y assessed before committing to a particular home care provider. These agencies can help residents access services that are covered by their provincial health insurance plan, as well as refer them to other local services. They also assess the residents’ health, and care needs, as well as the level of urgency of the situation.

Maple Grove Care Community

Maple Grove Care Community is a long term care brampton center located in north-eastern Brampton. It opened in 2003 and offers shared or private accommodations to its 160 residents. It features a courtyard and landscaped gardens. There’s also a cafe and library for residents’ enjoyment. Additionally, the community offers art therapy programs.

This Maple Grove care community is close to several medical facilities and services. The nearest hospital is Maple Grove Hospital, while other medical facilities include Maple Grove Psychiatric Hospital and PrairieCare Children’s Hospital. The community is also close to CVS Pharmacy and Maple Grove Smiles and Artisan Dental.

Long-term care centers across Peel Region are responding to this epidemic in the community. Faith Manor and Woodhall Park Care Community both have one staff member who has been infected with COVID-19. Hawthorn Woods Care Community, Maple Grove Care Community, and Villa Forum Care Community also reported positive cases of the infection among residents and staff.

Burton Manor

Located in an established Brampton neighborhood, Burton Manor Home Care offers a high quality of life for its residents. Residents are close to shopping, libraries, churches, and highways. They can choose from private or shared accommodations. A variety of activities and social events are also provided daily. Residents can enjoy the Celebration Room, arts, and crafts center, spa, and hair salon. They are also welcome to bring their dogs and cats to the community.

A recent outbreak of the H1N1 virus has been reported in three long-term care facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. Faith Manor, in Mississauga, and Hawthorn Woods Care Community in Brampton have each reported more than 50 positive cases of the disease. Since Oct. 20, Hawthorn Woods Care Community and Burton Manor have each reported at least one death due to the virus.

ComForCare Home Care

ComForCare Home Care in Brampton provides personalized senior care services in the comfort of the senior’s home. As an experienced home care agency, we work to ensure that our seniors maintain their independence and dignity. Our staff is available around the clock to provide assistance to our clients.

The lack of long-term care centers that cater to the cultural needs of residents is a huge problem for the South Asian community in Ontario. The community is the largest visible minority group in Ontario, accounting for nearly 45 percent of the city’s population. This lack of culture-specific long-term care homes leaves seniors dependent on family members to visit. The problem was highlighted during the recent pandemic, when long-term care homes shut their doors to visitors.

Peel Long Term Care

For more than two years, a novel coronavirus has been plaguing the long-term care industry in Ontario, killing four hundred and twenty-two residents and 10 health care workers. The outbreak has highlighted a gap in the healthcare system for the elderly. In the past two years alone, 444 people have died in Peel Long Term Care centers. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, residents have been suffering from inadequate nutrition, cramped living spaces, and inadequate staffing.

Since the outbreak began in June, the number of COVID cases has tripled. In July alone, four deaths and 189 confirmed cases were reported in Long Term Care facilities in Peel. Of these, three were fatal. In the same month, three long-term care residents died at the Amica Peel Village.

Despite these challenges, CUPE 966 is giving the Region of Peel a pat on the back for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The union is advocating for the region to make the response permanent by creating 20 new full-time positions in its long-term care centers.

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