Nowadays, thousands of mobile apps are developed and launched every day. They have become a complement in everyday life and are proven to help their users in their daily life. For example, apps provide vehicles, food, shopping, and others.

For developers, the challenge they will encounter after making an app is how to make the app known to many people. It won’t be enough to put your mobile apps on the app store or play store; you will need to think of the right marketing strategies.

Animated explainer videos have become one of the biggest trends in mobile app marketing in 2022. They can help you attract audiences’ attention, increase brand awareness and increase mobile app downloads right on launch day.

According to surveys, the average retention rate for a 60-second video is 77%. In addition, viewers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. So this has proven to be very good for your mobile app marketing strategies.

Thus, here are some insights into learning how an animated explainer video works for your mobile apps.

1. Explainer Videos Convey Your Mobile App’s Idea

An animated explainer video is a type of marketing video that is proven to work effectively in explaining complex concepts and features in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

This type of product video is perfect for explaining all the various features and benefits of your mobile apps. Its strengths in attractive visuals and animations, incredible music, and informative sound can easily appeal to your audience and convey your message effectively. 

That way, viewers understand how your mobile app can entertain them or make their life easier in a striking and highly engaging manner.

2. Animated Explainers Help Increase Brand Awareness

Animated explainer videos can be an effective way to spread the message about your mobile apps and brand to the public. Engaging visual and informative news about your mobile apps can grab your audience’s attention and stick to their memories.

Since videos can be easily shared, you can make several efforts to share videos, such as publishing on social media, posting on your website’s landing page, placing ads on your social media, etc.

That way, your mobile apps can be widely known by the public and have the potential to attract their attention to becoming loyal customers.

3. They Effectively Convince and Concert

Undoubtedly, animated explainer videos can effectively convince and increase the conversion of your mobile app’s animated videos. According to recent research, videos are a great advertising option for mobile apps, as they increase the average download rate by more than 20%.

This type of video can help you stand out and convince customers by showing the advantages of your mobile app and what makes your mobile app more worthy than your competitors. So note that always include a clear call to action in your animated explainer videos.

4. They Bring Incredible ROI

Video content is becoming the most famous content nowadays. Even to the point of being dubbed the king of content because this content is the most liked by most people around the world. 

Especially animated videos have successfully caught people’s attention with an appealing visual design. Thus, It is crucial to develop a product video strategy to have a more significant impact on your audience and increase the ROI of your mobile app. 

5. Animated Explainers Are Cost-Effective

When it comes to how much money to find the right actors and the correct narratives for your product, it doesn’t sound worth it. That’s why animated explainer video comes in with a great deal to reach broader audiences effectively and can be cost-effective.

With animated explainer videos, you can easily use them in your marketing campaigns across multiple channels, such as the website’s landing pages, social media, email newsletters, etc. 

Those platforms offer you to share your promotional videos for free unless you want to place an ad which will be charged at a very affordable cost.


Mobile apps are developed and launched every day; this proves that the competition in the mobile apps industry will be getting more challenging. Therefore, to survive and compete in today’s digital world, you will need to have the right marketing strategy.

With animated explainer videos, you will easily attract customers’ attention, increase brand awareness and increase your app downloads so that your app will be known to the broader community and potentially attract more downloads.

So, what else are you waiting for? Start to create your animated explainer video to take your mobile app business to a higher level.

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