Are you looking for marketing dissertation topic ideas? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Many individuals underestimate the marketing field and do not opt for this degree. But those who do opt for this degree face difficulties afterwards. One common challenge for all the marketing graduates is that they do not know what to research in their dissertation. You must know that a dissertation is a scholarly document necessary to submit to obtain a PhD degree. So, students must know how to choose a marketing dissertation and what hot topics are currently. Keeping this in view, today’s article is all about marketing dissertation topics. There will be a mention of the 25 dissertation topics. But before listing those topics, let’s define the marketing dissertation first.

What is a marketing dissertation, and how is it important for marketing students?

            Marketing is the business of promoting and selling different products using different techniques. A dissertation written on those techniques to enhance is called a marketing dissertation. Almost all business students have to submit this dissertation to earn their degrees. The focus of a dissertation in marketing is on education theories and the best practices to solve real-world problems. A marketing dissertation adds something to the existing knowledge.

            Writing this type of dissertation is important because it improves the students’ skillset. Not only the writing, but students also improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. It is why marketing students need to conduct research. Moreover, researching a topic in depth provides them with deep insights. Students get to know the recent marketing trends and can compare them with old ones. So, it is important for students to write a dissertation.

25 Marketing Dissertation Topics

            After talking about the marketing dissertation topics in-depth, it is now time to discuss different topics you can study. Please note that the following topics are categorised based on the branches of marketing. So, you can select a topic that is of your domain and specialisation. Hence, the list of the 25 dissertation topics is as follows;


            Branding is a kind of marketing in which the brand develops a unique product name in its customer’s minds. Through branding, companies set themselves apart from their regular competitors. It is because the unique logo and slogan give them a new position in the market. Many brands do branding by using different techniques. Those techniques are developing a unique logo, slogan, or tagline. So, different topics that come under branding are as follows;

  • A critical analysis of business to business (B2B) branding strategies in the ever-developing markets of the UK.
  • Systematics analysis on place branding and place marketing: Analysing how effective this type of branding is in tourism promotion.
  • A study to understand the relationship between consumers and brands across the globe
  • A study for finding the relationship between brand identity development and the marketing communications
  • Impact of personality on brand selection and satisfaction


            This term is relatively new in the field of marketing. This marketing is basically the application of neuropsychology and cognitive science to marketing. In this type of marketing, the researcher tries to study the response of humans to different brand advertisements. The researcher measures the brainwave activity and knows the impact of advertisement. A lot of research is also going on in this marketing type. You can say that it is a hot topic nowadays. Different dissertation topics related to neuromarketing are as follow;

  • Analysing the effect of neuromarketing techniques on sustainable product marketing
  • Studying the limitations of neuromarketing research in product marketing
  • Neuromarketing – an emerging tool for market research
  • The evolution of neuromarketing research in the last five years
  • Consumer neuroscience and its applications in market research
  • Neuromarketing and consumer’s free will

Fashion marketing

            Fashion marketing is the branch of marketing that deals with the marketing of clothes and other necessary fashion items. Basically, it is the process of the flow of merchandise from designers to local consumers. The designers design clothes, and customers buy them. It happens with the effective use of fashion marketing. With more and more brands creating in the world, a lot of research is going on in fashion marketing. So, below are some of the dissertation topics related to this field;

  • To what extent is the marketing of vintage fashion required? A critical study of the current market.
  • How do ethnicity, colour and race affect the changing fashion perspectives?
  • How has fashion marketing in the UK shaped consumerism?
  • A critical study to analyse the role of fashion blogs in fashion marketing.
  • Turning national fashion brands into international fashion brands. How effective is the process of social media marketing in this?
  • Analysing the role of religion and sustainability in fashion
  •  How does fashion marketing within the same age group affect the genders? A UK market-based study

Relationship marketing

            It is another type of marketing that focuses on the long-term goals of a company. Those goals can be building customer loyalty and increasing customer retention. In this type of marketing, the products are provided based on the relationship. Traditional marketing does not have anything to do with this. As you only sell to your loyal customers, you can collect all the details of your customers. Those details can be purchasing power, contact and address details. This topic is very popular, like other marketing dissertation topics. Below are the related topics that you can study;

  • Is customer loyalty a behaviour or an attitude? A mixed-method study.
  • Analysing the impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty. A study of Suzuki Motors customers.
  • Loyalty schemes and customer satisfaction: Do they have an impact?
  • Loyalty schemes and their relationship with the sales.
  • Maintaining customer relations using relationship marketing.
  •  Assessing customer satisfaction in UK’s tourism and hospitality industry


            The field of marketing is very vast. Sometimes, you will feel that it is interrelated with many other fields of study. This is the reason why it is imperative to create marketing dissertation topics. The topics given above can help you a lot depending on your area of interest.

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