As per the data by US Census Bureau, over 210,000 new residents settled in Florida in the 12 months starting from July 2020 to June 2021. This tremendous inflow of residents in the state has left a positive impact on the overall real estate market in the state. Florida is seeing a steady increase in property prices. 

If you are going to be selling a house in Florida in 2022, know that you are in for a treat. The high real estate prices are all the more reason to go for flat fee MLS in Florida. With tremendous upgrades in real estate software technology, flat fee real estate has gone 100% paperless through the efforts of various companies. We have ranked the top 5 flat fee MLS Florida companies for you so that you can make an informed decision in choosing one.

How Much Does Flat Fee MLS Listing Cost?

You do not have to follow the traditional route of selling a house through a sales agent or a brokerage. As much as 95% of home buyers now search for a home online. Also, more and more home sellers are using flat fee MLS Florida services to market their homes directly to home buyers. So, flat fee real estate is sure a good proposition to sell your home in Florida. Let us learn how much flat fee MLS Florida services cost.

In general, two types of costs are associated with flat fee MLS Florida listings:

  • Initial flat fee: This is the flat fee MLS charge you have to pay upfront to a company to list your home on local MLS. Houzeo charges an initial listing fee of USD 299.
  • Closing cost: Once you find a buyer for your home, finalize a deal, and close it, you have to pay a piece of their costs on title, home insurance fees, home inspection fee, home warranty, and seller and buyer agent commissions as closing cost of the property. Out of all these costs, seller agent commission is the highest cost in the traditional home selling process. So it is advised that you sell your home using flat fee real estate services. 

List of the top 5 flat fee MLS Florida companies

Below is the compilation of the best flat fee MLS Florida companies. Companies offering flat fee real estate provide different levels of packages with varying degrees of services. You can choose from a basic package to a premium one to list your home on the MLS using a flat fee MLS Florida service.

Below are the top 5 flat fee MLS Florida companies:


Houzeo is the number one flat fee MLS listing company in Florida. It uses high-tech software to enable you to list your property and manage it on the MLS. You also get the assistance of a listing agent who timely receives your calls and guides you throughout the entire selling process. 

A flat fee MLS Florida listing could save you almost half of your listing agent’s commission. Houzeo offers four different types of flat fee MLS listing packages ranging from USD 229 to USD 1200. Also, the startup is available nationwide and known for offering affordable flat fee MLS packages. 

You get access to advanced real estates features such as an easy showing management tool and many online offers with Houzeo. A typical Houzeo package would include an MLS listing, filling out federal and state disclosures, marketing and pricing your home, negotiating and choosing the best offer, approaching an attorney or escrow company, and also closing out your transaction. To know more about them check Houzeo reviews., functional in Florida, allows you to list your home throughout Florida using a flat fee real estate listing. You can list on your local MLS or on the FSBO website for six months at a flat charge. Different from another flat fee MLS Florida listing sites that allow 24 or even unlimited photo uploads in your listing, allows for only six photo uploads with its basic listing package.


Homelister offers packages ranging from USD 599 to USD 2,699. The basic Homelister package offers listings on major local MLSs, virtual tours, yard signs, and showing time. The premium Homelister package accessible in Florida includes professional photography, negotiation help, report on home prices, paperwork management, guidance from real estate professionals, and a digital lockbox. You also get to choose from a lot of additional services you can buy from Homelister.

HomeLister lets you do a flat fee MLS Florida listing of your home on your local MLS for a duration of up to 6 months. Post that, you can renew if you want to. Homelister also offers a range of different packages like their high-end platinum package. With their free service, you can list your house on local MLS listings and listings on real estate sites like Trulia and Zillow but you would have to pay the flat fee upon closing of the sale. 

You can also add additional services like professional photography in your package for a fee. Also, if you cancel your listing with Homelister and in case you sell your home within 6 months of it, you are charged a closing fee by the company. The closing fee can range from USD 499 to USD 2,599.

Flat Fee MLS Realty

Flat Fee MLS Realty is another good company known for its cheap flat fee MLS Florida packages. Stephen Hachey is the owner and broker of the company with over 20 years of real estate industry experience. Flat Fee MLS Realty provides three different packages ranging from USD 69 to USD 399. 

The company does not offer services like comparative market analysis or showing time service in their basic package. Also, not disclosed upfront, the company deducts a USD 400 charge from the buyer’s agent commission at the time of closing. Flat Fee MLS Realty also charges USD 350 as a coordination fee at the time of closing. Also, as they do not offer coverage throughout Florida, you must check if they are offering their flat fee listing service in your location.

Doug Addeo

Doug Addeo is one of the top Florida brokers licensed with the Florida Real Estate Commission. In the industry for 24 years, Doug has done thousands of listings in his career. He has cultivated relationships with various realtor boards in Florida and is able to offer top-notch service for your house’s listing. 

Doug Addeo’s pricing ranges from USD 177 to USD 795. You can go with Doug for his extensive knowledge of the Florida real estate market. Also, his pricing is upfront and he offers complete support throughout the selling process.

Final word

Florida is a red hot market for home sellers as not just the home sale costs are high but the homes are sold nearly 46% faster in 2022 as compared to earlier years. In fact, from March to October of 2021, the average time a home was on the market was for only 8 days! Homes listed on Florida real estate MLS listings are selling not just quickly but with minimal reduction in prices. On average, in the state of Florida, homes are sold for more than the list price!

Also, on average, you have to pay USD 200 to USD 400 for a flat fee MLS Florida listing service. You can get a basic MLS listing package for USD 100 and a premium flat fee MLS Florida package for as much as USD 1,300. Packages can come with a multitude of features such as more photographs, help with paperwork, and even additional services. Go with a tech-advanced flat fee real estate service like Houzeo to sell your house easily and for more money.

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