Cancers are everywhere and can affect any of our organs. Right?

No matter what type of cancer, cancer myths detection is no less than a nightmare. There are many things that determine your chances of suffering from a certain type of cancer; however, early detection can play a role in preventing complications and reducing the severity of the condition. 

When it comes to the detection of cancer, biopsy plays an important role. The procedure generally removes a small piece from an organ and checks for the growth of cells in it under the microscope.

I remember one of my cousins developed a problem with the throat which was not diagnosable. His physician recommended he go for a biopsy test. After enquiring about the biopsy test price in Pakistan he finally decided to go for the procedure. The test result revealed that he was actually suffering from cancer.

Biopsy despite being a common procedure is often misunderstood. Many people are afraid of getting a biopsy done. So, let’s clear the air about biopsy and reveal many biopsy facts.

Common Myths About Biopsy

Here are some of the common myths about biopsy that you may need t to know about;

1 – Biopsy is a harmful procedure

Many people believe that biopsy being a surgical procedure is harmful. However, this is not true especially when we compare the benefits of biopsy against the pain and discomfort it brings. A biopsy can help you with the early detection of the condition which is eventually life-saving for you. So, yes we need to say that biopsy is not a harmful procedure.

2- A biopsy will cause your cancer to spread

False! This can never be true. Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled division of cells in a particular part of your body. This is not an infection that could spread due to a biopsy. A biopsy removes a smaller organ section from your organs where your doctor suspects the growth of cancer. So, yes biopsy can’t cause your cancer to spread as there is not enough evidence of cancer spread due to biopsy.

3- You will require hospitalization after biopsy

This is another common misconception about biopsy. Many people believe that biopsy is a dangerous procedure that requires hospitalization after recovery. However, this is not the case. A biopsy procedure is not very problematic and detailed unless it’s about your internal organs. Still the procedure is done under anesthesia so you need an overnight hospital stay to feel better after getting your biopsy done.

4- Biopsy will make your cancer progress fast

This is another common misconception about biopsies. Many people think that biopsy will make their cancer spread worse. However, this is not the case and no biopsy will make your cancer grow aggressive. There are other factors that can make your cancer spread fast but biopsy is surely not one among these. This is just a detective measure for cancer that helps you know about the presence or absence of cancer cells, saying the best physicians in Lahore.

Biopsy Types

Now let us know about common types of biopsy that help with the diagnosis of cancer and measure the efficacy of a certain type of cancer treatment. Here are some of the common types of biopsy you need to know about:

  • Needle Biopsy – A needle biopsy collects the suspected cancer cells from a certain organ in your body by using a fine needle. There are many different variations of needle biopsy as well. It can be a simple needle or a specially shaped needle. Other than this, sometimes a vacuum-assisted biopsy is also done in which the suction helps to draw the sample from the body.
  • Skin Biopsy – This type of biopsy is especially for the detection of skin-related conditions and cancer. During a skin biopsy, your skin cells are either punched, incised or excised from the targeted area.
  • Endoscopic Biopsy – Just as the name indicates, the procedure requires endoscopy through which the samples from the inside of your organs are collected and subjected to further analysis. A small tube known as an endoscope is inserted into your body and draws the sample from the relevant organ.
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy – You may need a bone marrow biopsy if your physician suspects that the cancer is affecting your bone marrow. The procedure can also be used for cancer and non-cancerous problems associated with your blood. In this procedure, a needle helps to draw the sample from the inside of your bone and the sample is analyzed further.

Bottom Line!

A biopsy is a common health procedure that helps with the diagnosis of cancer as well as to monitor the progress of different cancer treatments. There are many variations of biopsies available and your physician can recommend one according to your requirement. Other than biopsy, also make sure to follow the right practices that control the onset or spread of cancer.

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