On-demand beauty services are quite a trend after tech entered salon businesses, so having a beauty scheduling software is a necessity to automate appointment schedules. In fact, the beauty appointment apps like Booksy, Vagaro, and many more are currently ruling the market space. 

This article will delve into the battle between the best Booksy vs.Vagaro. The comparison will distinguish both on the basis of their features, pros, and cons. To know whose footsteps you should follow to make a user-friendly salon scheduling app.

Brief on Booksy & Vagaro Apps

Here is a detailed understanding of the Booksy and Vagaro apps, which are one of the best salon tracking software:

Booksy App

It is the most well-known beauty scheduling software, which people prefer for booking their beauty appointments. Booksy app provides reliable services and solutions for hairstylists, barbers, salons, and spa users. Moreover, this innovative software is helping beauty professionals to connect with their customers. Actually, they believe that digitalization of even the small business is necessary to accelerate their business.

In the first place, this beauty software was developed by Stefan Batory and Konrad Howard. To provide a better solution to the user by getting their beauty services whenever they require them. Besides, one of the most excellent services offered by the software is a calendar management tool to align your schedule and appointment bookings better. 

On the other hand, talking about the membership pricing of the Booksy app, it starts from $29.99, and the user can also have a free trial before they pay to find out whether the app is suitable.

Now, let’s go through some brief understanding of the Vagaro app for a better conclusion of the comparison.

Vagaro App

It is a powerful tool for scheduling and management solutions for all salon and other services and is an efficient way for customers to get beauty treatments at their convenience. In addition to this, there are many features that users can find in the app. The most convenient feature is that the user can cancel the appointment at any time whenever they desire. Vagaro software has been made available for small businesses for the last 12 years. Furthermore, the app is also accessible with play store and Applestore.

Vagaro’s plethora of services is divided into three categories:

  • Beauty
  • Wellness
  • Fitness

The app’s main motive is to provide services to small businesses. So the pricing is as low as $25. The motive behind this is they don’t want to put an extra burden on small business owners. Fred Helou is the founder of this convenient and user-friendly software.

Now, let’s learn the different features offered by these apps to end the battle between Booksy vs Vagaro.

Different Features of Booksy & Vagraro

The distinct features that are made available by Booksy and Vagaro is the better way to know which one is better beauty scheduling software:

Features of Booksy

1) Calendar & Appointments

The beauticians have to attend to multiple calls and appointments. For this reason, they don’t have the time to keep track of the various online bookings. As the app understood this pain point, it came up with a 24/7 self-booking service also with notifications and reminders available for convenience.

2) Better Business Management

For better business management, this feature is made available for business owners to streamline their business activities for finer focus on the tasks. Though, in terms of greater clarity for the business, everything is made clear, from client information to performance history.

3) Multiple Payment Options

Booksy provides multiple payment options for user’s convenience to opt for the contactless payment options, and debit payment is also available. So, that is why the payment process is made quite flexible for all the app users.

4) Build Your Community

Building the community is the best tool for marketing on the app as it can improve the business owner’s performance. Moreover, any offer on the services that the business owner wants to display or any promotion of the discounts is possible by this marketing tool.

5) Set the Protection Rules

The app will help count every extra minute so that the time value can be a plus point for the beautician’s long working hours. Moreover, it will also help set some ground rules such as pre-payments, cancellation policy, and many more for the people to understand the professional’s work rules.

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Let’s move on to find out some of the unique features of the Vagaro beauty scheduling software.

Features of Vagaro

  1. Appointment Management

There are many features available for the management of personal task management. For time management, app owners can also set the timeline for the various tasks that need to be done. So, appointment management becomes relatively easier for salon artists.

  1. Activity Tracking

If the user has booked the appointment, then you can track them on the way. It also becomes easy for the users to see the arrival time of the salon artist.

  3) Two-factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication assures the user about the reliability of the salon scheduling software as the app will send the code to the user through text and message service both for the two factor authentication.

 4) Membership

The membership feature in the app already has an option for auto renewal. Although, the user can cancel it at any point of time whenever they desire.

   5) Appointment Interval

A beautician or anyone can set a specific interval between the bookings if required. Salon artists can select it from 5 min to 180 min slots.

Pros & Cons of Booksy and Vagaro

From the pros and cons, lets understand these apps even better:

Pros of Booksy

  • Simple to use software for scheduling an appointment.
  • Pricing is quite nominal for the customers.
  • You can get customer support at any point of time.
  • Booksy acts as a great assistant to the salon owners. 

Cons of Booksy

  • Not that easy to edit the appointments once booked.
  • Confusing when multiple appointments are taking place.

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Vagaro salon scheduling app.

Pros of Vagaro

  • Multiple scheduling is effortless to do with the Vagaro app.
  • Customer support service is one of the best features.
  • It is an affordable app for the users.
  • Finding new places for various on-demand services becomes easy.

Cons of Vagaro

  • Customization in the reminder details is not available.


Though every app needs to give the features per the industry, Booksy and Vagaro have convenient features to provide, which makes them stand out from others in the market. However, Vagaro is an app that can be relatively easier to adopt for both business owners and app users. Hence, if you want to succeed as an app owner in the current digitized market, having a beauty appointment app like Vagaro is necessary.

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