Escape room: Have you been to an escape room game earlier, or is this your first time trying out an escape room experience? The escapades are an immersive and engaging form of entertainment that groups of all kinds enjoy playing. From families and friends to co-workers or anyone else, escape rooms offer an immersive and engaging form of entertainment to one and all.  

Before heading out for your escape room game, people often feel it challenging to decide what to wear in an escape room. Escape room venues witness different groups of people turning up in different kinds of dresses to play their games. While not every type of dress offers the most incredible sense of accessibility in an escape room game, some dresses are preferable. In this article, let us get together and check out some common myths about dress codes in an escape room.   

1. “Dress up for an escape room? That’s crazy, you see!” 

People often think that to dress up merely to play an escape room game is a ludicrous idea. You see, each escape room game comes with its unique theme and plot. Every escape room game is fantastic and features a different character that you have to play.  

So, when you dress up to fit into the shoes of the character you will play in the game, it helps you to be wholly engrossed. It enhances the overall effect of the game and draws you closer to the plot than ever before. Because of this, you can find many escape room venues offering costumes and props for players to change into before starting their game.  

Escape room companies aim to offer an immersive gaming experience to players, and “dressing up” according to the game is the most viable way of doing it!   

2. “My dresses and my skirts make me feel the most comfortable!”  

We agree that dresses and skirts are genuinely comfortable to wear, just not to an escape room game. Escape rooms involve a series of activities you and your team must complete in the stipulated time. So, keep in mind that playing an escape room game means you will have to run, jog, crawl or do any other physical activity inside the game room.  

Under such circumstances, wearing skirts or dresses to an escape room game can restrict your mobility to a great extent. The hem of your skirt or dress may often prevent you from lifting or moving your legs too high or even prevent you from jumping smoothly.  

Activities like climbing up, bending, or even crawling inside tight spaces will be futile for you to accomplish if you wear your skirt or dress to an escape room game. Your game will seize to be of any fun to you if your movements inside the escape room remain restrictive due to your dress or skirt! Therefore, ensure that you break free of the myth that wearing a dress or skirt to an escape room game will offer you comfort.   

3. “Tight clothes allow me to move around better.” 

Wearing tight clothes for your escape room game is the last thing you can think of! It is usually recommended to put on breathable clothes for an escape room gaming experience.

Escape rooms require players to run around the game room, hunting for clues and puzzles to solve. Now, those players who choose to wear tight-fitting clothes to an escape room game will only become breathless before long. Hence, to thoroughly enjoy your escape room gaming experience, you must choose clothes that are not too tight but fit comfortably on your frame.  


So, these were some common myths that many escape room players believe. Ensure you break free of these myths as you dress up for your next escape room game!