Mobile apps are the perfect hub for everything from connecting to friends, video streaming, sharing files, or staying updated about the latest happenings around you. The boom in the mobile app industry has changed our lives for good.

We resort to apps for several tasks during our day, including education and learning, entertainment, accessing social media, and news. However, in this ocean of apps, users keep using some useful apps while deleting the rest after downloading them as they do not turn out to be helpful.   

Knowing the Best Apps

The internet has numerous mobile apps readily available for users, including those that are not very useful or developed by trustworthy companies. It is why online scams have taken a toll. Fraudulent companies or businesses loot money from users by unduly billing them or hiding some charges for their benefit.

A basic tenet for remaining safe in this online world of scams is to download apps from trusted developers only. You can check the developer’s website, such AirG website, for customers’ reviews and ensure that the apps are trustworthy. This fundamental rule for having new apps on your phone saves you from tons of scammers out there waiting in the dark to lure you by attractive ads in downloading apps that rob you of your time and money.

Most Used Apps of 2022

Since the 2020 pandemic forced everyone to remain isolated in their homes, TikTok has become the top-used app by users of all ages. Though there is always a competition between TikTok and other social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok remained the top most used app from 2020 to 2022.

Let us review the top most used apps this year.

1.      TikTok

TikTok was launched in 2015 and changed the face of social media for good. Initially, it aimed at adults to seek entertainment, but the influx of talented teens made it popular with the teenagers, and TikTok became synonymous with this age group.

TikTok achieved more than 3.5 billion global downloads in the first quarter of 2021. It set a record for being the first-ever non-Meta social media app to top the most downloaded apps. These statistics are pretty impressive considering the ban on this app during 2020.

Before TikTok got banned in India, users from India accounted for about 30% of the global TikTok users. TikTok tops most used apps’ charts and rules the top-grossing apps category.

2.      Instagram


Instagram is the hub of pictures, funny videos, and especially trending memes. It is the most used video and photo-sharing social media app that is constantly competing with TikTok for the first place. One of the most popular features of this app is its stories.

Influencer culture is too high on Instagram. You can see people or public figures with a huge fan following ‘influencing’ people to buy certain products or services. Instagram stories have become another effective tool for interacting with people and sharing moments with your followers.

1.      Facebook or Meta

Internet trends might have shifted from blogging to vlogging on YouTube or TikTok, but the fame of Facebook hardly dies down. It is the most beloved app by users for sharing videos and pictures with their social circle.

Also, Facebook helps make new connections based on mutual friends and interests. It has also become one of the most effective marketing tools for companies and businesses. The best part of this app that makes it most popular is its access and adaptability across all devices.

2.      WhatsApp

If there is one app that any smartphone user cannot live without is WhatsApp. It has replaced SMS chatting and made it obsolete with its instant double ticks confirming the delivery of the message and ticks turning blue (if turned on), indicating that the message is read.

Also, with the addition of hundreds of emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, and what not, WhatsApp has become the fundamental preference for daily communication. The ease of sharing pictures, videos, voice notes, documents, location, contacts, etc., on WhatsApp is unmatched.

It has the most uncomplicated layout and friendliest user design. Privacy options, such as visibility of online status and ‘about’ information to contacts only, are other excellent features of the app that make it most popular.

3.      Telegram

Telegram is the simpler version of WhatsApp, used for day-to-day communication. It is equipped with high-end encryption technology and offers free calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data. If you are in for communicating with beautiful stickers, this app is the best for you.

4.      Zoom

The best thing to come out of global lockdown during the 2020 pandemic includes realizing that working from home is the best solution to cut down office charges in certain circumstances. It has also benefited both employees and employers by cutting down the tiredness of commuting for long hours and saving offices tons of money as some employees waste time playing video games. Also, some people love working from the comfort of their homes, and one thing that has made all this easier is the video conferencing app called Zoom.

From teaching a class of about 100 students or conducting a formal business meeting to having a large virtual family gathering, Zoom has emerged as the best app. It has the most user-friendly and straightforward layout and offers the best privacy features for personal meetings and get-togethers.

5.      Duolingo

This app falls in the education and learning category. Duolingo is the most popularly used app for learning foreign languages. With a beautiful interface and loads of quizzes to test your learning, this app is ideal for polishing your multi-lingual skills.

6.      Spotify

Spotify first launched in 2008, and since then, even in the face of numerous changes in the music streaming arena, Spotify remains the top used app in the digital music streaming category, allowing you instant access to the vast library of all genres of music and podcasts.

All the music and podcasts on this app are legal. With the advent of podcasts in the influencer culture, Spotify has gained more downloads and users. All podcasts are available on Spotify, from true crime podcasts or horror ones to body image and self-worth journeys.

Tread the Internet Wisely

There is nothing more engaging and engrossing than spending time on various apps playing games, listening to your favorite music, checking social media, etc. These days, it is all about staying in the loop and following trends, so it is essential to know which app users are frequently using this year.

Marketers also need this information to know where to find their target market and devise strategies accordingly.

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