The Honeywell has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted thermostats on the market-but. Even the best technologies eventually need to be reset and repair. You may need a reset if you notice a change in your home’s temperature, if you’ve seen an increase in your energy bill, or if your thermostat does not activate your heating and cooling system.

Why is your Honeywell thermostat not working?

Several issues can be resolved by resetting your thermostat, including:

  • Programming issues with your thermostat.
  • Problems are connecting to your furnace or air conditioner.
  • Temperature readings that are inconsistent and inaccurate.

How do you identify your Honeywell thermostat’s old model?

The model number of your Honeywell thermostat will help you reset it. There will be a model number written on the thermostat ID card or the packaging if you still have them. You can also locate the product number on the back of the wall plate when removing your thermostat from the wall if you don’t have the packaging.

The thermostats are easy to remove from the wall with no tools required. Take the thermostat from both sides evenly to remove it. Searching online for models similar to yours may be necessary if they won’t come off.

How to reset Honeywell thermostat’s old model?

A thermostat reset can be performed quickly on battery-operated thermostats. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the thermostat is turned off and its battery removed.
  2. Invert the batteries, putting harmful batteries in the upbeat batteries in the negative.
  3. Put the batteries back in the right way after waiting ten seconds.
  4. You will now have a factory reset thermostat. Remember to program the thermostat according to your regular schedule.

You may not need batteries with every Honeywell thermostat. On the other hand, hardwired systems are attached to the home’s electrical system. See this handy resource for help with thermostats that do not require batteries to be reset. Check out this article to learn how to change Honeywell thermostat batteries.

Battery replacement for Honeywell thermostats

If your thermostat does require batteries, they are easy to replace. If your screen goes blank or appears dim, don’t panic until you replace your batteries. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Take off the thermostat faceplate. The faceplates on most thermostats can be removed by applying even firm pressure. There are small tabs at the top or bottom of some models. Your model will be transparent if it has charges after a few seconds of inspection.
  2. Replace the old batteries with the new ones. Depending on your model, you may need to use AA or AAA batteries. You can check the size of the replacement batteries by looking at the old ones.
  3. Place the new batteries inside the battery compartment.
  4. Attach the faceplate back to the backplate. Turn on the thermostat display after reconnecting the faceplate. If you are using a Honeywell model, ensure your settings are still stored correctly by selecting the Menu or Program keys.

For expert thermostat services, contact One Hour if the display does not come back on.

Find out how to unlock your Honeywell thermostat?

Your Honeywell thermostat can be unlocked using the same steps as a factory reset. Generally speaking. However, the process is essentially the same. It is recommended that users lock or unlock their thermostat so that only one family member can access the settings or change the temperature.

  1. Choose the Center or Menu option, then enter 1234.
  2. When setting up the thermostat for the first time, you can set a passcode. If you need this number, save it on your phone, so you are sure not to lose it.
  3. You can disable access to reprogramming the unit or changing the temperature by selecting the Lock option.

If Honeywell Thermostat Passcode Has Been Lost!

It’s not the end of the world; there is a solution!

  1. Complete the first step of the instructions again. If you receive an error or incorrect warning when typing in the number 1234, continue following the steps below.
  2. Locate the thermostat plate and remove it. There is a four-digit date code on both sides of the thermostat.
  3. Subtract 1234 from the date code. Add 1420 + 1234 to the date code 1420, for example. Your new passcode is 2654.
  4. Use the menu option on the thermostat to enter the new passcode. It will then be possible to reset the passcode.

Honeywell Thermostat Troubleshooting

When you’ve tried changing the batteries, resetting the thermostat, and unlocking it, but to no avail, it’s time to call the pros. One Hour can help you with all of your heating and cooling needs. Our technicians are fast, experienced, and can handle large and small HVAC problems. Make an appointment by calling (800) 893-3523 or requesting one online.

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Does your Honeywell thermostat have a reset button?

A RESET button is not immediately visible on Honeywell thermostats. To reach the reset options, you must scroll through several prompts. No button is required for the Honeywell T5, T5+, or T6 series models. You can choose the reset option by pressing and holding the MENU button. When the reset option appears, click OK to confirm it. You have now reset your Honeywell T5, T5+, or T6 thermostat.

If your Honeywell thermostat does not have a reset button, you can reset it faster by shutting off the circuit breaker. After turning the circuit breaker back on, it should reset itself.


  • Does the Honeywell thermostat have a reset button?

You will see the RESET option if you hold down the MENU button. Press the OK button to confirm the RESET. You now have a reset Honeywell T5, T5+, or T6 thermostat.

  • Where can I find the instructions for resetting a nonprogrammable thermostat?

To reset a non-programmable digital thermostat, it is necessary to remove the face and press the reset button for five seconds or remove the batteries for five seconds. Either way, your thermostat should be reset.

  • Is there a method for manually setting a thermostat?

It will vary from model to model how you reset your thermostat. It is common practice to install the battery backward for five seconds, push the recessed reset button with a paper clip or pin, or turn off the thermostat’s circuit breaker for 30 seconds to reset a thermostat.

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