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Moving is exciting, fun, and a tad (or more) stressful. There is so much to think about, and how are you going to move all that stuff? We will give you tips to properly prepare for the move, and you will receive a number of packing tips. Then your move will be quicker than you think!


As is so often the case, good preparation is half the battle. Before moving, you are still full of fresh courage, so make sure you pack and arrange as much as possible:

#Making a moving plan

A moving plan creates a lot of order in your head. Making a moving list is part of that planning. What needs to be moved, in which box, and to which room? Make sure you make this very clear for yourself and your movers. Also, make a time schedule in which you note when you want to pack and move and how long you expect it all to take. It is better to make this planning too spacious than too tight because you do not want to be in the middle of all kinds of work and social pressures with a move.

#Enable moving help

Together is better than alone! But who do you turn to? If you prefer convenience over money, you can hire a moving company. But if the move and renovation have already made a good financial cut, it is better to ask friends and family. Also a lot more fun! To move efficiently, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks – give people clear instructions and their own responsibilities so you don’t have to do most of the work alone or get in each other’s way.


Packing moving boxes 

Moving boxes is a hard job. Don’t be fooled by this work! But you can make it a lot easier for yourself by first giving away, throwing or selling stuff. In the years you’ve lived in a house, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t use. You should certainly not take this with you to your new place.

Organize your moving boxes logically. Work per room and write on the box what is in it and which room the box should go to in your new house. Really take your time and work carefully. This is clear for your auxiliary troops and ensures that you are not asked every minute where that one box “again” should be placed. Also, make a box of essentials and a bag of supplies for the first night in your new home.

Packing furniture

You will undoubtedly take some furniture from your old home to your new home. And how handy that IKEA stuff is to assemble, disassemble and then reassemble is pretty difficult! Be sure to take pictures of how you assemble the furniture (or be the rare hero who saved the instruction). And collect all screws, bolts, and nuts in a bag that you stick on the furniture or the shelves. You really don’t want to lose those things.

 Rent external storage

You are not always lucky enough to be able to enter your new one directly from your old house: sometimes you have to leave the old earlier while the new one is still being renovated. In the meantime, rent a storage space where your belongings can be stored safely. And even the trouble of dragging things to the storage room is now saved. It couldn’t be more convenient!


Hopefully, your preparation has been careful, and you are now all set to move. On the day of the move itself, make sure that everyone who helps out is given a clear briefing, arrange enough snacks, lunch, and drinks, and above all, keep a cool head.

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