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While looking forward to repairing your AC, it is essential to have many benefits. We strive to make our services accessible to a wider audience by providing cost-effective flat prices rather than pricing determined “by the hour.”AC Repair Aliso Viejo provides households and businesses with a comprehensive selection of cooling and ventilation services priced to accommodate any financial plan.

To prevent any confusion or unpleasant surprises at the very end of the process, we always provide our customers with honest and thorough pricing quotations before beginning any work. In addition, we can save you money because we pass along any discounts or special pricing that our suppliers or manufacturers provide to us. In addition, we will inform you of any tax credits or utility company rebates that may be available to you if you qualify for them. You can count on AC Repair Aliso Viejo to work with you to offer the finest heating, cooling, or ventilation system for you at an affordable price. AC Repair Aliso Viejo will work with you.

To assist our clients in better managing the expenditures of a new heating or cooling unit, we even provide financing options to those who qualify (with credit that has been accepted). Our factory-authorized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services come with some of the most robust warranties available today and our low prices.

Our professional and certified experts undergo continual training to ensure that they are up to date on the most recent service and repair procedures for all of the main heating and cooling equipment brands, and we stand by the quality of their work. We will arrange a convenient time for you to meet with us. Emergency AC repair services are provided around the clock, seven days a week, and all year round.

Air Condition Repair:

We make investments in the newest and most cutting-edge technologies available in the industry. Our experienced heating and air conditioning service technicians receive extensive training on all of the newest lines of equipment and all of the existing systems so that we can guarantee that your air conditioner restoration will be completed in a way that is both on time and precise. It’s because we’re devoted to offering exceptional customer service and taking pleasure in our job quality.

Aliso Air should be your first option for air conditioning servicing. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that the servicing of your air conditioning unit will be completed expeditiously and, more importantly, accurately if you are interested in learning more about our air conditioning replacement service, HVAC tune-ups, and air conditioning repair, and heating repair and replacement services. Orange County, California, encompasses the cities of Mission Viejo and Irvine, Newport Beach and other locations between Riverside County and North San Diego County.

Repairs to the Heater:

When the temperature dips in the winter, we all feel the cold, which causes us to think, “put the thermostat up higher.” Make an appointment for our heater repair service if your heating system or furnace does not seem to keep you warm, produces an odd sound or smell, or is not functioning properly. Our crew is all set to give the repair service for your heater that you need to maintain your health and comfort during the winter season. You need to look at most of the parts of your AC, and the heater is the essential part.

If your heating system or furnace can no longer be repaired, the professionals that we employ will assist you in replacing the heater. Our heater replacement services make choosing the most suitable new heating system or furnace for your home simple and uncomplicated. Because our professionals have received training in the most recent industry standards, they can assist you in determining which form of heating is most appropriate for your house. We will provide recommendations for high-quality heating systems manufactured by reputable companies, considering the size of your property and the extent of your heating requirements.

HVAC Tune-Ups:

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a sophisticated technology with numerous moving components, much like your car. And just like with your car, we suggest scheduling yearly tune-ups for your system to ensure that it remains in the greatest form possible, continues to operate effectively, and that any potential concerns that may lead to more extensive repairs in the future are uncovered. Unanticipated repairs to your heater or air conditioner may be expensive and make a significant hole in your finances.

At AC Repair Aliso Viejo, we provide our HVAC maintenance agreements to guarantee that your HVAC system will get the appropriate servicing at the appropriate times throughout the year. You may avoid spending a lot of money on repairs and prolong the life of your system with regular maintenance.

Alterations Made to the Air Conditioning:

It is unavoidable that you will eventually have to invest in a new heating and cooling system for your home at some point in the future. Even though these systems are constructed to survive more than ten years, their lifespan is not intended to be indefinite. Aliso Air should be your first call when it comes time to update your HVAC system. We will evaluate your heating and air conditioning requirements and guide the most appropriate replacement for your home’s AC.

When Aliso Air can provide replacement services for air conditioning at prices that won’t break the bank, there’s no need to put up with the sweltering heat of summer. Setting aside money for a new heater or air conditioner may be difficult, so we keep you updated on all of the most recent rebates and discounts. We provide financing to our clients who qualify for it. Please find out more about the many financing options we provide!

Trust Our Local HVAC Company:

Because of our meticulous attention to detail and high standard of craftsmanship, the people of Orange County have put their faith in AC Repair Aliso Viejo as their air conditioning provider of choice for over three decades. Our AC specialists are educated in the most up-to-date best practices, so you can be certain that your AC repair, tune-up, replacement, heater repair, and other services will be completed effectively and appropriately.


Although Southern California has the potential to bestow upon us some of the most breathtaking climates found anywhere in the world, we must be prepared to suffer through searingly hot summer days, bone-chillingly cold winter nights, and almost everything in between. When a scorching summer day causes you to sweat because your air conditioner is broken or when a freezing winter night becomes a bother because your furnace is broken, the first thing that is likely to cross your mind is to have your system serviced as quickly as possible. Lewis Air Services has been in business for over three decades and our special offers urgent and dependable repair services. The heating and air conditioning specialists at our AC Repair Aliso Viejo will have your system back up and running in minutes.

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