothing.

Poison, Def Lepard, Joan Jett, and Blackhearts will join Motley Crue on their summer 2020 stadium tour. The time was delayed until 2021 because of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Personal Life

When he was in Motley the Crue band, Sixx had a heroin addiction. Sixx has stated that he had overdosed “about half a dozen times.” He overdosed on heroin on December 23, 1987. Paramedics revived him with two syringes filled with adrenaline after being listed as dead for about two minutes.

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Sixx was married to Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt back in the year 1989. They have three kids: Gunner was born in the year 1991. The storm came into the world in 1994, and then Decker came in 1995. Sixx and Brandt split in late 1996.

A month later, in the aftermath of Sixx and Brandt’s divorce, he married Playboy, his playmate, and actress Donna D’Errico. They have a daughter named Frankie-Jean, who was born in 2001. They divorced and reconciled several times before separating in summer 2007.

In March 2014, Sixx married Courtney Bingham. They have one child, Ruby, born in the year 2019.Sixx practice Transcendental Meditation.

In the course of stay-at-home orders relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Sixx, Bingham, and Ruby were found in Wyoming.

Real Estate

On July 14, 2014, Sixx and his partner purchased a house in the Los Angeles suburb of Westlake Village for $4.125 million. The single-story, 10,300 square-foot home is on 1.2 acres inside an exclusive country club known as North Ranch Country Estates. The house has high ceilings, spacious principal rooms, a family-room wet bar, and oversized loggias, perfect for hosting. The cabana in the collection is equipped with bathrooms, a covered area, and an outside shower. There are eight bathrooms and six bedrooms. In October 2020, he offered this house for sale for $5.699 million. On September 20, 2021, the home was sold for $5.18 million.

After purchasing this Westlake Village mansion, Sixx put his old residence in Calabasas to be sold for $2.399 million. The house includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, hardwood floors, an office with built-ins and a loft, an entertainment room/home theater, a pool barbecue center, a spa, a pizza oven, and a fireplace. The homeowner bought the house in the year 2011 at $1.89 million.


A look at Sixx’s darker than typical childhood and heroin-related struggles is something to be mentioned about a man who can overcome every obstacle. The amount of respect earned by the industry throughout his career could serve as a reminder that it’s not the place where we came from but the person we are that counts.

It doesn’t matter if your love for the band is Motley Crue Sixx AM and his producing abilities and clothing collection. It’s simple to recognize Nikki Sixx’s accomplishments in his professional career.

In the career of our rock star Sixx, there’s nothing Sixx hasn’t done. However, that doesn’t mean he will be laying off his career shortly. There are rumors of the possibility of a Heroin Diaries tour and Motley Crue’s latest contract signing and possible new contract signing, and we could get to see Sixx performing once more. It’s impossible to tell all the details. Still, one thing’s certain, regardless of which direction Sixx decides to go with his career, He will do this with the same enthusiasm, energy, determination, and heart that the fans have seen for over a century.