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Plastic storage drawers can make a big difference to your space, helping you optimize your environment and workflow.

By choosing the right portable plastic storage drawers, you can enhance your organizational system and create a simple, accessible storage solution. This can help you improve productivity at home or in the workplace.

Wonder which plastic storage drawers are the best on the market? Check out our top recommendations!

The RS Pro 30-Drawer Unit

Ideal for everyday storage needs, the RS Pro 30-Drawer unit is made from durable polypropylene and features 30 semi-clear removable drawers. Suitable as a free-standing or wall-mounted unit, these drawers are perfect for storing small components. 

The RS Pro 16-Draw Storage Unit

The RS Pro16-Drawer Storage unit uses high-density plastic with a height of 208 mm, a width of 208 mm, and a depth of 132 mm. With translucent drawers and dovetail interlocking slots, this unit is perfect for small-scale storage needs. 

The RS Pro 5-Tilt Drawer Unit

Perfect for garages, workshops, and warehouses, the RS Pro 5-Tilt Drawer Unit can store small- and medium-sized parts using clear polypropylene materials. This system provides great accessibility and out-of-the-way storage solutions. 

The RS Pro 3-Drawer Storage Unit

The RS Pro 3-Drawer Storage Unit has transparent plastic drawers with an interlocking system. The unit also features anti-migration bars to help small parts stay in place. Both 3- and 4-drawer models are available!

The RS Pro 4-Drawer Storage Unit

On wheels for easy maneuverability, the RS Pro 4-Drawer Storage Unit features translucent plastic storage drawers with an extra-security locking system. Made from polypropylene, drawers have dimensions of 629 mm by 391 mm by 390 mm. 

The RS Pro 4-Drawer Storage Unit

Perfect for desk storage, the RS Pro 4-Drawer Storage Unit features clear polystyrene drawers with excellent temperature tolerance. Self-adhesive labels are provided, and other models are available with up to 60 plastic storage drawers! 

The RS Pro 20-Drawer Unit

The RS Pro 20-Drawer Unit is a great storage choice, offering freestanding or wall-mounted storage for a range of small items. With semi-clear plastic drawers and a black frame, these drawers are ideal for home storage or storage in an office or warehouse environment. 

The RS Pro 8-Drawer Storage Unit

With the RS Pro 8-Drawer Storage Unit, you can store a range of items with ease. Featuring tilt drawers made from high-quality plastic, this unit is suitable for a range of uses and environments at work and at home. 

The RS Pro 33-Drawer Storage Unit

The RS Pro 33-Drawer Storage Unit is a versatile storage solution that offers great accessibility and makes excellent use of space. This unit is a good storage or display system for small- and medium-sized elements. 

The RS Pro 16-Drawer Storage Unit

With 16 drawers and dovetail interlocking slots, the RS Pro 16-Drawer Storage Unit offers premium storage in high-density polypropylene plastic, keeping items safe, tidy, and out of the way.

Are you looking for top-quality plastic storage drawers? Visit RS, and start shopping today. 

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