Do you love long relaxing baths at the end of a hard day at work? Although showers are a quick way to get fresh from stepping out of your home in the morning, there is nothing that can match the relaxing bath before bed. However, when it comes to replacing or upgrading a bathtub, you may have plenty of choices to make. What size it should be, what material needs to be preferred, what style will fit best in the space available, and most importantly, whether it should be a single-ended or a double bath. Although most people know about size and style choices, it is often confusing for them to understand what single and double-ended baths mean and how do they differ.

In this blog, we will compare both single-ended and double-ended baths to help you better understand the difference.

What is a Single Ended Bath?

A single-ended bath refers to a type of bath that has a standard rectangular shape with soft sloping at one of its ends. Such slopes at one end are designed to help cushion your head and shoulders while you bathe. The other end of the bath usually has faucets and waste fitted. So, technically it is a bath that fits one person at a time.

What is a Double Ended Bath?

A double ended bath is also square shape bath that has slopy designs at both of its ends. Such slops are for your back and neck support while lay in the bathtub. In comparison, the faucets or bath mixer taps are fitted on the side in the middle. So, technically it is possible to use them from either end. Or more especially you can say that such bath can accommodate two people at a time making them suitable for couples to share a romantic moment.

 Difference Between Single Ended and Double Ended Bathtubs.

We are comparing the difference between single and double ended in the following table.

Single Ended BathsDouble Ended Baths
These have a slopy design at the one end of the baths. It is a perfect choice for a single person to use at a time. It is a common standard bathtub in the UK A single ended bath is great for small or standard size bathrooms. Not a great choice to bath kids or pets. Not very comfortable for tall or heavy people who need some extra space for a bath. There is various sizes and designs available for a single baths in the UK. Not a great option for water therapy or to stretch out during the baths. It is simple and standard don’t offer luxuries feel for bath and looks. It not an ideal bath if you want to convert it into a shower bath by fitting a shower at another end.You have the slopy edges structure at both ends of these baths. There is enough room to adjust two people at a time. It is also common but preferred by couples for a highly sensual or romantic bath experience. A double ended bath is a perfect choice for family bathrooms. It is spacious and will make it easier for you to bathe your kids and pets whenever you want. It is great option for someone with tall or heavy bodies as it bit bigger and spacious. You can easily find an extensive range sizes and styles for a double ended bath as well.  A double ended bath has enough room to move, stretch or water therapy. Double ended baths are great for luxurious and spacious bath experience. It can be suitable choice if you want to convert it into a shower bath due to its spacious shape. You will only need a bath shower screen to avoid water splashes.

Final Thoughts. There are a lot of differences and similarities in single ended and double ended bath. We have compared both ofhem and found at least ten differences. Understanding this difference will help you t make the right bathtub choice when planning for the next bathroom makeover. Your choice should depend on your personal preference, available space, and bathroom layout.