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6 Simple Secrets to Totally Rock Your Video Marketing


Video marketing is becoming an essential part of digital marketing strategies. And marketers now have their eyes set on leveraging this type of content to their advantage. But creating and uploading videos is not enough, you have to take the right approach as well.  

You don’t have to go overboard investing in expensive equipment for 8K shooting and editing. Instead, a good camera, your regular editing PC paired with a residential internet plan on Spectrum deals or any other ISP would be fine. These tips only require your time in researching and brainstorming creative ideas.  

Check out the following easy tips for video marketing:  

Know Your Target Audience 

Researching your target audience is a fundamental and crucial step for video marketing or any medium of marketing. If you don’t know the preferences of your audience, your content may not appeal to them. So, it is something you should not miss out on at all.  

The best way to research is to see what is working for your competition. But copying it straight is generally not advisable. Find inspiration and try to one-up them with your video content. You may get valuable insights from the response on your existing content as well. Use that accumulated knowledge for creating your videos. 

Create Shorter Videos 

Today, there is so much time people spend watching videos. With the viral success of the short video format of TikTok, now most people prefer shorter videos. Long videos may not get you the response you are looking for. So, creating more videos with a duration between 30 seconds to a minute or two may benefit you more.  

Leverage All Mediums 

Utilizing a singular medium or even two mediums is not the most ideal choice. It is because your audience could be on other platforms that you are missing out. Instead of missing a significant chunk of the audience, it is best to leverage all mediums of sharing content.  

Now more social media platforms are supporting and pushing video content on the timeline. You can share video content on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. You can share short video content and get your desired reach on these platforms. And the best part is that you don’t necessarily need to create a specific type of content for individual platforms.  

Facebook and Instagram have Reels; Snapchat has Spotlight, and YouTube has Shorts. You can create TikTok-like vertical videos and share them on all these platforms. Such an approach will optimize your content for a better collective reach. And the best part is that you won’t even need to put in a lot of extra effort.  

Create Your Brand’s Personality 

The content you produce for your video marketing efforts should resonate with what your brand stands for. In other words, it shows your brand’s unique personality and how viewers perceive your company. Therefore, it is important to create that impression and maintain it over time.  

Your tone, genre of content, and the overall feel it induces in a viewer are aspects to be looked at when creating videos. One easy way to get ideas for developing an interesting brand personality is to follow the official handles of major brands on Twitter. Observe the content they interact with their followers and the personality they maintain.  

Sarcasm, Humor, Anything Unexpected 

A very important tip for you is to not be generic and boring. The themes of your videos should not be something people have been watching for ages. Brainstorm themes and include your team members in this activity and create videos around creative themes.  

Hitting your customers with unexpected plot twists, humor, and sarcasm generally gets the job done. Try whatever clicks with your company’s persona and more importantly with your audience. Doing a good job at this would automatically boost engagement which further leads to more content reach. If you hit the jackpot of a viral video, your customer engagement would skyrocket.  

Add Actionable CTAs 

When you are done researching, brainstorming ideas, and writing a killer theme, the last thing you need to include is an actionable CTA. CTAs are very important if you want to generate conversions from your video marketing campaign. Your call to action does not have to be very direct. A lot of times even a subtle call to action can get the job done. Generally, the more your content does not look like advertising, the better it is.  

All these tips are super easy to implement and effective in bringing visible improvement in the performance of video marketing. So, keep these tips in mind and start your video marketing campaign.   


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