When it comes to pests, everyone gets paranoid and starts worrying about how to get rid of them. Many myths need to be debunked about pest control. A myth is a story that is spread around. There are often exaggerations or misunderstandings and all types of myths about pests and pest control. It is essential to unlearn silly myths and learn the truth that will help you protect your business from pests of all kinds.

Following are some myths that you should get rid of-

1. You should put cheese in mouse traps

We have been consumed by the idea that mice love cheese. This idea is widespread. A mouse is a scavenger, and they are a food of all types of food. It is a myth that you should put cheese in mouse traps to get rid of them. If you are looking for a mouse bait, you should probably be looking for foods with higher sugar content. Peanut butter and sweets draw out mice better than any dairy or protein item.

2. If you can’t see them, they aren’t there

There are nooks and corners in our home where the pests can hide. We should constantly watch for pests and take preventive measures as soon as we notice them. We all know that termites and carpenter ants are known for feasting on the inside walls, and beg bugs are hidden in small crevices and corners of the house. It is crucial to keep checking for pests regularly. One should be safe rather than sorry when it comes to pests.

3. Bug zappers reduce mosquito problems

When it comes to quelling the mosquito population, the bug zapper is no use. They use ultraviolet light to attract insects, and mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light. However, this light will attract bugs, pests and other insects, not mosquitoes. Many people are estranged because zappers usually do not have enough power to kill the bugs they draw in. They can draw in the insects without killing them; then, they will spread and multiply.

4. All bees can only sting once

There are a variety of bees all around us, such as honey bees, wasps, and hornets. However, these bees can sting more than once. This doesn’t mean you are safe just because you have suffered a single sting.

5. If your space is clean, you will never have a pest problem

Many people are under the impression that if they keep their homes clean, they will not have to deal with pests. However, it is not valid. Even the businesses that are spotlessly clean are not safe from pest infestations. Pests are not necessarily drawn to filth. They can even exist in your house’s most impeccable spots and corners as they constantly look for water, food and shelter. Usually, filthy places have too many pests lurking around the corner. However, this doesn’t mean the clean areas are completely free of pests. You should try to deprive pests of the things they want. If you do this, they will go somewhere else.

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Following are some of the ways to get rid of the pests-

1. Termites

Termites are tiny bugs that can enter buildings through small gaps and crevices. In homes with little wood in the framing, they can target wooden doors, cabinets and shelves. You can take special soil and wood treatment to eliminate the termites.

2. Flies

You should keep the food covered in warm weather. You should constantly keep an electric fan running as it will keep these bugs out of your home. An artistic deflector is something that contains the sunlight reflecting off the water-filled glass bulb, confuses flies and also repels them. 

3. Ants

It is a fact that when ants inspect the house, they are usually looking for food. You should make sure that your house is swept clean of any crumbs and food residue. If you follow the measures properly and keep the premises clean, you are not likely to find a trail of ants in your house.

4. Mosquitoes

We know very well that mosquitoes love humid weather and they also carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, hence, you should take the measures to keep them away. The most effective preventive measures of getting rid of mosquitoes are eliminating standing water and cutting tall grass.

5. Silverfish

These are tiny silver-gray wingless insects that seek dark, moist and warm environments such as the attics, baseboards and closets. For getting rid of silverfish, you can use boric acid dust which is long-lasting and low in toxicity. It can be a helpful solution.

6. Moths

Moths lurk in areas that are secluded such as closets, basements and the attics. They also tend to lurk in the corners and the folds of fabrics. If you want to keep them away, you can make use of vetiver which is a South Asian grass which has a pleasant and an earthy aroma of an uncut meadow. Moths hate this smell. You can tuck a bundle into a linen sachet and then put it in a drawer or slip it over a hanger in the closet. This helps in repelling pests to a great deal. You can also make use of Lavender-filled sachets or red cedar.

7. Mice

The peak time for mice to enter the home is October to February. The shreds of evidence of an infestation are mice droppings, nests, footprints and evidence of gnawing. If you encounter these issues, you should pay special attention to food and garbage cans and seal off all the holes and gaps. This reduces the possibility of mice entering your house. Mice create havoc and are responsible for spreading diseases such as plague. They multiply in number, so you should take all the safety measures well in advance to get rid of them. They can also prove to be a health hazard.

8. Fruit flies

Fruit flies are known to develop from Larvae. A Larvae must have moist, fermenting organic matter to survive. The best protection is to throw away the spoiled produce and unclog the drains. You can also create a DIY apple cider vinegar and water trap to eliminate the fruit flies.

9. Cockroaches

They usually enter homes in paper products such as cardboard or boxes. They lurk in the dark and damp places where there is plenty to eat, and if they are too many, you should avail of the services of a professional pest control company.

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