People, especially ladies, are so obsessed with their hair accessories today. They are totally into reviving the 90’s and 00’s (bygone era) fashion but in an ultramodern and chic way. Be it a minimalistic, tie-dye, pop princess, or boho design. They are all in it. This blog will scoop on the ways to amplify your fashion sense following the sudden craze that sparked for bandanas and scarves.

This all-time favorite hair accessory has swept through the zeitgeist and simultaneously the mass fashion market. Moreover, the rules of haircare are simple and finite. For example, you are seriously damaging your hair when you do not wear a silk scarf or bonnet when you sleep. If you don’t follow the measures, your hair won’t be as you desire. But if you are ready to wake up with healthier, shinier hair, follow the tips shared below. Our team combed the Internet for the best silk scarves and cute bandanas for hair styling tips that double as hair protectors and fashionable accessories. 

Let’s get started!

Women’s Bandana Head Scarf Styling Tips

Bandanas are the most popular headwear that people wear. It is a versatile piece of cloth that you can use for many purposes. In this section, we will discuss about different styles of boho hair bandanas and how to tie them on your head.


As the ’90s headscarf trend is back, you can try styling your hair scarf bandana with your outfit color for a cool-girl monotone look. There are a few different ways in which you can match your bandanas or scarves with your outfit. For example, you could put on a scarf to make your outfit more formal or try matching it with your shoes, waistcoat, or bottom wear. You can also compliment the look with matching lipstick or hand accessory.

The attractive way to match your bandanas or scarves with an outfit is to be creative and try something new!

Bun Tie

If you haven’t washed your hair in a week, dress up your bun with a scarf. You can up your whole bun game with cute bandanas for hair. Besides, doing this adds instant chicness to your personality.

How to nail the look?

A bun tie is a hair bandana style that involves wrapping a bandana or hair scarf around the bun and tying it into a knot.

The hair should be pulled back into a low ponytail, with the end of the ponytail wrapped in a bandana or scarf. Secure it with elastic or bobby pins to hold it in place.

The Belt Tie

Try styling the scarf as a belt to finish off your look. There are a few different ways to tie your bandana as a belt. The first way is the most common and can work for almost any type of tie. You just loop the silk hair bandana around your waist, then put one end through the other, and pull.

The second way is to loop the best bandanas for hair around your waist twice, then put one end through the other, and pull. This can work for larger belts with wider loops or for thicker ties.

The third way is to loop one end of the bandana over your shoulder and around your back, then put that same side through the other side of the loop in front of you. This method works best with thinner bandanas or thinner ties but has more variations than just these two methods.

Classic Headband 

Is your hair getting in the way of your face? Simply roll up a bandana and wear it as a women’s bandana head scarf. In addition to dismantling the patriarchy with your bare hands, this hair accessory is also a great hair accessory to wear. Classic headbands are often worn by people who have long or thick hair or want to keep their ears warm. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can double their wear purpose as fashion and to absorb sweat from the forehead and scalp.

The French Tie

This tie will never go out of style! Simply tie the bandana around your neck and leave the knot facing forward. Try it, and you will feel très chic.

Cute bandanas for hair come in many colors, patterns, and shapes. You can plan to tie them in various ways to match your outfit or mood. A colorful bandana worn around one’s neck makes for a great accessory when paired with a simple outfit or tee shirt and jeans combo. They also make great gifts!

The Convertible Head Wrap

This look is perfect for the beach when you don’t want the wind to get the best of your hair. The Convertible Head Wrap is a versatile head wrap that can be worn in a variety of ways. It is made with an elastic band that allows for it to be tied at the back of the head or around the forehead or neck.

This versatile women’s bandana head scarf can be worn as a turban, or scarf or wrapped around your head like a veil. It is perfect for any occasion and can easily dress up any outfit.

Bandana Pony

Contemporize your ponytail game by topping it off with a bandana. How about having a chic and stylish bandana from Hunter Christian to amp up your style? Now, switch to a fresh and original aesthetic style to highlight your gorgeous facial features. HunterChristian brings you the premium cashmere blend to accompany you from leisure to active and casual to formal. 

Bag Tie

Exude richness by tying a hair bandana headband with your luxurious purse or handbag. This will give the edge to your personality and will definitely turn some heads. Now, tie your wrap super fabulously with this trick:

Step 1:

unfold your bandana completely.

Step 2:

make two folds from the opposite corners.

Step 3:

Bring those folds toward the center. 

Step 4:

Continue with the folding until both sides meet in the middle.

Step 5:

Pick up from the center and wrap it around your neck.

Step 6:

Tie a knot over the arm of your handbag.

Step 7:

You’re good to go.

Although, there are many more ways to do this. However, you can visit HunterChristian website to learn more about women’s bandana head scarf styles and ongoing trends.

Moreover, these styling tips help you cover your head during certain chronic conditions which cause hair loss or breathing issues. It meets the needs of those experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia. Our head coverings are made with your comfort in mind. Furthermore, those having dust allergies can mask it over their face and stay safe.

Wrapping up!

Today, you can wear your hair accessory with grown-up clothing, such as floral dresses and bomber jackets or button-down blouses and wide-leg trousers, in place of those too-tight jeans and barely-there tops. Even if you’ve long since forgotten about your days poring over Delia’s catalogs, the bandanas and kerchiefs of our childhood have undoubtedly matured, so investing in these small accessories is worthwhile.

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