Are you thinking of recruiting in Dubai? Let me tell you things to think about before recruiting in Dubai in this article. Many people present now are going to Dubai in search of employment. Normally hiring for any jobs in Dubai is done by local team members and if anyone is trying to apply for a job in Dubai they need to have a visa along with sponsorship to live in the country. It is not an easy process to get a work visa because the company you are applying to should be legally registered in the UAE and they should have some legal entity to do business in the country. As you all know the famous event recently held in Dubai Expo 2020 is an event where people from other countries come and represent their country and to run this event successfully you need more employees to run the event successfully. Discover Here for Best Recruitment Consultant Dubai.

Mainly recruiters in Dubai hire both their country and international talents also. There are many jobs in Dubai posted by various famous job portals. They hire employees not only regarding specific skills they hire employees for various jobs like SEO and statistical analysis and many more.

Things to be considered while recruiting employees for jobs in Dubai and the tips I will tell you in this article will make your recruitment process easy and effective.

Have some social networking

Not everyone searching for a job in Dubai will not know about your company job since you advertise it through different social media platforms. Some reports say that there is no connection between candidates looking for a job and companies posting job updates. When any company trying to hire will always start recruiting through agencies and websites. But when any company trying to hire employees for jobs should avail their job offers through social media platforms so that the persons who are applying will easily come to know about your offer. You all know nowadays everyone is using social media apps to hire candidates for even a small job. Even candidates looking for job opportunities are using different apps like Twitter and Facebook to see whether any required jobs suit them.

Many UAE companies do not have social media platforms for hiring candidates. For example, a company has multiple job openings but the talented candidates looking for jobs will not even know about them. Many candidates are applying for jobs less than their standards due to a lack of networking. When you are hiring for a specific job in your company try to advertise it through Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter so that your offer will be more visible to potential candidates looking for a job. Always try to update your company profile and job updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and try to create some posts regarding jobs daily so that it could reach more candidates. Also, always try to devise a plan and implement it accordingly. Whoever knows your company will get a talented candidate that makes your company top-notch. Also, understandably post content regarding the job so that candidates will get a clear idea regarding the job. Discover Here for Best Recruitment Consultant Dubai.

Checking nationality

Always when you are applying for a job out of the country they will check your nationality. In UAE, nationality has become a huge talking point when recruiting for a job and many UAE companies recruit talents only from their country. Only less number of companies recruiting talent out of the country. According to a

recent survey, the experts found that people working in the UAE say that their jobs did not match the field they studied or experienced. But all people working in the UAE will not get the expected salary and they feel that the position they are working in will not get a salary based on their skills. A national talent pool should be there so that talented candidates will get more opportunities. Many will have a dream to study and do jobs in their own country rather than going out of the country. But many companies will see nationality before recruiting and nationality has become a huge problem in this growing economy.

When you are recruiting a candidate for a job in the UAE, have a transparent and effective recruitment process so that it won’t be difficult for you and the candidate while applying for a job. Also, describe the job clearly so that you can attract more candidates from the national level. Also, create a national recruitment program so that you can attract more candidates from your nation. E Etihad airways are famous and popular airways in Dubai and they hired more than 3000 emirates this airline also got a Nationalization initiative year award for its alone recruiting more than 3000 emirates. And they are companies recruiting emirates for multiple positions within the company and helping them to get the job of their passion.

The skills that are required for a candidate to work in the company

The UAE companies recruit candidates for various positions and the skills they are considering while recruiting are technical, multicultural expertise, strong communication skills, and effective understanding of the work they are going to do. But nowadays these skills are not considered most rather skills like open decision-making, and analytical skills are considered mostly and these skills are ranked in the topmost position. The candidates containing these skills make the recruitment process more challenging for others. To find the right candidates for the job having the mentioned skills is very challenging and also you should always highlight the skills your company required for that job. However, you must be sure that your hired candidate is well skilled and has nailed your requirements. Also, the candidate you are hiring should be suitable for your company’s development and shortlist them. and if you come across professionals but they are lacking skills, choose the best one you shortlisted for the recruitment process.

Some positions are harder to fill

Some senior-level positions are hard to fill because you need to hire experienced candidates with good skills and this process is becoming harder in the UAE region. The most challenging fields in UAE are information technology and human resources. But recruiting engineering candidates for a specific position is very difficult when compared to recruiting candidates for sales and finance. Recruiting technical candidates is a difficult task in UAE because many candidates are, s not active job seekers .so use platforms like Linkedin and others for recruiting and you should provide detailed job descriptions of this hard fill roles and you should post them accordingly so the active candidates looking for jobs will get attracted to your company’s job profile .you shouldn’t be hurry while recruiting the candidates for a particular job and always have a strategy for recruiting so that you can some talented candidates looking for the job.


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 I think you got an idea about recruiting the right candidates in the UAE region and also the things that need to be considered while recruiting candidates in Dubai and tips to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process by reading this article.

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