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If you are searching for the most exquisite vintage and antique coral jewelry, your search ends here. We will scoop you on popular coral pendant designs, their history, significance, and whatnot. Moreover, we will slate you to Ventura’s most popular jewelry store—Ormachea Jewelry. The making of every piece indeed varies. For example, some pieces are handmade and unique, while others are CAD-designed and can satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes.

Let’s get started.

Coral Pendant Designs

A coral is an invertebrate of the Anthozoa class which lives in colonies of polyps connected by calcareous channels. Coral reefs form when, after their death, calcareous skeletons are replaced with new ones.

Since ancient times, corals’ calcareous skeletons, red or white in hue, have been used to embellish ornaments and other decorative items.

Coral is a type of organic gem, along with pearl, ivory, and amber. As it lives in warm waters between 13 and 16 degrees, the quality and intensity of the color will vary according to the depth where it accumulates. Turning raw stony species into beautiful gemstones is laborious and extremely delicate, but the stunning end product is worth the time and effort.

History Of Coral Pendant Designs

Since ancient times, coral has been popular in creating precious stones and works of art. For instance, original coral jewelry was popular 2000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Even as a means of trading amber. Ornaments made of gold or silver and deep pink was highly in use in ancient Italy to certify marriage proposals or engagements. It was seen as a promise to stick by one another and have their backs till death. In the past, trade routes for coral reefs were well-established. It was popular during the Victorian era and mostly utilized for decorative purposes.

The people who lived along the coast believed that corals calm the seas and cause the waves to halt. The wearing of coral pendant gold is thought to act as a lucky charm that shields the wearer from misfortune and trauma. The Romans also believed this gem shields you from inquisitive eyes and protected children from harm.

An Interesting Fact About Coral Jewelry

We note that coral jewelry designs in gold might change color after wearing it for a while. It can turn white, which alerts the endocrine system that something is out of balance. With a soft towel, wipe these precious gemstones, then take a moment to consider your way of life.

A circulatory system issue pops up when the coral turns grey. This gem complements sterling silver beads and accents brilliantly. Enjoy the boldness of wearing red by pairing it with striking jewels like amber or turquoise. Combine with crystal beads in related hues for a mystical appearance.

Properties Of Coral 

Coral, an organic substance with a hardness value of 3 to 4, is not a particularly tough or long-lasting gemstone. Although there are coral reefs worldwide, Torre del Greco has dominated the coral trade for over 200 years, processing around 75% of the gem. The western Mediterranean Sea, especially near Sardinia, is where you can find the most coral. The Red Sea, Bay of Biscay, Malaysian Archipelago, Midway Islands, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands are among the locations with significant deposits.

Coral jewelry is highly treasured because they possess enigmatic and sacred characteristics. It stands for humility, sagacity, joy, and immortality. People use it to treat bladder stones, insomnia, and intestinal spasms. Moreover, this gem can ease anxiety and phobias and fight off stupidity, unease, despair, panic, and nightmares. 

The use of coral increases insight and attracts success and money. Besides all this, coral is a useful tool for visualization or meditation.

Many call it the “garden of the sea” because earlier, people thought it was a plant. Instead, coral is a member of a modest but important class of organic jewels. This gemstone is not a mineral with a crystalline structure like most colored stones. Rather, it occurs through a biological process. A deep-water coral called precious forms in rocky seabeds with little sedimentation, usually in dim surroundings more than 500 feet below the surface. Coral polyps, which are tiny aquatic organisms, gradually construct this gemstone. As the colony expands, more little, hard shells emerge on these tiny, soft-bodied organisms.

The colony gradually develops intricate branches and skeletal structures made of calcium carbonate that has solidified and been colored by carotenoids. These formations, ranging from microscopic, hand-sized structures to gigantic coral reefs, grow very slowly, frequently at a rate of barely one millimeter each year.

The significance of coral beads in Benin culture 

Regardless of what they are, these coral beads have cemented their position in Benin culture.

Only Benin Chiefs and Obas are allowed to wear the Ivie coral bead, regarded as the most significant in Benin tradition. It is possible to polish this priceless gemstone to reveal its stunning red rose or pink hue.

Ekan, on the other hand, is greyish and looks like stone.

Coral pendant gold is beautiful and delicate jewelry that is trending now. They are made from coral, and they come in different colors. You can wear pendants as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

The coral pendant gold jewelry trend is popular with women and men who want to get the exact look without breaking the bank. The prices of these pieces vary depending on their size, color, and quality.

Coral Pendant Jewelry has been an up-and-coming trend on the rise since 2016. With this new trend, people have seen a demand for coral jewelry pieces. Coral jewelry designs come in many different shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to find one that fits your style and personality.

The best place to buy coral pendant designs in gold is Ormachea Jewelry because they have a wide selection of products at affordable prices.

Which Type of Corals Make the Best Jewelry?

This section will explore which type of corals make the best jewelry and why. When it comes to coral jewelry, two types are most popular:

– Aventurine Coral

– Moonstone Coral

Aventurine Coral is a type of gem that has a shimmering green color and is often used in pieces of jewelry with gold. You can find it in many colors, such as purple, red, and orange. The most sought-after colors are green and red because they look very vibrant in the light.

Moonstone Coral is a type of gem with a dark black color with white stripes. It also looks like it has stars on its surface. You can easily find it above the ocean surface and harvest from there by divers who know where to look for them.

Ormachea Jewelry

OrmacheaJewelry is a jewelry company based in Ventura, California, specializing in coral jewelry. They sell amazing coral pendant designs that can be custom-made for any occasion.

OrmacheaJewelry is a family-operated business. The couple started the business because they wanted to create something special for their customers.

The company has been recognized by multiple publications, including Forbes, Southern Living, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as one of the best places to buy an original coral necklace or bracelet online.

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