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in Grand Theft Auto 5

The S80RR was built to accomplish two purposes. It was the first to be the dominant endurance racer of the era. And secondly, to make such minor concessions to the driver’s physical and mental well-being, even getting at the top of your driveway could result in numerous organ failures or a fatal nerve breakdown.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The car is predominantly based on Nissan R90C, and the headlights are allegedly taken from the Jaguar XJR-9. The vehicle comes with a range of options for customization that allow this car to appear like that of the Nissan R89CP (by covering the wheels’ wells and customizing your front bumper) and the R92CP (with the front bumper and wing customizing).

The S80RR shares numerous characteristics with RE-7B, with the most notable being the aerodynamic and low profile design however it is portrayed with more standard features. Its front has an inclined front and an elongated bottom. It also has small intakes and ducts at the center and is close to the cabin. Four circular headlamps, housed by glass casings with black fittings, are visible on the edges of the car. 

The sides have rounded front arches with mirrors with square shapes and vertical intakes on the lower parts and side-exit exhausts in the back arcs. The cabin is more petite and rounded, with black surrounds on the windows and doors that have gull-wings. The rear section functions as an engine compartment hinged from behind the cabin and then opened for access to the engine compartment and the frame that protects it and the rear suspension configuration.

The rear portion of the vehicle has circular taillights and tiny vents. The center is occupied by an aft structure that houses the race spoiler. Two rectangular reverse lights are located in the rear. The whole underside of the car is primarily coated in carbon fiber. It also has high-pitched sections running toward the rear, and those on the suspension arm in front are visible.

The interior is reminiscent of its vintage style. Although it is similar to the race interior of the RE-7B with regards to specifications, the S80RR features two analog dials on that column (though its steering wheel has paddle shifters instead of the traditional H-shifter) With a range of rearrangements for the curving dashboard. Another thing that makes the S80RR is that it only has one seat as well as the wheel and seat are placed in the middle, which is different from the majority of cars, which tend to be on the left.

The primary color of the car is used on the bodywork and stitches on the wheel, whereas the second color is sprayed on the chassis, the roll cage, engine cover, and the suspension springs. S80RRs also come with custom-designed racing slicks fitted to the stock wheels along with rims that match the “Dash VIP” rims from Los Santos Customs. However, they do not have any details between bolts and sport a yellowish hue.

In GTA Online Here is How to Get the S80RR

Legendary Motorsport is selling the S80RR in GTA Online for $2,575,000. You are welcome to keep the S80RR as a personal vehicle in any of your homes or garages. Customization choices are offered by Los Santos Customs. You can also modify it in a car workshop that is housed within one of your owned residences. Platinum members of the Diamond Program who successfully achieve all cooperating objectives for the Casino will receive a special livery for the brand-new Annis S80RR supercar.


Grand Theft Auto Online

This rear-wheel-drive car has the astonishing speed for a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. Its top speed is in line with many super-class cars. The handling is unique compared to other cars, with the capability to steer with precision and effortlessly get back in control when the car starts to slide. The car doesn’t suffer in any way from instability on roads that are uneven due to the car’s weight and its downforce. Highly recommended for races with sharp turns.

The S80RR is equipped with the one (the 11th) Advanced Flag enabled,  which stops the car from becoming slammed or stanced with the help of shooting wheels. Following this update, the Los Santos Summer Special update makes it harder to clip the tire on the stock wheels when using different wheel designs with higher sidewalls, which prevents better bump-absorption using offroad wheels.

The car has a single cam V8 engine coupled with a 6-speed gearbox running rear wheels. The engine’s sound is comparable to that of the RE-7B.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Legendary Motorsport will sell it to you for 2,575,000.


The online version of Grand Theft Auto

  • It was offered to sport the “Chepalle” livery and no rear wing connected to the spoiler’s uprights.  This was the only method to get the car without a spoiler since removing the spoiler from the factory isn’t an option.


  • Legendary Motorsport initially incorrectly listed the car as a two-seater, even though it had only one seat.
  • “Annis Racing,” the “Annis Racing” livery, is inspired by Sauber and Mercedes liveries.
  • “The Kouros Sauber C8 inspires AKAN Records” livery “AKAN Records” livery.
  • “Dusche Gold. “Dusche Gold” livery is an inspiration for the Jagermeister Porsche 962. The S80RR could also be modified to look like the Jaguarermeister 962.
  • “Debonaire” livery “Debonaire” livery is based on Group C’s Silk Cut Jaguar livery.
  • “Chepalle Livery “Chepalle” livery is based on the Castrol livery used for Jaguar as part of IMSA GTP.
  • “Jakey’s Lager” livery “Jakey’s Lager” livery is an inspiration for Martini Racing liveries. Martini Racing liveries.
  • “eCola” livery is based on the “eCola” livery is based on the Calsonic Nissan Group C livery.
    • The eCola livery is available by playing the Lucky Wheel. Other than that, the livery isn’t available at Los Santos Customs if it is not already won.
  • The radio stations that are the default for the S80RR include FlyLo FM, Los Santos Underground Radio, and Soulwax FM.