Would you have a broken TV? And I want to avoid having it by TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS. When it comes to televisions, they have been in every home for a long time, and today everyone wants to have the most up-to-date technology. When you buy a new television, you first consider how to get rid of the old one. When your television breaks and becomes worthless, you first think about what to do with a broken TV.

When you see a broken TV in your house and consider tossing it away, throwing away a gadget like this seems unethical, even if it is useless. Throwing away your home electronics, such as a TV, is unlawful in some countries, and you can’t just throw it away; you need to figure out a means to dispose of it somewhere or do something else to get rid of your old broken TV.

Some old TVs with LCD screens are dangerous to the environment and must be disposed of. If you have a broken TV lying around your house and are unsure what to do with it, this article contains a list of alternatives.

What Should You Do With a Broken TV Screen?

1) Check the Warranty   

 See the warranty card if you’re unsure what to do with a broken flat-screen TV. Every new TV comes with a warranty card, which guarantees that the firm will repair or replace the device from an electronic recycling service if it breaks. This warranty can last a year or more.  

If your TV screen is damaged or has obvious scratches, the company will refuse to replace or repair it due to misuse of the device. If your television is brand new and shows no indications of abuse, the manufacturer will gladly accept it back. Some manufacturers only provide a one-year warranty; check the warranty card of the television you purchase.

2) Sell your Damaged TV

If your present television has broken and your warranty has expired, you can sell it for cash in exchange for a new one after adding a little money. 

You can get rid of the old TV and acquire a new one without spending extra money. You can also purchase an improved television with cutting-edge technology, such as an Android TV, Smart TV, and a Wi-Fi receiver, from which you can download any app from its app store. Adding extra cash to your old TV can replace it with an entertainment center instead of a simple old TV.

Finding someone willing to buy your old damaged TV is difficult because recycling those TVs has ceased for a long time. You can still use an old CRT broken TV for various purposes. You can employ some of its useful working pieces in something else. You can also create something fresh by watching great DIY tutorials on what to do with an old television.

There are numerous ways to sell your old broken TV on the internet. The following are some places where you can sell your old broken TV:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Handshake
  • Ruby Lane
  • Etsy
  • Swappa

3) Sell to Repair Companies

Many tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS are willing to buy your old damaged television; they may know how to fix it or can fit its spare parts into another broken tv to make it work. They have several alternatives for what to do with your broken TV; you should know the value of your TV before selling it.

4) DIY Ideas

If recycling and selling seem like bad ideas and you still need to know what to do with a damaged flat-screen TV, you can attempt various DIY project ideas. These DIY projects are fantastic for bringing out your creative side. You can transform your broken flat screen TV into other useful gadgets such as;

Create a light panel.

You can utilize the broken TV’s LCD as a light panel. Many photographers, videographers, and artists will find this advice useful. To tweak it with a screwdriver, you’ll need an LED lighting strip and gaffer tape. When you’re a photographer, all you need is good lighting.

Make a fish tank 

Many videos are available on YouTube about changing an old broken TV into a fantastic fish tank. If you can’t figure out what to do with a fractured flat-screen TV, you need to cut the power supply and remove the TV box’s back plate. Many colors, plants, and fish stones can make a perfect home for your fish.

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If you have an old TV that is still functional but does not wish to keep, you can donate it to a charity shop or directly to a needy family.


Other options for what to do with broken TVs include selling, disposing of, or recycling old TV sets and accessories. Repairing from TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS, or Recycling old broken televisions is environmentally good and allows you to get rid of old items quickly. You can also donate it to needy individuals who may not know what to do with a damaged television, or they can sell it for money to help them.

You may always make it available to those who cannot afford a television. 

If you want money, sell it; if you’re going to help the environment, recycle it; and if you want to help the needy, donate it. You have an option. 

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