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How To Create A Peaceful And More Energy Efficient Living Environment?

How To Create A Peaceful And More Energy Efficient Living Environment?

Knauf products and resources assist to solve the challenges of sustainable design which arise every day while planning the construction of hospitals, commercial buildings and higher education facilities, multi-family houses and schools.

Knauf Soundshield plus offers Guide Specification documents that include product specifications and application details to assist you in designing pipe, construction and mechanical equipment, as well as air handling systems for insulation.

The aim in these types of systems is to provide energy savings, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, in providing a more comfortable interior through improved acoustics and better interior air quality.

The end result is decreased energy costs and enhanced indoor environmental quality as well as preserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint.

By using Knauf Products along with ECOSE(r) Technology will not only create a more comfortable indoor space, but also conserve the outdoor environment too.

Ecobatt – – The Future Generation Of Sustainable Insulation

Knauf Insulation EcoBatt(r) Insulation isn’t like any other insulation you’ve seen before, but that’s due to the fact that the natural brown colour of this insulation represents an amount of sustainability that we’ve never previously achieved.

The colour is derived directly from ECOSE Technology; a revolutionary binder chemistry that improves the durability and sustainability of the products we offer. “The “binder” refers to the glue that keeps the glass mineral wool product together and gives it the shape it has and its brown hue.

ECOSE Technology is a plant-based environmentally sustainable chemistry that substitutes the formaldehyde/phenol (PF) binder that was traditionally employed for glass wool. Products that use ECOSE technology are free of formaldehyde and have a lower potential for global warming in comparison to our previous products.

EcoBatt Insulation combines sand, one of the world’s most abundant resources, recycled bottle glass and ECOSE Technology to create the next generation of sustainable insulation…naturally from Knauf Insulation.

Knauf Insulation- A New And Innovative Green Roof Concept

Detention Roof Detention Roof is an essential instrument in fighting the negative impacts from climate change. This roof system that is climate-adaptive can be utilised in addition to existing underground solutions like bioswales, infiltration crates, or even rainwater tanks.

The investment in above-ground and visible solutions doesn’t just give increased awareness, but provides other advantages.

Green roofs are a major contributor to a reduction of the ambient temperature. They also can regulate the temperature of the building, increase biodiversity , and prolong the life of the roof. Furthermore green roofs provide an added financial value for a building.

Detention Roof And Water Policies

Detention Roof Detention Roof is an instrument for storm water that maximises the space available in a construction. With the aid of the Detention Roof the sewer system is alleviated in the event of heavy rainfall or storms that last for a long time, and flooding is avoided.

Due to these exceptional properties , a construction project can be in compliance with the wishes and requirements that are set by the (local) government as well as the water board by using a Detention Roof.

Proven And Tested

Numerous international partners, such as Knauf Insulation and Sempergreen are on the backbone of the design of Detention Roof design.

Together with other independent scientists, the group have conducted research on the most efficient green roof structure in relation to the slow water drainage in the Green Roof Diagnostics research lab within the United States for many years.

Through a simulator, intense rain showers were create in the lab to test the efficiency of numerous green roofs in a water-saturate condition. The ingenious Detention Roof concept was create out of these tests.

Four Layers Of Construction Each With Its Own Impact

The Detention Roof is a green, lightweight roof that is comprise in four different layers. Every layer is unique and has their own distinctive design, which gives the best outcomes.

Because of its design of the Detention Roof, the Detention Roof is able to temporarily hold rainwater in place and delay the runoff when completely saturated siniat weather defence.

The weight saturated of Detention Roof Detention Roof is approx. 90 kg/m2. 90 kg/m2. The Detention Roof is easy to install and is able to be place on roof slopes ranging from 5 to 0 degrees.

Benefits Of Knauf Insulation Products

Fire Safety

The performance in fire of the insulation allows it to offer passive fire protection. The evaluation of the extent to which the material or system can aid in the development and spread, especially at the beginning of a fire, when evacuation is essential.

All insulation materials come with an Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification according to the BS EN13501: Fire Classification of construction components and building materials aiding specifiers in understanding the amount of “fuel” that can add to the structure and also how a material can contribute to the stages of development that occur during the fire.

The majority of our product is non-combustible, and has the highest achievable Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification rating. Utilising non-combustible material reduces the possibility that the fabric used for construction will aid in the spread of the fire, or contribute to the spread of fire.

Fire protection classifications are usually describe in terms of a time period for resistance to fire. The classifications are base on the concept of the integrity (E) and thermal insulation (I) and capacity to bear load (R) of building components.

Simply put, this is how elements — whether together i stud section 70mm  a fire from spreading, how they control temperature increases and how the elements’ capacity to bear load is kept kingspan tw55.

Features & Benefits

  •         Primarily made from sand, one of the most abundant sources
  •         Energy embodied is lower than traditional batts
  •         Binder that is renewable and rapid eliminates petroleum-based chemical
  •         Does not contain formaldehyde, phenol and acrylics, as well as artificial colours.
  •         High Recycled Content
  •         Attained UL Environment claim validation for more than 50 percent recycled glass content

Comparatively to conventional items, 70mm i stud section is smaller and less “crunchy” and generates less small dust particles during handling. This means there’s a lowered risk of inhaling fine dust particles while cutting and manipulating Earthwoo.

Superior Sound Absorption

Earthwool insulation is great for doing a good job of preventing your walls from letting outside noise into your home, as well as preventing walls from transmitting noise from inside towards the outside.

This means that you can dramatically reduce the volume of noise at your house. You could even perform instruments or watch music or movies at high volumes, without anyone else noticing.

Improved Thermal Performance

If install correctly in the walls or ceiling crawl spaces Earthwool will block excessive sunlight’s heat from leaking into your workplace and living space.

While at the same time it helps keep the cold air generate by your air conditioner cold by preventing it from absorption of external heat too quickly. 

Lower Energy Bills

Spaces that are treat with Earthwool insulation will stay warmer or cooler for longer. This means that you can lower the temperature settings of your air conditioner as well as heater. It will result in savings on your monthly energy bill.

If you own a home that is power by solar energy, earthwool insulation could enable AC and heating that is electric feasible for your house.

No Formaldehyde Or Petroleum-Based Additives

Petroleum products and formaldehyde are commonly use as additives that are use in the traditional construction of insulation. In general, you should eliminate as few of them from your home as you can.

Earthwool is completely free of formaldehyde and has much smaller amounts of petroleum-based products than the other products. This means it is safer for the people living in treated areas as compared to standard fibreglass products.

Made From Recycled Materials

Knauf creates Earthwool made of at minimum 72mm metal track recycled, which permits the manufacturing process to consume less energy than when making it from virgin glass.

This allows the manufacturing of Earthwool to place less strain on the environment when compared to the other materials used for insulation.


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