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It’s hard to tell who is who in today’s world. With identity theft being such a major issue along with the generally increasing remoteness of office and social life, it is difficult to verify who you are dealing with. This is a problem of course but fortunately, there are ways for people to understand who exactly they are dealing with. One of these ways is the digital signature. A digital signature is a way for people to sign a document and have their identity verified. Not only does it do this, but it also validates the document. This means that if you are signing a legal contract, then it will be possible to sign it and make it valid. Without having this digital signature, you would have to sign it in person, which is not always possible. Although there are security and distance issues in terms of verification, by using a digital signature you will be able to establish bona fides while still being able to operate in a remote setting.

Choose a digital signature solution

There are a few ways that you can add a digital signature to a document. Regardless of which one you use, the thing that they all have in common is that they have a verification feature that should make them valid. Probably the most common way to do this is by using a PDF editor that has the e-sign tool on it. There are many PDF editors that have this feature. Some of these are Adobe Acrobat, Lumin PDF, Small PDF, and PDFElement. These are not all of course but these are a good bet when it comes to adding a digital signature to a document. In addition to being able to add a digital signature to a document, if you have a PDF editor such as Lumin PDF you will also be able to use a wide range of other tools to work on and improve your PDF. For people who work in business, a PDF editor is more or less a necessity. If you have a good PDF editor you will be able to secure your documents, work on them and sign them when they are finished.

Prepare your document

When you need to sign a document, it is not enough to just sign it using the PDF editor, you will first need to prepare the document in a certain way. Depending on what it is for, it could be prepared in some different ways. For example, if it is a legal contract that has multiple parties, it needs to be prepared for that and include multiple spots for potential signatures of the document. In addition to this, if the document is time-limited, then needs to also be included and mentioned within the document. Lastly, when preparing to add your digital signature to a document, you need to make sure that everything in the document is correct. Always remember to dot your I’s and cross your T’s when you are adding your signature to something.

Create a digital ID

Before you can add your digital signature to something, you will first need to make one. This can be done using many different PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat. While using this PDF editor or a different one, you will have the option under tools to add a digital signature such as adding a trusted certificate. It is advisable to use a well-known PDF editor for this and one with a good reputation for security. Creating a Digital ID is not difficult and is very important in terms of protecting your information, content, and even your own personal identity.

Add a signature field

No matter which type of document you are working on, you will need some type of signature field. A signature field is a place where you or someone else will be able to actually sign the document. If you are working on a contract or some type of agreement this can be at the end of the PDF or if there are multiple pages that need to be signed, then you can add the signature field to the end of the different PDF pages. PDF editors have a special tool for this, and it is not difficult to do.

Sign the document

Now that you have added a signature field to your document(s), then it is time to actually add the signature. When using a PDF editor to work on your documents, this is not hard to do. The actual process can be different based on which PDF editor you are using for your work. In general, though, there will be an option on your toolbar to pass a signature. After selecting this, you will then be asked where you want to put your signature at. Once you do this, your document will have been signed! Before you sign any document, digital or otherwise, always read through it carefully and make sure it is something you need to sign and that you are signing in the right place.

When you are working with contracts or some other type of legal document, it will sometimes be necessary to sign the document or documents that you work with. Having a tool like a PDF editor to sign them offers many of the benefits and opportunities that have been mentioned. There are some important things to understand in terms of signing a document. This can be a useful tool not only for signing remotely but also for security. By having a protected digital signature, you will be able to protect your identity. This is not only a way to protect yourself from identity theft, but it can also protect your business from nefarious actors. To find the right PDF editor for you so that you can protect yourself and your business while being able to operate in a remote world.