Instagram is among the most highly-rated social networks of currently. What makes this app shines however is the level of user engagement. The platform lets small companies have engagement rates that are more than Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. It’s also known as “the king of social media,” having 4.2 billion likes a day.

Utilizing social media can expose your product or service to a large number potential buyers. Furthermore, during our research we came across a variety of new brands.

Their striking images have been the primary factor to convince us to check out their site and keep shopping.

What sets Instagram above the rest is the ability for small companies to display their products without over-promoting them.

Images let the viewer choose without being pressured by your company. This eliminates the unpopular used-car dealer from the picture.

Small businesses that succeed on Instagram showcase their offerings without appearing aggressive, which results in the most creative and appealing depiction. Visit Here

We’ve come up with 5 of these businesses, as well as the strategies that drive their social media success:

1. Pura Vida Bracelets

The company was created by San Diego five years ago by two newly graduated friends. Their website tells the story of how the company was founded: “Pura Vida” is an Spanish word that translates to “pure life,” a Costa Rican philosophy that promotes the enjoyment of life’s most precious treasures.

Rejoicing in good fortune and not taking things for granted are the hallmarks of this relaxed way of life. Pura Vida recommends that you enjoy your life to the highest degree. It’s not just an idea and a philosophy.

Brand’s Instagram strategy…

The relaxed lifestyle is evident in the Instagram feed of Pura Vida. While scrolling through their pictures, you’ll be transported to sunny, laidback but still simple spots.

Every image is unique and allows users to picture themselves as the model.

Because of Instagram marketing their inventory has been able to reach customers around the world.

If you are a small business can make use of social media to show off your work in action. Let your followers know about the culture and the lifestyle that surrounds your product and this can help link positive sentiments to your company.

2. CLUSE Watches

CLUSE Watches are created by a watchmaker in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in a tiny atelier run by expert watchmakers.

The fashionable watches have seen CLUSE grow to 700k followers and buyers across the world are now placing orders.

Brand’s Instagram strategy…

A key element of their plan is to post content that is created by users. Clients often upload photos of themselves in their watches.

CLUSE makes sure to collect these photos and sharing them on their Instagram account with the acknowledgement of their original Instagram account. This showcases their massive following, and shows their customers that they care about their opinions.

If you are a small business you can accomplish similar things by presenting your customers using your product. In the page of your Instagram account, you can ask your customers to post photos with specific hashtags or include the account in their post.

This will allow you to quickly collect all content created by users to promote your business. The idea is to keep your feed balanced between photos from your followers and your own.

3. 33 Acres Brewing Company

33 Acres Brewing is a craft beer brewing business that was founded in Vancouver. According to their website, “we’re influenced by the natural components of our surroundings, stoked by creative thinking, and driven to make the most distinguished quality product.”

When you look at their website as well as their logo and vision the brand is focused on simplicity, minimalism and quality.

Brand’s Instagram strategy…

33 Acres is doing a amazing job in translating their brand’s identity to the Instagram account.

Their distinctiveness shines through in every photo they post.

The Instagram feed has a certain vibe simple and cozy.

Businesses must develop distinctive visual content that is instantly identifiable every time they view a post on their news feed.

When it comes to pictures think about what you want regarding your profile and pick pictures that reflect the style you want to convey. When editing, adhere to the rules that you have established. This means that your photos will form an unifying brand.

4. Letterfolk

Letterfolk is two husband and wife team who design and sells handcrafted letters boards. The boards come with all the characters, allowing customers to customize their own.

The group of two has been able to gain around 200k followers using their unique strategy.

Brand’s Instagram strategy…

the Letterfolk’s IG page is fun and accessible.

With their use of their letter boards they engage their audience by providing entertaining material.

Each of their pictures invites viewers to share them with friends as well as tag friends on them as well, or then share their images on social media networks.

Although the other accounts we looked at have an a perfect air about the accounts, Letterfolk represents real life.

For a small-scale company, you have to connect with your customers emotionally. Your images should create an emotional connection with your customers.

5. Bien Cuit Bakery

Bien Cuit Bakery gets inspiration from the phrase “Bien cuit;” the French generally employ it to refer to the darkest and most crunchiest loaves. The bakery located in New York is focused on making everyday foods, like bread that is extraordinary.

Brand’s Instagram strategy…

Their goal is vital to their Instagram account, as it showcases their exquisitely plated desserts and bread. And who doesn’t like photos that are well-crafted and show tasty food?

These photos are so captivating and immediately make you would like to visit and sample them.

The company’s approach is to show their products in the best way they can.

There aren’t any fancy filters, no tricks, just food that is real.

If you’re a small-scale business in the food industry then you’re not far off with your Instagram strategy. Food photography is among the most appealing subjects on Instagram since people like admiring the delicious foods they see.

Make sure your photos are well-lit and high-quality, to ensure that your Instagram feed is an excellent menu for your restaurant. Enjoy your marketing! COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA

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