Is Russia a good place to live? The answer is moving to Russia could appear to be an exciting experience. However, the reality can be very different, so it is important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to move. To give ex-pats more clarity on the situation, here’s a summary of the pros and cons of living and working in Russia. You will get the answer to the above question by reading this article.

Accommodation in Russia

Pros: Various options for housing

There are numerous alternatives to lodging in Russia, including city housing and international compound often located outside the city. Many apartments have traditional style with high ceilings and modern with high-end facilities and internet connectivity. The homes are insecurearded and gated, and some of the most sought-after ones also have sports and community centers within the complex in the building.

Con: Undeniably expensive

Locating a spacious home in a desirable locale at a reasonable price isn’t an easy task in Russia. The housing market is flooded p, articularly in the more prominent cities where foreigners are likely to locate themselves. This increases the cost of housing and makes it difficult for people to locate affordable but decent housing.

Cost of living in Russia

Pro: Attractive salaries

Many ex-pats work in managerial jobs in Russia and receive high-paying jobs. The salary packages may include housing and insurance, a vehicle or driver, and an allowance for schooling. Many ex-pats won’t be passed from paying the costs for the above items.

Con: The ex-pat lifestyle is costly

What is the price of life in Russia directly linked to your lifestyle? People who wish to live extravagantly, eat out frequently, and enjoy the most delicate things Russia offers will discover that they’ll be paying a high price for it. However, if they prefer to live like locals, they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price. This doesn’t mean that they should live frugally and cut back on traveling and eating out or select less costly places to enjoy these experiences. However, this is contingent on their location, as living for those living in smaller cities is more affordable.

Lifestyle and culture in Russia

Pro: The people

Russia has its unique tradition. While the Russians might appear hostile at first, once they get to know someone, they’ll go their way to help whenever they need to. People living in Russia are generally warm, friendly, and helpful.

Pro: Something to suit anyone

Whether new arrivals love nature or prefer the conveniences of urban living, Russia has a lot to provide. There are a variety of sports and social facilities available in Russia, particularly in the larger cities. Art galleries, museums, home theatres, and architecture provide entertainment for ardent individuals and households with kids.

Pro: Something to suit anyone

Con: Language barrier

Most Russians don’t speak English. However, ex-pats working for multinational companies will likely have colleagues who are English speaking. Foreigners are encouraged to study the Cyrillic alphabet and learn a few terms to make it easier. This could be a problem for some, as Russian is a complicated language to master.

Con: Drinking culture

The drinking culture of Russia is a fable for some reasons. Drinking too much can be an issue for ex-pats, and they should be on guard for this. They’re most likely to be invited to a night out, and this could be an advantage to some, but not all.

Con: Weather

Since Russia is such a vast country and has a large population, the weather is highly varied. In whatever country they reside, ex-pats have to be prepared and adjust their lifestyles to lengthy, frigid winters and shorter summer, spring, and fall seasons. The winters can be extremely harsh. It would help if you kept it in mind, particularly for those in warmer regions.

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Healthcare in Russia

Pro: Good private healthcare

Many privé healthcare alternatives in Russia provide top-quality service. The doctors in these hospitals are more likely to converse in English. The cost of private health insurance is essential since private medical treatment in Russia costs a lot.

Con: Inefficient public healthcare

While the standard of healthcare provided in Russia is comparable to other European countries, the Russian public healthcare system is inefficient and prone to problems. Personnel are underpaid and medical equipment is outdated, and organizational structures are not efficient.

Safety in Russia

Pro: Decreased crime rates

The crime rates in Russia are decreasing and have slowed down significantly in the last two decades. This means that ex-pats are more at ease within Russia.

Con: Opportunistic Crime

Despite decreasing crime rates, you must be aware of muggings and other petty crimes. Make sure to not leave bags in the open and be vigilant in walking on your own in the dark.

Education in Russia

Pro: Lots of International Schools

International schools can be a fantastic option for children who live abroad. They provide high-quality education that is widely recognized and has a wide range of programs. They comprise American, British, French, and German schools. Some offer their national curriculum and their curriculum, known as the International Baccalaureate (IB). Be sure to find out the location of the schools and prepare accordingly, since some, such as in Moscow, are situated away from the city’s center.

Con: language barrier in public schools

While tuition and books are included in the tuition at Russian schools, the primary language taught in these schools is Russian. This makes these schools not an option for most ex-pats, who typically choose to send their kids to schools abroad.

Con: Fees for international schools are very high.

International schools have high costs. The high demand for spaces can mean that students are often placed on waitlists.

Getting around Russia

Pro: Highly developed transport systems

Russia has an extensive public transportation system. Metros located in Moscow and St Petersburg are fast, efficient, safe, and clean.

The Trans-Siberian Railway Network is the longest railroad line in the world. It is a preferred choice for long-distance travel, particularly for travelers. The peak season is between May and September and February through April. Air travel is also daily as Russia’s leading carrier, Aeroflot, offers numerous domestic flights.

Con: Driving can be an absolute nightmare

The traffic in Russian cities can be chaotic, mainly because of the reckless drivers. Most ex-pats choose to take public transportation, hire an individual driver or let their company organize the driver.

Con: Insufficiency of public transportation outside the city

The public transport system in rural areas is not as developed compared in cities. If ex-pats are located outside cities, It may be beneficial to drive. Ex-pats should have the proper documentation to drive in Russia, including an international driver’s license or passport and a visa and immigration card.

Cost of transportation

Compared to the United States, Russia has a much more developed public transportation system. Even if it takes a while, you can get almost anywhere in Russia by public transportation!

The metro system in Moscow is one of the largest in the world, and it is very cheap by Western standards. Reloadable cards cost 42 rubles (USD 0.55) per trip on the Moscow metro. This is incredibly cheap compared to Western countries. It is even more affordable in other Russian cities!

Getting around without a car is very easy in Russia. The cost of taxis is also meager. The cost of getting from the airport to the center of Moscow is less than USD 15. There are a couple of taxi apps available throughout Russia at the moment. 


Now after reading all pros and cons of Russian. You will eventually get the answer to the question is Russia an excellent place to live in. After reading, you will be able to assess the results of moving temporarily or permanently to Russia.


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