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Over the past two decades, many avid gamers and tech geeks have shown considerable interest in online gaming platforms and digital libraries. Gone are the days when individuals used to buy CDs and floppy disks to install a game or an application on their desktop PCs. Animated shooting and arcade games tend to catch the interest of individuals who love aiming at their targets and clearing tough levels. A wide range of shooting games are available online; however, it depends upon the selection by the player.

Shooting games are always interesting as they tend to get the player’s attention from the first level. Be it Bubble Shooter or American Sniper, they are always amazing to play on PCs and smartphones. Shooting games help individuals develop great targeting and focusing skills as they take an aim on the target and fire. Shooting games don’t always involve guns and ammunition, so it’s up to the user what type of shooting game one has to play.

Many parents and caretakers discourage playing shooting games at an early age. However, many games development websites and companies have shifted their focus towards producing user-friendly games which doesn’t involve much action but benefit the best to kids. Continue reading to find out about the ten best shooter games available for free online.

Cyberpunk: Resistance

Cyberpunk is an exciting game that offers sensational action and drama for the player. While playing Cyberpunk, the player enjoys the action and sounds in the game, creating a noisy and dangerous virtual atmosphere. In the game, the player is entitled to a gun which can be replaced or upgraded by killing opponents. While leading the resistance squad, one has to strategize their attack and execute the plan accordingly. It’s a complete package for all the avid gamers all out there who are looking for the best shooting game for free.

Downtown 1930s Mafia

Downtown 1930s Mafia is more like PUBG, which involves all the action from shooting and killing people. While playing Downtown 1930s Mafia, one can understand Mafia territories and other parameters. The game is designed in a virtual setting of 1940s Empire City, where various mafias and individual gangs use their influence to seize territories. We expect a robust update in the overall gameplay, whereas individuals can download it to their PCs and keep searching for updates online. One can play Downtown 1930s Mafia online with friends and online partners.

Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 is an interesting first-person shooter game in which time stops until you move your character. While playing, one should consider their shots and movements. You will have to Dodge enemy fire in dramatic slo-mo combat and use the time to your advantage as you navigate the map. Time Shooter 2 is designed on a very different and unique concept, which involves dealing with time in order to master your gameplay. Newbies or amateurs might initially find the gameplay difficult and challenging, but one can master it with practice.

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight is designed in a snowy setting where snowmen take part in the fight. The game seems to attract many kids who love feeling the snowy regions and the whitish settings on their screens. In this game, one has to throw snowballs at their opponents in order to win and proceed to the next level. Remember always to reload your snowball launcher during the duel. The game is user-friendly and engaging, especially for kids under 7. Snowball fight is easily available for free at Unlimited Gamez Mo ,which offers hundreds of other free games as well.

Horde Killer: You vs. 100

Horde Killer: You versus 100 is full of action and is considered a chaotic survival game in which you are up against a massive army of zombies who have the clear motive of destroying you. To prevent getting mauled, shoot them, blast them, whatever it takes to escape and win. For an explosively fashionable apocalyptic scenario, purchase a variety of different weaponry and costumes from the shop.

The game involves a lot of running, yelling, and shooting. To establish distance between you and the horde, use your legs’ pure running speed in combination with the numerous obstacles. Then use the timer and explosives to ultimately complete the task and register a win.

Fields of Fury

Fields of Fury is a free online first-person shooter with a WW2-themed battleground. Pick a class and battle to take the enemy’s flag while protecting your own. In Fields of Fury, the goal is to return the enemy’s flag to your own base faster than your opponent. The team that captures the most flags wins the game. Aside from flag-pinching, enjoy the fun of blasting and knocking down opponents over a fantastic cartoonish WW2 setting made for tactical combat.

Met Rage

Met Rage is an excellent underground shooting game among the few online multiplayer first-person shooter games. This fantastic action game has an open environment that lets players explore an underground subway system in search of kills. The underground setting is uniquely designed in a post-apocalyptic style, as though the world is ending.

While playing the game, you will notice that trains occasionally rumble down the tracks. Hence, it’s best to watch them, or you can wind up crushed on the tracks. The gameplay of this video game is a fierce first-person shooter. It is the most enjoyable component of the game, as it requires skill and quick reactions. Players must move rapidly and utilize their weapons properly to get as many kills as possible.

Air Toons

Air Toons is inspired by Air Wars, in which airplanes take on the battleground in an open environment. Apart from shooting, one has to control the air on its own and take the upper ground for better vision and shooting activities. The game catches the eye of the gamer as it involves Airplanes representing United States Air Force. After getting in the cockpit, the player has to take reasonable measures and control the air defense system. Air Toons is a complete package if you love maneuvering the plane and dodging the enemies and other fighter jets around.

Water Wars

Water Wars is a fantastic multiplayer ship game in which you must demonstrate team player spirits to take the flag in an epic fight. Defend your own water base while infiltrating your opponent’s base. You will have to stay active to combat on the high seas. You will need to think of a decisive strategy first and then execute it accordingly to win.

American Sniper

American Sniper is a state of an art game designed for avid gamers who love handling snippers and taking shots at their opponents or targets from a distant range. As you start playing American Sniper, you will come across various missions and levels that require you to be precise and spot on with your shot. Various versions of other sniper games are available online, which can also be downloaded for free.

Final Word!

There are hundreds of shooter games available online, played from a first and third person’s perspective. Depending upon their preferences and likings, gamers can choose their favorite shooting games involving all the drama and action.

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