Likes are a big deal on Instagram because they’re equivalent to votes. Get More Likes on Instagram, the more popular your content is, the more likely it is to be seen by other users on Instagram. But why do likes still matter, and what role do they play in the grand scheme of Instagram? Posts with many likes tend to rank higher on Instagram’s hashtags pages and Explore page, which means even more people will see them. If pu want to get more likes on Instagram then click here.

Though you can now hide your Instagram likes count from your audience if you want to, that doesn’t make the urge to get more likes to disappear. A high number of likes on your posts inspires trust and confidence among people browsing your profile. Getting more likes on your posts can help you secure sponsorships or collaborations. And it can amplify your reach and bring your business in front of new leads or followers.  If you’re struggling to engage with your audience and you don’t have a clear strategy for publishing Instagram content, you’re probably only getting a handful of likes per post. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to get more likes on Instagram in 2022.

Can you buy likes on Instagram?

  • Sure, you can buy likes on Instagram but should you? In a word, no. Here’s why:
  • When you buy likes, you’re artificially inflating your numbers. This looks good at first glance, but it’s not sustainable.
  • While this may give your posts a temporary boost, it’s generally not a good idea for several reasons.
  • First of all, it’s against Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Secondly, these fake likes will eventually be purged by the algorithm, leaving you with even fewer real engagements than before. Bought likes often come from fake accounts or bots, which means they’ve never engaged with your content or your brand before. get more likes on Instagram paid

Buying likes gives you a false sense of popularity, which can lead to poor decisions about your content strategy. If your account gets caught buying likes, you could be banned from Instagram altogether.

  • So while you can buy likes, it’s not worth the risk.
  • This brings us to the next question

1. Post several photos per post

Ezio Razzi runs an online art magazine with over 13k followers on Instagram. His best tip for getting more likes on Instagram? Posting multiple images per post:

“The strategy that works for me the best when it comes to likes, is posting many pictures per post. If you only post 1, it will show on your follower’s feed only once, but if there are more (at least 3), Instagram will show that post more times showing the different pictures (you can also mix photos and videos). In my case, my posts usually get 300-800 likes, but when I do it like this, I receive more, for example,e this one  got 5k.”

2. Hold a like-to-enter contest/giveaway

  • A like-to-enter contest or giveaway is a great way to get more likes on Instagram organically.
  • Simply put, you’re asking your followers to like your post to enter the contest or giveaway.
  • This is a great way to get more engagement on your posts, and it doesn’t require cheating or buying likes.
  • Plus, it’s a fun way to give back to your followers and show appreciation for their support.
  • So if you’re looking for a natural way to get more likes on Instagram, hold a like-to-enter contest or giveaway today!

3. Ask users to tag a friend

  • Asking your followers to tag a friend in the comments is a great way to organically get more likes on Instagram.
  • When users tag their friends, their friends will be notified and are likely to check out your profile.
  • This not only puts your profile in front of new potential followers but also helps to create a sense of community around your brand.
  • Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your content is high-quality and engaging if you want people to stick around.
  • But if you’re creating great content, asking your followers to tag their friends is a simple way to help your posts reach a wider audience.

4. Leverage the right hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important tools for getting more likes on Instagram, but using them smartly is key.

Overloading your posts with too many hashtags can come across as spammy, and using irrelevant or obscure hashtags won’t do you any favors either.

Instead, take a strategic approach by using a mix of:

  • Popular
  • Niche
  • Branded hashtags

By using a combination of these hashtags, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience while still staying true to your brand.

Also, review the tags your competitors are using and research popular, relevant tags in your industry that have a high engagement rate.

In addition, take advantage of trending hashtags and special events to get more engagement on your posts.

Danielle Hu is an online business coach, full-time traveler, and host of The Wanderlover Podcast. Her Instagram audience counts over 106,000 followers.

“To make sure your content has the best chance of being featured on the explore page and on the “top” posts of a location, make sure the hashtags under each post are not oversaturated. The sweet spot is finding a group of hashtags related to your photo between 10K-100K posts. Additionally, when your photo is featured under the “top” posts of a location (vs. recent), I have found that your content is often seen by people researching the location. As Instagram is now using keywords in captions, bonus points if your caption also has the location in the text!

Here’s an example of a post where I used hashtags that received over 400 likes and dozens of comments”

5. Tag other accounts

When you tag someone, their username appears as a hyperlinked mention in your caption.

Not only does this help to get your post seen by more people, but it also helps to build relationships with other users.

When you tag someone, they will get a notification about your post.

If they enjoy what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll share it with their followers or even like it themselves.

6. Include the post’s location

  • Geotagging is when you include the location of your photo in the post.
  • When you do this, your photo will appear on a map within the Instagram app.

This can be a great way to get more views and likes on your photos, as people who are searching for photos from a particular location will be able to find yours.

Geotagging can also help you to get more followers, as people who enjoy your photos may decide to follow you so that they can see more of your work.

7. Stay relatable

If you’re looking to get more likes on Instagram, one of the best things you can do is stay relatable.

That means posting content that your audience can connect with on a personal level.

Whether it’s:

  • behind-the-scenes photos,
  • candid shots
  • snippets of everyday life.

People will be more likely to engage with material that feels authentic.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should start posting every little detail of your life – after all, nobody wants to be inundated with mundane minutiae.

Instead, try to focus on the things that make you unique and that will get people talking.

8. Chime in on what’s currently happening

One of the best things you can do is leverage current trends.

This doesn’t mean that you should start posting about things that you don’t care about, but rather that you should find ways to connect your content to what’s happening in the world.

For example, if there’s a major event happening, like a presidential election or a natural disaster, you can post about how it relates to your brand or your life.

This will show your followers that you’re paying attention to current events and that you’re engaged with the world around you.

Additionally, posting about trending topics will help you get more visibility on Instagram, as more people will be searching for these terms.

9. Make it on the explore page

The Explore page is a curated collection of the best content on Instagram, and its algorithm is constantly changing to match the latest trends.

  • Every day, millions of users flip through the Explore tab to find new and interesting accounts to follow.
  • If your photos show up on the Explore page, you’re likely to get a surge of new followers and likes.

So, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and post accordingly.

10. Pay attention to timing

  • Posting at the right times can make a big difference in terms of engagement.
  • One way to figure out the best times to post is to use Instagram’s analytic tool.
  • With this feature, you can figure out your optimum posting times. Here’s how to do that:

Open the Instagram App.

  • Press the profile photo icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Press the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Insights.
  • Go to the Total Followers section.
  • Scroll down on the Follower Breakdown page.
  • This tool provides insights into when your followers are most active.

Once you know when they’re online, you can adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

11. Spend time writing your captions

If you’re looking to get more likes on your Instagram posts, one of the best things you can do is write engaging captions.

Your caption is an opportunity to engage with your followers and give them some insight into your photo like in this example: get more likes on the Instagram app

Amanda Sauceda is a Registered Dietitian with over 35,000 followers on Instagram. She weighs in on how captions help her engagement on her Instagram posts:

“Your caption helps people interact with the post by leaving comments but the post itself is what sells and has contributed to my most likes.

The better you’re able to relate to your audience the more likes it will get. My most liked post (with 10K likes and I was a much smaller account then) was inspired by looking at some strawberries wilt away on my kitchen counter.”

A well-written caption can make all the difference in whether someone scrolls past your post or stops to like it.

  • Of course, coming up with clever and provoking captions can be a time-consuming task.
  • That’s where AI writing tools come in.

By using such tools, you can get help crafting quality captions for your photos in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

12. Be consistent

  • One important key to gaining popularity on Instagram is to be consistent with your posts.
  • That means posting frequently and at regular intervals.
  • If you only post sporadically, your followers will quickly lose interest.
  • But if you post too often, you risk overwhelming them and driving them away.
  • The best strategy is to find a happy medium that works for you and stick to it.
  • Experiment with different posting frequencies and see what gets the best response from your followers.
  • Then, once you’ve found a rhythm that works, stick to it as much as possible.

Consistency is essential for building a strong following on Instagram.

13. Nurture loyalty

 When people feel like they’re part of a community or like they belong to something larger than themselves, they’re much more likely to engage with the content and support the people they follow.

  • There are a few things you can do to nurture loyalty among your followers:
  • make sure you’re regularly interacting with them and responding to comments;
  • feature their content on your page; and
  • give them shout-outs and shout-outs

By making your followers feel valued and appreciated, you’ll be more likely to get their loyalty – and their likes.

14. Engage with similar accounts

By following and liking other people’s posts, you’ll get yourself noticed and build up a rapport with other users.  get more likes on Instagram hashtags

Additionally, engaging with other users is a great way to get insights into what content is resonating with your audience, and what kinds of posts are likely to get more engagement.

So if you’re serious about getting more likes on Instagram, start by reaching out to similar accounts and building up your network.

15. Reshare your followers’ mentions

 When you reshare your followers’ mentions, not only are you showing that you are active and engaged with your community, but you are also giving them a shout-out.

This can encourage them to continue mentioning you, and it can also get their followers to take notice of you.

In addition, sharing your followers’ mentions is a great way to connect with other users who share your interests.

So if you’re looking for a surefire way to get more likes on Instagram, be sure to give this method a try.

16. Share bloopers

Have you ever noticed that some of the most popular accounts on Instagram are the ones that seem to be always having a great time?

  • While it’s essential to have beautiful photos and videos, it’s also necessary to show that you’re a real person who makes mistakes and has fun.
  • One of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram is to share your bloopers.
  • People love seeing behind-the-scenes footage, and by sharing your bloopers, you’re giving them a glimpse into your life that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Showing that you’re just like everyone else makes you more relatable, and people are more inclined to interact with you when they feel they can identify with you.
  • This will make people feel more connected, and laugh – and laughter is always a great way to get more likes!

So next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, don’t be afraid to share a blooper or two!

Look at how Jonathan Harboe shared a BTS from his TV episode shoot.

17. Ask for advice or feedback

Asking your followers for advice or feedback is a great way to get more likes on Instagram.

Not only does it show that you value their opinion, but it also gives them a chance to be a part of your content.

When you ask for advice, be sure to leave a like on the comments that you find most helpful.

This will let your followers know that their opinion matters to you, and it will also encourage others to join in the conversation.

For example, if you’re trying to decide which outfit to wear for your next date night, ask your followers for their opinion

Asking for feedback can also help you to get more likes by giving your followers a chance to be featured on your page.

Simply tag a few of your favorite commenters in your post, and be sure to give them a shout-out in your caption.

Additionally, asking for feedback can help you to generate new ideas for content, giving you a fresh perspective on what your followers want to see.

So, next time you’re looking for ways to get more likes, consider reaching out to your followers and asking for their input.

18. Do an Instagram takeover

A takeover is when an influencer or user takes over your Instagram account for a day and posts on your behalf. how to get more likes on Instagram reels

This is a great way to get more exposure and likes on Instagram because you are tapping into the influencer’s audience.

  • But make sure that the influencer you choose is relevant to your brand and has a similar aesthetic.
  • You want their followers to be interested in what you have to offer!

 Once you’ve found an account, reach out to the owner and ask if they’re interested in doing an exchange.

If they agree, set up some ground rules, and then get started!

If everything goes well, you should be able to score some new likes and followers in no time!

19. Offer value

If you want to get more likes on Instagram, one of the best things you can do is offer value.

This can mean a lot of different things, but basically, it comes down to giving your followers something that they will find useful or interesting.

It could be helpful tips and advice, or behind-the-scenes looks at your business or creative process.

Whatever you choose to share, make sure it is something that your followers will appreciate. You can use copy templates to help you write creative stories or write engaging questions.

In a world where everyone is trying to sell something, it’s important to remember that people are more likely to engage with content that feels genuine and authentic.

So if you want to get more likes on Instagram, focus on offering value to your followers and you’re sure to see your numbers start to rise.

20. Do a shoutout for shoutout

A shoutout for a shoutout (SFS) is when you mention or post about another user on your account to gain more exposure.

This is a great way to get more likes on Instagram because it exposes you to a new audience that may not be following you already.

Additionally, it helps to build relationships with other users in your niche which can lead to opportunities for collaboration down the line.

  • To do an SFS, simply find a user with a similar target audience to yours and reach out to them directly.
  • Most users are happy to do an SFS if it means that they will also get exposure to a new group of people.
  • Once you’ve agreed to the terms of the SFS, simply post about the other user on your account and be sure to tag them.
  • This will help their followers to find your account, and it may even lead to some of them following you as well.
  • While there are no guarantees when it comes to social media, SFS is generally considered a low-risk way to organically grow your following and engagement.
  • And, since it doesn’t require any money to do, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot!
  • A few more tips on getting more likes depending on who you are
  • No matter who you are or what you’re posting about, there are always ways to get more likes on Instagram.
  • Though the basics are always the same, there are a few slight changes you need to make to your strategy according to your target audience.

Let’s discover how to get more likes on Instagram for:

1. Brand/ Business

If you’re operating as a brand on Instagram, it’s important to get as many likes as possible.

With a large number of likes, you’ll appear more popular and credible, which can lead to more sales. Lead generation through Instagram is a great way to reach new customers. When you use Instagram to generate leads, you’re able to catch readers who may not have been your target audience otherwise.

Here are a few things you can do to achieve this:

Research competitors

By taking a look at what other brands in your industry are doing, you can get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

You can also find inspiration for new content ideas, and see which hashtags and filters are most popular with your target audience.  how to get 1k likes on Instagram

“Hashtags allow your post to be discovered by an interested audience. It’s like a bridge connecting your brand posts to an inquisitive audience. You can be an all-rounder when creating a post, including necessary detail in the photos, editing, aesthetics, and captions, but failing to team it up with relevant hashtags will render all these efforts useless limiting the engagement in your post.”

Use High-Quality Images

Instagram is known for visual appeal and people on this platform are more likely to engage with an image that looks professional and high quality.

By creating an aesthetic for your brand, people will recognize you and become intrigued, thus resulting in more likes.

While you don’t need to break the bank to get great images, you do need to make sure that your images are well-lit, in focus, and colorful.

Leverage All Instagram content types (reels, stories, videos)

You should leverage all of the content types that Instagram offers including reels, stories, and IGTV videos to get max. traction.

By leveraging all of the content types that Instagram offers, you’ll be in a much better position to get more likes and grow your brand on the platform.

Valerie Lisitsyna, the creative social media marketing expert, has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. She shared her advice on getting more likes on IG:

“I would recommend creating savable content. This reel from last year that went viral received over 1.2 million likes and 218,000 saves. When people hit the “save” button, it tells Instagram that people like your content and encourages the algorithm to show your posts to more people. The easiest way to do this is by posting content your audience finds useful such as tips, DIYs, or tutorials within your niche.”

Create Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are a set of posts combined that summarize all of the information your followers need about a certain subject.

By including all the helpful information in your guides for a topic in one place, you’ll be more likely to get likes and comments from users who appreciate your advice.

For example, if you’re a fashion brand, you could create an Instagram Guide showing your followers how to style a particular item of clothing

Pin Top Comments

Pinning top comments will ensure that your most positive comments are front and center, and it will also encourage other users to post their positive comments in the hope of being featured.

In addition, be sure to respond to as many comments as possible, as this will show that you’re engaged with your followers and that you value their feedback.

Share BTS (Behind-The Scene) Content

Sharing these content types, such as videos of your staff working in the office and behind-the-scenes footage from a photoshoot, is extremely popular with Instagram users because it allows them to get a look at a company or brand’s inner workings.

As well as being popular, BTS content can also be very effective in terms of building brand awareness and loyalty.

When users see the hard work that goes into running a business, they are more likely to appreciate the products or services on offer.

2. Creators

If you’re a creator working on Instagram, there are other factors to consider in addition to the ones mentioned above to have a successful creator journey.

A few things you should do to achieve this includes:

Share content on other platforms

You’ve worked hard to create content, why limit yourself to only one platform?

Sharing your content on other platforms helps to get your name and work out there in front of potential new followers, and it also helps to build up your brand.

When you share your content on other sites, be sure to include a link back to your Instagram account so that people can easily find and follow you.

Create better content

  • The best way to get more likes on Instagram is to create better content.
  • That might seem like obvious advice, but it’s true.
  • If you want people to like your photos, you need to give them a reason to do so.
  • And the best way to do that is to produce high-quality content that is interesting, visually appealing, and relevant to your audience.

Collaborate with similar creators (similar niche and size)

By collaborating with similar creators, you can tap into each other’s audiences and get more people to see your content.

This is because people who follow these creators are likely to be interested in the content that you create.

  • In addition, collaborating with other content creators can help you to create better content
  • This is because you can pool your resources and ideas to create something truly unique and engaging.
  • Plus, it’s always good to build relationships with other creators in your field.

Learn from your Instagram Analytics

Leveraging free analytics reports is a must to become a successful creator.

By taking a close look at which posts are getting the most engagement, you can get a better idea of what your audience is responding to.

  • Are they drawn to photos or videos?
  • Do they like long captions or short ones?
  • What time of day are they most active?

Jay Perkins runs Living. Fit currently has 107,000 followers on Instagram.

“As you publish any given type of content, you should make notes about the time of day and the type of engagement it got. Over the course of a month or so, you should be able to see patterns about what types of content do better than others. You should make cuts for the underperforming content and make increases in the content doing well. You must be consistent in your posting and your hashtag strategy, it should be thought of like a giant fishnet you are casting that will sit out in the ocean forever catching followers for you.” Instagram likes hack

Once you have a better understanding of what works, you can start to produce content that’s more likely to get likes.

Stay true to your aesthetic

When you have a consistent look and feel to your photos, it helps create solid branding that people will start to associate with your account.

And when people can easily recognize your posts, they’re more likely to like and share them with their friends.

  • Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should never experiment with new ideas or post something out of the ordinary.
  • But in general, it’s best to stick to the overall style and theme you’ve established for your account.
  • By doing so, you’ll not only get more likes, but you’ll also build a loyal following of fans who appreciate your work.
  • Take a look at how Starbucks maintains its brand consistency on Instagram here.

Ask for likes

This is a tactic that’s often used by popular YouTubers, and it can be effective on Instagram as well

Simply including a statement like “like and share this post if you enjoy my content” can prompt your followers to take action.

This will help to increase the visibility of your post and may even encourage some of your followers to share it with their friends as well.

3. Pet

If you’ve got a pet page on Instagram, there are a few things you can do to get more traction on the platform.

Post videos

Everyone loves a good pet video, and if you’ve got a pet page on Instagram, posting videos is a great way to get more likes.

People are naturally drawn to cute animals, and videos allow your followers to get an up-close look at your adorable pet.

Use Instagram stories and highlights

By posting engaging content on your Instagram stories and then adding it to a Highlights reel, you’ll give users a reason to keep coming back to your page.

Plus, if you tag other users or relevant hashtags in your stories, you’ll get even more exposure.

So get creative and start using Instagram’s features to your advantage – your pets will thank you for it!

Offer useful tips: how to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags

One way to get more likes is to offer useful tips.

If you’re regularly posting about your furry friend, try to share some useful tips that other pet owners might find helpful.

For example, you could share your tips for potty training a puppy or share your favorite products for keeping your cat healthy and happy.

Not only will this help you get more likes, but it will also build up your credibility as a trusted source of information.

For guest post:

Apart from this, if you are interested to know more about they say real followers on Instagram then visit our Business category