Have you been thinking about moving? Well, most people say Sydney has excellent weather all year round. But what if you are shifting from the city?

Either way, you could look into hiring Sydney removalists. Don’t get it wrong—your family and friends can always help you move. The only problem is that they aren’t professionals. One thing or the other will break. And, if your luck’s bad enough, it’ll be a prized possession.

Still, if this is your first move, you may not know the nitty-gritty of hiring such contractors. You needn’t worry. This article will walk you through the whole process.

Baby steps

While relocating can be an exciting journey, it often becomes a nightmare. Things go wrong at the last minute—something breaks, and the tears start flowing. That’s not going to be you. So, here’s what you need to do:

Understand what you need

The first thing to moving is understanding what needs to be moved and where. Are you going interstate or staying in the same city? These things matter more than people realize. More importantly, it’ll determine the kind of services you need.

Let’s put it this way: Look at the number of people going with you. It’ll probably be a breeze to shift if it’s just you. On the other hand, if it’s you and your entire family, you need to go for the complete service package.

Also, there’s a difference between movers and removalists. The former may stick to transporting your things and then unloading them at the destination. However, removalists help you with everything—packing, unloading, and placing furniture. Better yet, most of these services come in a basic package.

Look around

Now, you start asking around for references. While that may seem easy, people usually have different experiences—even if they hired the same Sydney removalists. And most of it boils down to the clients being unprepared till the final day.

So, it’d be best if you were thorough. Instead of relying on personal accounts, look at the contractor’s website. Examine the services they offer, any hosted testimonials and, more importantly, their rates. Once you’re satisfied with what you see, dial that number.

Insurance, insurance, insurance

Relocating costs people a fair bit of money. But, do you know what’s even more expensive? It’s not getting your things insured.

Before finalizing things, Sydney removalists will offer a contract for you to sign. It’d help if you went through everything—understand where you’re liable, check for any extra offers and sign up for that insurance package. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s quite the opposite.

Also, settle the rates then itself. However, be prepared for the possibility that your things may take up more space on the trucks than you anticipated.

Get organized

Don’t be unprepared when the trucks show up on your doorstep. That’ll only make you look bad. So, here’s a checklist of what you need to do:

  • Start taking inventory of everything two months before the move—donate, sell, and discard anything you don’t want to take with you
  • Put your paperwork and any other documents in a safe folder and keep them close
  • Apply for a two to three-day leave from work, starting from the day you move
  • Give proper notice to your current landlord
  • Arrange separate transport for you and whoever else is coming along

Remember, things will be hectic no matter how diligently you plan everything. The easiest way to deal with it is to have the small stuff taken care of before anything else.

Saying bye one last time

The only things you need to have on hand while moving are the essentials. That means a change of clothes, some toiletries and the necessary paperwork. Everything else must be entrusted to the removalists.

Additionally, try to shift as early in the day as possible. Your new neighbours won’t appreciate it if you’re still unloading furniture into the place past midnight. Oh, and don’t forget to exchange numbers with the person in charge of the move!

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