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If you’re considering moving to Oregon and are viewing it, you’re going to be treated. This beautiful state has a variety of advantages and numerous opportunities for surprises. Indeed, its characteristics are so diverse that just the moment you think you’ve got the form down, it turns out it’s not, and that’s one of the reasons why it is so appealing.

Living in Oregon

Oregon is often considered a great place to live for many reasons. Known for its stunning natural beauty, the state boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, forests, lakes, and coastline that attracts outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The state is also home to thriving cities such as Portland and Eugene, which offer a mix of urban amenities and natural surroundings.

In addition, Oregon has a strong economy, a high quality of life, and a progressive cultural scene that values sustainability, diversity, and the arts. The state is also known for its green initiatives and progressive policies, making it a great place for those who care about the environment. With its many opportunities for outdoor recreation, diverse cultural offerings, and high standard of living, it’s easy to see why many people find Oregon a great place to call home.

Oregon is famous for its natural beauty

Oregon might be more significant than you thought. It is the 10th most populous state. However, it only has 4.2 million inhabitants. What does it make up in terms of the population? Nature, and it’s stunning.

Oregon is well-known for its forests, but there’s more to the state than the norm. It is among the most diverse geographical regions and typographies of the lower 48. If you can think of it, the state will likely have it.

Beautiful Oregon coast

You might have seen images of Oregon’s beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines on calendars. It is a pleasure to gaze at them as you travel through Oregon coastal towns is an absolute delight.

Mountains and Volcanoes of Oregon

The mountain is also a volcano, standing 11249 feet tall. The highest point in the state. Also, Strawberry Mountain is a prominent part of the Malheur National Forest in the state’s eastern region. The deep blue hue of the lake is awe-inspiring.


It is estimated that there are 463 glaciers to be found in Oregon Therefore, it’s time to get your ice scoop.

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Oregon has stunning desert landscapes, and it’s massive. It comprises rolling hills and sharp rock faces to southeast Oregon’s flat and extreme Alvord Desert.

The Columbia River

The state is home to more federally-designated scenic and wild segments in the river than all other states. Salmon fishing on the Columbia River can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Columbia River National Scenic Area.

The river’s 19 hydroelectric dams between the U.S. and Canada produce nearly half of the area’s electricity needs in addition to helping to prevent flooding. The dams have caused substantial decreases and extinctions in a number of salmon and steelhead species, including 13 stocks that are currently listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Oregon Weather  

 If you are thinking of Oregon, you might imagine rain. However, overall, Oregon has an average climate with a mild temperature and rainfall in line with the country’s average. It’s just the case that it rains in the areas where most residents reside: Portland and the Willamette Valley. 

Winters Season

Oregon, in general, is blessed with a mild winter. These areas usually experience cold and harsh winters, but they are generally located east and within the Cascade mountains.

Summer season

Although the weather is generally mild in Oregon, summer heat does occur, with the occasional day exceeding 100 degrees, more so in the farthest east, you travel.

Health at Oregon Health  

Are you physically active? Put on your workout clothes. There’s plenty to do.

Sports Galore

Nature is full of plenty of activities to take advantage of them. Take advantage of snow skiing, water skiing, cycling, hiking, camping, riding, Water rafting and ATVing fishing, windsurfing, and wave surfing. Oregon is the windsurf Capital in the U.S.

Bicycle friendly

Oregon is second after Washington as the state with the highest number of bike-friendly residents within the US Cities have a modern bicycle infrastructure, and you’ll find a variety of bicycle programs, activities, and clubs throughout the state.

Environmentally Friendly Locations 

Oregon is eco-friendly in many different ways. They’re committed to recycling energy efficiently, reducing energy consumption, and protecting the environment. Oregon is also known as vegan-friendly. Oregon is also located to the left of the US politically.

Oregon Economy

There are plenty of opportunities to make money in Oregon. However, it’s advisable to have at least two financial advisers. Here is some essential information to know, starting with taxes.

Sales Tax Isn’t Required 

 Sales tax is not collected by five of the states in the country, and Oregon is one of them. The absence of sales tax could result in savings, especially for expensive items.  


There are many excellent job opportunities in this area, not just in one particular industry. The overall unemployment rate relative to. The nation as of 2021 was 4.7 percent, which is pretty average. The median salary is $58,000, which is just $28/hour – a little above the average national wage of $56,000.

A Home for Techies

Oregon is a hub for technology, and this is the area with the most potential in the present. Silicon Forest in the Portland metropolitan area is famous for its many tech companies, and Intel’s most important headquarters is in this area with more than 21,000 employees.

Nike and More

One of Nike’s most popular sporting brands is headquartered in it. There are 12,000 Nike employees in it. US Bank, Wells Fargo, Daimler Trucks North America, Columbia Sportswear, and Boeing are all major American corporations.

Big business is coffee

If you’re in the field of coffee, State is known for the best coffee in the world, and it’s committed to it. Portland ranks first among the nations for lovers of coffee and is home to coffee roasters and coffee shops all over the place. The state has a wide range of coffee beans and more than just a handful of coffee snobs.

Craft Beer

Similar to coffee, craft beer is a huge industry. The state has more than 200 pubs and breweries that produce beer.

Cost of Living

Is Oregon an expensive place to live?

Oregon is gaining popularity, and this is evident in specific figures. Let’s examine the price of food and housing.

Cost of Housing


In rural areas, rent may range from $600 to $800 to $800 for a single-bedroom apartment. Portland is averaging $1,700, 81% higher than the nation’s average.

Housing Prices:

In Oregon, the median cost for a house is $447,000. Rates are more significant in larger cities. In Portland, the price of a home is $540,000. The demand is extremely high due to the popularity of Portland’s location and the state’s favor. A lot of buyers are paying more than what they are asking for. Costs for building vary from $135 to $200 per square foot.

Cons of Living in Oregon

There are several disadvantages to the state:

The national average for schools is low

Unfortunately, the public schools are not as good with a score of the lower 10% of the US. However, if you are looking for a higher education option that you want, you’re sure to locate an institution. This state is home to more than 40 universities and colleges, including Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Lewis & Clark College, Reed College, Portland State University, and the University of Portland.

Risk of natural disasters

Oregon is ranked 12th in the listing of disaster zones, primarily because of the increase in fires. Also, it is prone to debris flows, landslides, earthquakes, flooding, erosion, and tsunamis.


Oregon is an appealing alternative if you tend to the left-hand side of life and appreciate nature and creativity. However, should you have kids make sure you pick your school zones carefully?