A hoodie is a kind of sweatshirt made of extra-thick fabric. It is typically worn during the winter months to keep one warm.  Hoodies are usually made of synthetic fabrics that don’t have to be cleaned as often as cotton. In this article, you will get the answer to how to wash hoodies?

We don’t live in the perfect conditions, and there are instances where you’ll have a hoodie full of pet hair? Do you feel like the fabric is never clean, regardless of how many washings you do? Hoodies are among those items that are prone to accumulating dirt and odor.

Cleaning a  hoodie could be complicated; however, the process is not complicated. If you want to do it quickly and efficiently, place your hoodie in the washer with the rest of your clothes.

Hoodies that are machine washed with no trouble. However, if you want to clean your garment with care, wash it with your hands. Use powdered detergents rather than liquid, and do not use warm water or the hot wash setting when washing your clothing to maintain its form and color as time passes.  Hoddies possess water-resistant properties and will wear down fast if you use heavy liquid detergent.

If you’d prefer to clean your hoodie with care and consideration, specific steps should be taken before doing so. To ensure that you do it correctly without putting yourself at risk of damage or shrinking, wash it by hand with powdered detergent, not liquid.

Washing Hoodies

Washing hoodies can be challenging, as the combination of fabric, style, and construction can make them susceptible to shrinkage, fading, and other wear and tear. To get the best results when washing a hoodie, it’s important to follow the care instructions on the label. Some hoodies may be machine washable, while others may need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

For machine washing, it’s best to use a gentle cycle and cold water to prevent shrinkage and fading. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fabric. To maintain the shape and integrity of the hoodie, it’s recommended to lay it flat to dry or hang it by the hem or a loop inside the neck. With proper care, your hoodie can stay soft and comfortable and look great wash after wash.

This is what is to be done:

1.) Review your washing instruction label for guidelines on care.

2.) Foster Taylor recommends machine-washing with cold water. Use a gentle cycle using moderate detergents or laundry detergents that are powdered.

If you decide to clean your, you can use the coldest water you can and powdered soap to give it an easy wash. Here’s how you can adequately take care of your hoodie to ensure it lasts throughout the seasons.

How to wash hoodies? Essential steps to follow:

First step: 

Check any label of the manufacturer that might contain guidelines on cleaning. Specific s contain colors that require additional care.

Second Step:

Remove the jacket you’re washing, and flip it over. This will stop the pile, which is the process where small threads begin to unravel and then become tiny balls of fuzzy material.

Third Step:

Set your machine to the lowest temperature. It is essential to use the lowest temperature for washing clothes as warm or hot water can cause damage.

Fourth Step:

It’s recommended to utilize the washing machine’s delicate or handwash setting. This can aid in reducing friction, which has often been the cause of small tears or piles in the fabric.

Fifth Step:

In your detergent container, you can add a sufficient amount of soap along with the addition of water. Could you put it in the washing machine? Add one or additional hoddies. This will prevent residue formation on your clothes before the machine begins to wash.

Sixth step:

If there is a way to clean more than one jacket at once, this is the best option. If you don’t, wash your jacket with other clothes that don’t produce the lint. Do not add bleach or any other fabric softener.

Seventh Step: 

The machine should be started and let run its entire cycle. When the cycle is complete, take it off and hang it on a hanger for it to dry.

Seventh Step: 

Some tips for hoodies washing:

It’s happened to us all. You have found the perfect hoodies that are soft. The entire thing feels fantastic, and you need to purchase it after you purchase it and wash it. It’s not nearly as luxurious as it was first on the rack. Maybe you’ve washed and worn it several times and realized that it’s slowly getting softer, which led you to feel so in love with it initially.

In any case, it’s always a bit of a snooze to see a sweatshirt that you love lose its luster. The positive side? There are some things you can take to stop this from occurring. Although all materials change with repeated washings and wearings, taking care of your sweatshirts can reduce wear and tear and prolong their lifespan. Continue reading to find out the best ways to keep your most-loved sweatshirt in a soft condition.

Use the Right Detergent

If you’re taking a stroll through the aisles of laundry at your local grocery store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are numerous laundry detergents to pick from. There are many brands available and formulas, as well as different fragrances… It’s a long list that of options is endless. Many people base their decision of which product to choose entirely on the cost or scent; however, that’s not always the best choice.

If you’re looking to keep your sweatshirt soft and last longer and prolong its lifespan, you should use mild detergent for washing. Also, make sure to use the detergent by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Don’t Use Fabric Softener.

Utilizing a fabric softener is an excellent method to ensure that your sweatshirt stays soft. Unfortunately, no. Softeners of fabric tend to accumulate on clothing and may cause them to feel less comfortable. They also can damage specific characteristics of sweatshirt fabric, so they’re best to be avoided.

Turn Your Sweatshirt Inside Out Before Washing

Before you put your sweatshirt into the washer, flip it upside down. This will protect the exterior fabric from any damage in the washing process. While washing zip-up hoddies, ensure that you zip them up. This will prevent the zipper from becoming tangled during washing. For pullover hoodies with drawstring hoods, you may want to think about knotting the drawstring. This will prevent it from becoming caught or pulling away.

Launder Sweatshirts with similar items

To ensure that sweatshirts remain in good shape, It is recommended to wash them along with other similar items. It is not recommended to wash them with heavy hoddies or jeans, which could damage the garment. It is also recommended to avoid washing sweatshirts with towels or other clothing items high in lint. The fabric attracts lint, and when it accumulates, it creates the sensation of a scratchy, uncomfortable feel. Make sure you wash your favorite sweatshirt in conjunction with other clothes that are similar in color to prevent stains.

Run an Extra Rinse Cycle

We are usually all about saving water. If you want to keep your sweatshirt looking nice and soft, it is essential to have an additional rinse cycle. Running your sweat through a separate rinse cycle makes sure that all particle of dirt has been eliminated. Ensuring that all that detergent was washed away is crucial in ensuring that your shirt is smooth.

Skip the Dryer

Tossing your sweatshirt into the dryer and a few dryer sheets might seem reasonable to keep it soft and comfortable, but doing this can cause much more damage than benefit. Drying with air is a more practical option as it is less harsh. It keeps the comfortable and soft without the need for chemicals such as those found in dryer sheets.


Although it’s impossible to keep your favorite sweatshirt in shape and look new, things could be done to ensure it stays smooth for many years. By cleaning and maintaining it correctly, you’ll be able to keep the softness of your sweatshirt and feel warm throughout the winter months to come. After complete reading of this article, you will get the answer to how to wash hoodies?


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