Hair has always been a great way to express yourself and show the world your personality. With so many hairstyle trends these days, we can’t blame guys for getting confused about what cut is in and which one isn’t. But with such a wide variety of reductions out there, you must wonder if all haircuts work well on every face shape.

And while some haircuts do work universally, some styles complement some face shapes while not working for others. So what kind of haircut works best on the Korean face? To answer this question, it would be best to look at Asian men’s hair and ordinary short men’s haircuts worldwide.

Korean men haircuts

With this knowledge, Korean men should go for short haircuts that are less straight and more wavy or curly. You may think it’s better to be unique than blend in, but the fact is, having a haircut that works well with your actual hair will make you look so much better. For example, if you have straight Asian male hair and get a short straight style cut, your hair will not look as good as it would have if you got a curly or wavy cut. Do you see?

Expert hairstylists

Expert hairstylists agree that the best haircuts for Korean men will highlight their healthier and shinier Asian hair, such as curly styles. Of course, they can experiment with highly textured haircuts but always keep in mind that Asian hair is different.

The ten best short Korean haircuts for men are presented below. Some are the latest Korean trends while others are older, classic Korean styles that never get old or out of fashion. Take note, though, and these styles will only look good on healthy hair. So before cutting, be sure that you have a healthy head of hair or at least know the proper care techniques that will make your mane look healthy and shiny.

Top 10 best short Korean haircuts for men:

1. Curly Mohawk hairstyle for short Asian hair

This is an excellent haircut for Asian guys because it highlights the shinier and healthier ends of their straight hair while also adding texture and volume to the roots. The top part is cut in a way that makes the hair look like an epic Mohawk, but it’s not as messy as most Mohawks can be. Instead, the top part is extra curly while the sides are cut more straight. What makes this haircut look more like a Mohawk, though, is how it’s styled with gel.

2. Natural look short haircut for Asian guys

This short Korean men’s hair has an all-over color that makes it look quite neat. However, the hair is not cut too short, so it seems more natural than most haircut styles. What’s great about this ‘do is its simplicity, making you easily recreate this style without breaking a sweat. You need to apply pomade on wet hair for that shiny and healthy look.

3. Slick back men’s haircut for short or long hair

While Korean men may want to try a slicked-back undercut look, not all of them have lengthy hair. That is why the best type of hair to use with this haircut is medium-length hair that isn’t too short and not too long either. The sleek back is cut slightly longer depending on how long your actual hair is. It’s not too short nor too long. The top part has a different length, however, which makes it look very modern and stylish.

4. Natural curly short haircut for Asian guys

This haircut looks impressive on Asian men because it shows the natural texture of their hair. Dark hair looks more stunning with this style, but if you have golden or bright colored locks, you can also get away with it by using some pomade to enhance your mane’s color and shine. The haircut is short all over except for the top part, which has long curly hairs to give volume, while the sides are shaved to complete the look.

5. Natural slick back men’s haircut

This hairstyle reminds us of cartoon characters because it’s so simple yet so edgy. It doesn’t require much maintenance since all you have to do is brush back your mane until it slicked back naturally. Of course, pomade is still needed to make your hair look more sleek and shiny. You can also use a hairdryer to make the process easier.

6. Slicked back undercut men’s haircut

This style isn’t as short as the previous one, but it is just as cool and stylish! To recreate this ‘do, you will need medium-sized locks that are not too long or too short. What makes this haircut unique is how it looks both professional and edgy at the same time, thanks to its slicked backsides with some messy top hairs. It’s perfect for men who want a corporate job but don’t want to abandon their mane’s natural volume.

7. Messy curly short hairstyle for Asian guys

This short hairstyle is nice and easy to maintain, making it an excellent choice for men who want a haircut that won’t require much of their time and effort. Combine the top part downwards while using gel to give more texture and volume towards your locks’ ends. You can also get messy side bangs which will make you look younger. The same goes with curling your hair at random sections, so they stick out instead of lying flat on your head!

8. Messy curly blonde hairstyle for short haircuts for Asian guys  

Asian guys can also try light-colored haircuts dye some sections of their manes blonde to make them stand out more. The best part about having these locks is that you can style them in many different ways, even if they’re short! This one is a perfect example as it manages to look messy yet very stylish and neat at the same time. Just apply pomade and brush the top section of your hair downwards and back, followed by curling random sections, so they stick out instead of lying flat on your head.

9. Korean men’s hairstyle: Fauxhawk pompadour

This hairstyle perfectly fits men who want a mix between professional and edgy looks as it flawlessly displays both traits. To recreate this style, ensure that your hair has a medium length, and style it upwards before teasing your locks to give some height at the top. You can use gel or pomade for this purpose.

10. Curly hairstyle with a side part for short haircuts for Asian guys

If you want a stylish haircut but still prefer it to be short, this is the perfect option! It’s not too short nor too long, just enough to make you look neat and classy all day. Men who have naturally curly hair will surely appreciate a nice haircut that accentuates their beautiful locks! While most haircuts need to be blow-dried, so the curls go away, this one almost forces them out, so they show in all their magnificence! Just apply some hair cream to give your curls more definition and texture.


The popularity of Korean hairstyles for men has spread far beyond their borders. Not only do they follow all the latest trends in men’s grooming, but they also set them, creating a lot of controversy in the fashion industry.                                                                                             


  • How popular is short hair in Korea?

Korean women will always favor short hairstyles when it comes to the most popular hairstyles. Korean women have access to a wide range of short haircuts, and there is no need for them to stay with one boring hairstyle all the time.

  • How do Korean boys cut their hair?

Hairstyles for Korean men. The two-block haircut has taken the world by storm among Korean men and anyone inspired by their culture. This haircut is a modern twist on an undercut. The hair is short on the sides and around the neckline, while on the crown, it is longer.

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