Here are various questions that you may have regarding LinkedIn live streaming services.

1. Can I create live polls for my audience during a LinkedIn Event?

Yes, of course! The live streaming platform offers a separate feature for live polling. Furthermore, you have to create a list of questions with two to four options that would ask the audience. It will be a beneficial way to keep your attendees engaged during a live session.

2. Can I opt for Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming?

Yes, you can get multi-streaming with the best live streaming services. Furthermore, it will be beneficial in saving your time and effort for going live on various platforms separately. Hence, you can go live on Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms simultaneously.

3. Do we get multi-device support?

You and your audiences get complete freedom to choose their choice of device and join the live streaming. Furthermore, the live streaming service providers offer compatibility with various devices, such as laptops, PC, mobiles, tablets, iPad, and more. Hence, you can use any of the devices, click on the link and join the live streaming without hassle. Also, you can get a web-based solution that allows you to join the event with any browser. So, no need to download any app or software.

4. Can I create and send various notifications during the live stream?

You can use the personalized ticker. Furthermore, just write the message, update, changes, announcements, or other information you would like to share with the attendees and send it. They will receive a pop-up notification on their device screen and get the notification in real-time.

5. What will I get for branding over the Linkedin live stream?

You can get various options to promote your brands and sponsors. Furthermore, you can create branded logos and frames to display in your live stream and share your business name with the global audience.

6. How can I make the audience take quick action for registrations and sales?

You can integrate the countdown timer at your registration, landing, and sales pages. Furthermore, it can create a sense of urgency for the audience that can be helpful in making the attendees take quick action.

7. Can I get help for the late-comer audiences so they won’t leave the live stream because they can not understand anything?

You will definitely have some latecomers at your live streaming event. Furthermore, the webcast service provider offers real-time archiving for them. Hence, they will be able to rewind the live stream and watch the previous part they have missed. They can watch and then start enjoying the event live with everyone. This way, they will not feel unrelated to your stream and enjoy your event till the end.

8. How can attendees interact during the live stream?

You, your audience, and everyone at the event can use the live chat for communication. Furthermore, people can text each other and discuss various topics and other problems without hassle.

9. What are features that can help audiences encourage the speakers?

You can provide the comment section to the attendees to write and share various questions, suggestions, opinions, doubts, or other information. Also, your attendees can use the emoticon reactions to their experience and how they feel with the speaker during a live session. They may skip reading a comment, but they will surely see all the emojis.

10. Can I make any attendees join the stage with the audience and interact?

You can get live audience interactivity with the best event live streaming services in the industry. Furthermore, they offer the freedom to add any user at the speaker stage and let them interact in real time.

11. Can I integrate some external software into my live streaming platform?

You can integrate any app or software into your live streaming. For instance, you can integrate WhatsApp, Razorpay, PayPal, Hubspot, BlueJeans, Zoom, MS Team, Google Meet, and more. Furthermore, you can increase engagement, payment, interaction, and networking opportunities with these integrations.

12. How will the live streaming solution help me create a seamless and immersive experience?

You can get the best solutions to keep a seamless and immersive experience at your live streaming. Some of them are:

  • Content Delivery Network: The live streaming provider uses a strong CDN to provide high content quality, performance, and availability for the audiences.
  • Multi-Bitrate IP Encoding: The webcast solutions make your live streaming adapt to the streaming conditions. Furthermore, multi-bitrate IP encoding helps to fight traffic fluctuations over bandwidth.
  • Internet Connectivity Solution: You can ensure high-internet connectivity beneficial to avoid any lagging or hindrance during the live streaming.

13. Will I get Customer Support for technical issues during the live streaming on LinkedIn?

You can reach the technical experts of cooperative live streaming services available round the clock to serve the audiences. Furthermore, you can get a hand-to-hand solution for all your problems.

So, these are the various questions about LinkedIn live streaming services. Hope, you will find this article beneficial and get complete knowledge of these professional live streaming solutions.