If we talk about top study destinations then Canada has always dominated this sphere. This beautiful place has some of the world’s top institutes rendering high-class education facilities to students. We all know the craze for Canada among Indian students, especially in Punjab and other northern states. What is so appealing about Canada? Why do lakhs of students wish to go  to Canada for higher studies? Well, all these questions must be hovering in your mind.  There’s no doubt in the fact that Canada has some of the finest colleges, good quality of life, and many other benefits for the students

Now if you wish to move to Canada you will have to go through a stringent visa filing process. You would be submitting many documents. All this can be difficult and arduous to handle for students on their own. Therefore many students prefer seeking the services of an experienced visa consultant to guide them in an effective manner. 

There are so many immigration consultants all around. It is a herculean task to select a good visa consultant. Moreover, many incompetent visa consultants have emerged who’re merely fooling gullible students to reap huge profits. So it is crucial to understand the way a visa consultant is conducting himself. If you end up seeking the services of an incompetent consultant you might suffer huge losses. Hence filing your study visa through the most reliable study visa consultants is quite important. 

Now keep reading this article to know the traits of an incompetent visa consultant:

Dodging your questions

Any visa consultant who’s unable to respond efficiently to your queries should be avoided. See the visa process is arduous and complex. As a student, you will surely have several things going on in your mind. You might feel doubtful and anxious at many points. Therefore to reduce it and clear your apprehensions you have to seek the help of a visa consultant. His job is to listen diligently to all your queries and then one by one provide you the solutions for them. This way he is working to clear any confusion and apprehensions from your mind. 

But if the consultant just keeps dodging your questions then whom will you talk to? You can be left in an exasperating situation. The queries piling up in your mind can make you unsettled. So before selecting a visa consultant ask them several queries and check their responses. For this, you should already have the basic information about the Canada study visa process. Those students who are completely ignorant often remain the target of these fraudulent visa consultants.

Inability to provide suggestions

Now when you are planning to move to Canada it is vital for you to determine and select the course and the university. This is one of the most crucial decisions. An individual needs to exercise extreme caution before selecting a particular course. This decision can be taken only when you have all the necessary information about the types of courses available. Now a visa consultant needs to tell you about all such courses which suit your interests. Furthermore, he should be able to help you select the best course. Now if your consultant has failed to do so then that’s a sign of an incompetent visa consultant. You must demand them to provide you with each and every detail about the available courses. 

Making too attractive promises

Another thing to keep in mind is if the visa consultant is blowing you away with all sorts of fake promises or not. An individual should be very attentive and careful while listening to what the visa consultant has to say. See there can be some complications in the visa process. Also, the decision to grant you the visa lies in the hands of the visa authorities. So no visa consultant can absolutely guarantee you that the visa file will get approval or not. Some greedy ones fool aspiring students by asking them to pay more amount if they want quick processing of their visas. 

Furthermore, if the visa consultant is promising you too big offers like an assured job, high salaries, etc then be wary of them. Well, the promises can prove to be true sometimes but still, it is better to be careful and considerate while evaluating these offers. Are you rattled by the herculean task to select a good immigration consultant? If yes then connecting with the most experienced  Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar will be the best decision. 

Summing it up

To sum it up choosing the right visa consultant is quite important. Many immigration consultancies are opening up day by day. Some of them can be incompetent and might not possess the necessary expertise. It is crucial for you to stay away from such consultants. The traits stated in this article will help you in avoiding such consultants.