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7 tips for improving relationship with the Quran?

7 tips for improving relationship with the Quran?

Every believing man and woman should recite the Noble Quran frequently while giving it full thought and consideration. One may do this by recalling it from memory or using a copy of the Quran. Allah, the Most High, declares (what this means): [This is] a blessed Book (the Quran) which We have given to you, [O Muhammad, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam], that people might contemplate its words and that those who are wise would be reminded. (Quran 38:29).

Are you among those who just occasionally read from the Quran? Or do you read it every day but discover it doesn’t have the desired effect on you? Whatever the situation, these straightforward suggestions can help you engage with the Quran. Read this full article by online holy Quran teaching academy.

1. Before You Touch it, Check Your Heart

Before you ever open Allah’s book, you must examine your heart in order to truly profit from it. Sincerely examine your motivation for reading it. Is the goal merely to gather some information that you will later let go of? Recall that the Prophet Muhammad was referred to as a “walking Quran” by his honorable wife, Aisha; in other words, he did more than just read and recite the Quran; he also lived it.

2. Before You Touch it, Do Your Wudu (Ablution)

To help you remember that you are not reading just another book, doing your Wudu is an excellent physical and mental preparation. Being clean should be a top priority when speaking with Allah, the Most Exalted, as you are about to communicate with Him.

3. Start with Reading Only Five Minutes Everyday

We mistakenly believe that we must spend at least an entire hour reading the Noble Quran. This is too much if you don’t read frequently already. Just five minutes per day at first. Insha Allah (God willing), if you attended to the first step, those five minutes will become to 10, then thirty minutes, then an hour, and possibly even longer!

4. Make Sure That You Understand What You Have Read

The Quran can be read in Arabic for five minutes, but you must comprehend what you are reading. Make sure you have a reliable translation of the Quran in the language you are most comfortable with if you are not Arab or don’t speak Arabic. Whenever possible, read the translation of the passages you have just read.

5. Remember That the Noble Quran is Far More Interactive Than a CD

Many people consider books to be inert and dull in the era of “interactive” CDs and computer programs. However, that is not how the Quran is. Whenever you read the Glorious Quran, keep in mind that you are communicating with the Almighty Allah. You are being addressed by He Almighty, so pay attention.

6. Do Not Just Read, You Have to Listen Too

The Quran is currently available on numerous audio cassettes and CDs, many of which also include translations. When you’re driving to and from work, put this on the CD player or stereo in your car. Use this to supplement your daily Quran reading rather than to replace it.

7. Make Dua’ (Supplication)

When reading the Quran, ask Allah, the Most High, to lead you. Your goal is to read, comprehend, and honestly engage with Allah out of love for Him by doing His blessed words.


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