Are you wondering why your kid is not as happy as you were in your childhood? Is your kid always anxious or frustrated from something or other? Well, this alarms you to take care of your child’s mental health. But, with this, you can ask yourself what you can do to give them a peaceful environment. This is where mental health books for teens will pique your interest. Yes, you read that right! Books can be the bosom buddies of your child. 

Top Mental Health Books For Teens

Here is a list of top-notch mental health books you can read to your child to teach them how to deal with anxiety, ADHD, depression, sadness, and other mental health problems. 

Anxiety . . . I’m So Done with You

A Teen’s Guide to Avoiding Toxic Stress and Hardwiring Your Brain for Happiness. With this, your child will learn to trust your skills and abilities so that you may construct your own life rather than be a passive recipient of it. Further, they will learn how to overcome anxiety, let go of perfectionism, and find permanent pleasure.

Alfie The Wolf

If you are finding early reader books to cure ADHD, look no further than this. In this mental health book for teens, Alfie enjoys playing with his companions in the woodland. But Alfie has trouble focusing when he plays too rough or quickly.

Slow Down, Alfie! It depicts how Alfie lives with a hyperactive mind and body. Read this book for hyperactive kids with a child in your life to help teach them tools to slow down and focus better – with relaxation methods for kids. 


By Laurie HalseAnderson

Inspired by her fans and outraged by how little has changed in culture since her groundbreaking novel “Speak” was first published in 1999. Bestselling author Anderson presents a searing poetic memoir in which she shares reflections, rants, and calls to action interwoven with deeply personal stories from her life that she’s never written about before.

Your Amazing Teen Brain

CBT and Neuroscience Techniques to Reduce Stress, Balance Emotions, and Strengthen Your Developing Mind. Discover fun and simple “brain hacks” based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuroscience to help children make the most of their expanding minds, manage challenging emotions, establish stronger relationships, and handle life’s obstacles.

Andie The Elephant 

Andie, the elephant, lives in the woods with his friends and family. But Andie is concerned – a lot. Andie & the Worries portrays Andie’s approach to dealing with recurrent concerns. Andie is able to put care aside with friends and family by excavating a “worry hole” and practicing mindfulness. With Andie, this anxiety book for kids will help them overcome their fears.

Skate For Your Life

By LeoBaker

In this compelling, personal narrative, professional skateboarder Leo Baker reveals their path within the sport and the value of honesty and allyship as a non-binary athlete.

The Resilient Teen: 10 Key Skills To Bounce Back From Setbacks And Turn Stress Into Success

This book provides 10 critical techniques to help readers recover from adversity, deal with unpleasant emotions, and create a feeling of joy even amid modern-day challenges.

Frankie The Hippo

This is another early reader children’s book about depression. Frankie the hippo enjoys rock climbing and competing in dancing competitions with his buddies. However, Frankie is occasionally visited by their sorrowful monster, “Gloob.” Frankie & Gloob teaches children what Frankie does when Gloob appears.

Frankie & Gloob is the ideal book for every youngster in your life who has his or her own imagination. This children’s book about depression can help youngsters overcome their melancholy.

Vinyl Moon

By Mahogany L.Browne

In this book, an adolescent girl left scarred by a previous relationship finds healing and hope in the words of powerful Black writers and the new community she creates in Brooklyn, New York.

Tonight We Rule the World

Zack Smedley wrote this. 

Owen and Lily have spent years navigating their first love and forming an unbreakable friendship group. But all changes one day when Owen’s school administration discovers his secret: he was raped by a classmate. This coming-of-age novel is both heartbreaking and hopeful, exploring how we rebuild after the world falls apart.

When We Make It

By ElisabetVelasquez

In this book, Sarai utilizes verse to manage the strain of familial traumas and the systemic pressures of toxic masculinity and housing instability in a fast-gentrifying Brooklyn.  

Piece By Piece: The Story of Nisrin’s Hijab

By PriyaHuq

Nisrin will have to rely on her religion, friends, and family to help her recover after becoming the victim of a hate crime.

Beneath The Surface

A Teen’s Guide to Reaching Out When You or a Friend Is in Crisis Depression, and mental disease do not discriminate. Conflict and turbulence lie beneath the surface, even in idyllic lives. Life might be hard for an adolescent growing up in a society with rampant despair, anxiety, and other mental diseases. Whether you or someone you care about is suffering from any of these conditions, it’s critical to recognize the warning signs of mental illness and know where to seek treatment.

Now, that you have gone through the list of children’s books about depression, it is time to buy the one that helps your child. But, if you are looking for early reader books on mental health, you can visit the website of Silver Lining. They offer the books like Andie The Elephant, Frankie the Hippo, and Alfie the Wolf that lets your child know how to deal with anxiety, depression, and hyperactiveness. With them, you need not burn your fingers to buy mental health books for teens

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