1. What Does The Dedicated Team Model Actually Mean?

Dedicated team modelling (DTM) is a common outsourcing technique. Companies employ this strategy to efficiently carry out their business operations through a third-party staff that operates completely under the supervision of the organisation.

A corporation and a GBS organisation enter into a contract as part of DTM. The GBS agency devotes all of its full-time personnel and other resources to working for the business in accordance with its priorities.

2. Who Needs A Dedicated Team?

Any business, whether it is a start-up or a well-known brand, might require a dedicated software development team to handle particular business needs that fall outside the expertise of the in-house team. It is a model that fills holes in internal capacity.

This is an effective approach to solving complicated business problems since it makes a ready-made team of experts easily available.

3. What Is The Dedicated Team Model’s Process?

Nuvento is a leader in the delivery of value-added services through specialised teams.

We take the time to comprehend both the company and project goals. To ensure that your partnership with us is easy, we assign the staff that is best suited to your needs.

The team we put together possesses the specialised skill sets required to complete your project on time and under budget. Our project manager keeps in touch with you at all times so that you may receive regular updates on the status of the project.

4. What Advantages Can You Gain From Working With a Committed Team?

A dedicated staff working for you is similar to having an in-house team, but without the tiresome administrative administration tasks and the high overhead expenses. There are several advantages:

You are in possession of a team that is already assembled for you and has the exact competence your project requires. There is no need to endure the drawn-out hiring process. Both time and hiring expenses are cut.

You don’t need to spend time or money setting up an office or purchasing resources for your team. However, you have complete control over the committed team, just like you would with an internal team.

Although you don’t have to spend time or effort on administrative matters like leave, etc., you can still see how the team is doing. You still have complete monitoring possibilities.

5. Why Is the Dedicated Team Model More Effective Than Project-based Outsourcing?

The project-based paradigm might be suitable for certain urgent requirements. You require a committed staff as a strategic partner who is in line with your overall objectives and top priorities if you have long-term business needs. There are numerous benefits:

In outsourcing based on projects, you have no influence on the team’s makeup. It might appear that hiring a software development team has the interdisciplinary expertise needed for your project. Members of the team may be changed by the GBS agency hired without your previous consent.

In DTM, the GBS agency suggests a team that most closely matches your requirements, but you have the final say. After you give the team your approval, you still have control over it.

In project-based outsourcing, you have little influence over the team’s daily operations. It’s possible that you won’t discover any project execution delays until it’s too late.

You can stop thinking about anything of the type, if your team is committed. The project manager will communicate often with you and provide updates.

In the context of project-based outsourcing, security remains a contentious topic. You have no influence over how the GBS agency will treat the confidential business information you must disclose with them.

A committed team has far higher levels of dependability and trust. It is not a temporary hirer-vendor relationship; rather, it is a strategic partnership.

6. How Do You Manage Your Offshore Team?

Implement a web-based project management solution. Your GBS partner may make it, but you must give your OK.

Ensure that a single communication channel is used for all interactions.

Dedicated teams can solve issues brought on by potential communication gaps when all official messages are made available to appropriate people in a single digital platform.

Maintain the goal of gathering team members at least once a year for social interactions and to make them feel more involved.

Because they have the ability to oversee all the moving elements of the outsourcing machinery and anticipate potential problems, dedicated project managers are a crucial component of successful dedicated teams.

7. How Should I Handle The Time Zone Difference If I Hire An Offshore Dedicated Team?

The extent of the time difference plays a role. Finding a mutually agreeable time for online meetings and calls, for example, is not too tough if there is a 4.5-hour time difference.

The issue is significantly greater if, however, your offshore specialised crew is located on the opposite side of the world with a 10.5–11 hour time difference. Due in large part to the organisation of three work shifts, outsourcing companies have established procedures to ensure 24 hour coverage.

How Nuvento Can Assist You In Creating Your Committed Team?

To make it easier for you to work with us, we offer a tailored approach to the DTM process.

  • Clearly define the parameters of your project and let us know what you need.
  • The suggested team structure that best meets your needs will be discussed with you. You make the final choice regarding your team.
  • We will recommend the ideal combination of experience- and expertise-based skill sets required for your project.
  • We will assign your preferred dedicated team to you after the non-disclosure agreement and the contract have been finalised.
  • The team structure can be improved upon or modified whenever it’s necessary to meet your needs.

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