If you are website has grown and faced high traffic then you may need a Server that is capable to handle a lot of traffic. Many website owners start their website journey with Shared hosting but after a time it can’t be able to boost your website’s performance. Compared to a shared server, a VPS Server in Germany offers a higher level of stability to a website that faces high traffic levels.

There are many more alternatives to shared hostings, such as dedicated Server hosting. But it is very expensive and mostly preferred by large organizations and big businesses. A cheap VPS Server in Germany is capable to provide a lot of features that come with a dedicated server and it won’t cost as high as a dedicated Server as well.

As a whole, VPS can be very beneficial, but can a VPS Server in Germany handle a lot of traffic? We will discuss this in this article.

How Does a VPS Work?

You might need to know how a VPS works before you can determine how much traffic it can handle. Seeing how fast and useful it is for your website might give you an idea of how effective it is.

A VPS is a virtual server created on a dedicated server using a hypervisor. VPS Hosting in Germany provides much more privacy than a shared Hosting Server. Rather than sharing server resources with each other, website owners get their own VPS and just share the space of the primary server with each other.

A VPS gives you full control over your server, and you can install any operating system or application that you wish.

Is the Best VPS Hosting Capable of Handling a Lot of Website Traffic in Germany?

When optimized well, a VPS in Germany can handle approximately 2000-3000 visitors per day.

However, there are other factors to consider when determining a VPS’s true capacity.

  • How many resources have been allotted to VPS?
  • What is the type of content you are posting on your website?
  • How many Visitors are coming to the website at the same time?
  • Response types to server requests
  • How much time server is taking to handle a single request?

In the case of a well-optimized VPS Server and a website hosted on it with static content, it can easily handle more than 5000 visitors.

How to Optimize a VPS Server in Germany?

There are five simple ways to optimize your German VPS Server.

Set up Apache settings:

The first thing you need to do while optimizing your VPS Server is to Set up your Apache perfectly. Especially on a virtual private server, Apache can be a huge resource hog if not configured correctly.  They ate many different settings that need to be set correctly for a better-performing server. Such settings keepAlive, Startservers, and maxrequests.

Always keep your MySQL Up to date:

Managing an updated version of MySQL is a very essential thing for better performing VPS Server in Germany. The newest and the better Version of My SQL is version 5.5 and 5.6. And My SQL version 5.6 is no doubt the best Version. 

Updating MySQL is a very difficult task and requires a lot of technical knowledge. So must contact your web hosting provider before updating My SQL.

Make sure your content is cached:

Another way to optimize your VPS is always to clear up your RAM and Clear your Cache. Through temporary storage of frequently accessed data, RAM caching speeds up processes and reduces latency. 

Caching static files in RAM can speed up requests for static files that are repeated and expensive in terms of resources. There are a few Softwares that help you to clear cache such as varnish, Memcached, squid, etc.

Content optimization:

The content VPS Server in Germany delivers to users has to be optimized well for Better server performance. There are many tools that help you to know your Web page speed. A well-optimized content not just helps your server to deliver content fast but also your website cal rank HIgher on SERP with better content.

Choose a CDN:

The farther away the user’s browser is from your server, the longer it will take to deliver content and open your website. By storing static content on nodes throughout the world, a CDN( content delivery network) will shorten the distance between the user and the server. By doing so, your server is able to deliver content more quickly with better performance.


A Cheap VPS in Germany can be very helpful for you if you have a high-traffic website. It is an affordable yet powerful web hosting solution that is far better than shared hosting. Also if you buy a VPS from a reliable Web Hosting provider then it can be icing on the cake.

If you buy a Managed VPS Server in Germany then it can be more beneficial for you. Although its more expensive than unmanaged VPS. But this type of Hosting your Web hosting provider will optimize for your virtual server and the provider you a high to perform the Server.