There’s nothing like a good book to impress fashion taste. Fashion has always been something that many men are interested in since they want to always look their best when they are going out with friends or meeting up with people who they admire and respect. An extreme book on the topic of fashion will have you encouraged like never before if you take some time to read it, and it possibly won’t even cost you any money!

Here, our selection of men’s books provides great ideas that can spark you to create something remarkable. We put it together with information and tips on what to wear and how to look amazing so that you get the most out of fashion.

Top 7 Fashion Books Every Trendy Man Should Read

1. ABC Of Men’s Fashion

Many people assume that professional attire consists solely of business suits and dress slacks, but it’s important to think about your role and your specific line of work when choosing outfits for certain events. Don’t forget the importance of a well-rounded fashion portfolio; I think Hardy Amies would be proud of how you can tailor certain pieces to bring out the best features in them. Creative professionals, for example, may find that slightly more elegant clothes look better when they attend official presentations for interviews as opposed to places where more relaxed dress codes like stylish shirts for men are in places such as their office spaces or cafes.

2. Men And Manners: Essays, Advice And Considerations

Coggins’ latest book, Men & Manners, serves as a social guidebook for modern men. The book primarily deals with etiquette and proper behavior – a subject which is often overlooked in this day and age despite its inherent value! Through three sections (On Yourself, On Others, And Strangers), Coggins provides advice on how to achieve the complete balance between being well-spoken to others while still maintaining a sense of self. Be warned: make sure you don’t miss the chapter on flight manners because it contains all of the vital tips needed to avoid being socially awkward during air travel!

3. Military Style Invades Fashion

A graphic designer and publisher for over 15 years, author Gary Godbold lays out Military Style Invades Fashion, a book that fully illuminates the influences of the military-inspired fashion seen across the globe today. Complete with incredible photography showcasing historical and modern examples of these pieces in everyday life, Military Style Invades Fashion reveals the story behind must-have wardrobe items today like bomber jackets, trench coats, and buy men’s co-ord sets, boots – as well as how to wear them.

4. True Style: The History And Principles Of Classic Menswear

The skilled magazine editor, G. Bruce Boyer is also an astonishing menswear designer. His primer on the day-to-day stereotype of getting dressed and the beliefs behind our choices is based on intellect, humor, tone, and personality. At the heart of his work is the principle of “If you like it, wear it”, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t clear rules to follow before putting together outfits with what you want to wear.

5. Dressing The Man: Mastering The Art Of Permanent Fashion

Menswear literature can take on many forms, including books like Alan Flusser’s Dressing The Man . Similar to Victorian-era etiquette manuals, gentlemen took pride in knowing how to present themselves properly. In contrast, the 2000s were a time spent by many self-repulsive men who attacked their sense of style if their clothing didn’t fit the idealized “bro” mold.   A turning point of this culture was when Alan Flusser published his central tenets of color and fit into a monologic book of sartorial guidance with simple rules and expected decorum that would later become one of the leading works of menswear as we know it today.

6. House Of Nutter: The Rebel Of Savile Row

There are many great Savile Row biographies out there and if we had to choose one it would have to be Richard Anderson’s book. He was an innovator and businessman who aimed to promote British ingenuity in all its forms, from fashion to finance, politics, and science. Tommy Nutter’s story is truly one of a kind and although he made plenty of history on his own, it was instead more because he did so while staying true to his instincts than anything else. He opened the first bespoke tailoring shop in over a century right in the middle of Savile Row itself and then went on to create iconic styles that continue with us till today.

7. Permanent Style: The Style Guide

International blogger Simon Crompton has created a name for himself as an eagle-eyed conservator of supremacy British and Italian approaches. In his style book, which coincides with the aforementioned blog, Crompton has collected street-style shots that happen to be included alongside snippets from his signature stylebook, which has come to be known for being straightforward, intelligent, and insightful.

Conclusion: As you may have gathered from our article you should be cautious when it comes to fashion. Remember, style is important but the substance is equally important. That is why we love this list of books for the stylish man, it combines both fashion and substance.